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Updated Ho'oponopono  Maria Oses Arcocha Ho'oponopono is a word that we find quite rare. It not in our culture, is Hawaiian culture and means "straighten the crooked" or "right a wrong". It is a practice that has been used for millennia to resolve conflicts in that area of ​​the planet. This practice has been updated to become a healing process as integrator that brings us to miracles. In this healing practice psychology, quantum physics, philosophy and mysticism that allows us not only to heal, but also to advance our path of life come together. Ho'oponopono part of the concept that we are all the product of all the experiences that have accumulated in our existential process as material beings, they have created in us a huge reservoir of information. This information is the result of all direct experiences we've had throughout our lives. Pain, pleasure, safety, danger, ... ..to which gave the emotional response that knew him at that time. Those answers are within us, in our subconscious. For the ancient Hawaiians all problems are reduced to have thoughts. But having thoughts is not in itself a problem. So what's the problem? The problem is that all our thoughts are imbued with memories, many of them painful, memories of people, places and things that are in the subconscious. The subconscious can be seen sometimes in dreams, in the judgments, tastes and preferences, addictions or rejection that many times externalize without knowing why. But while we were experiencing life, filled with information our subconscious, we knew we had something that is above us. Something that pre-existed, which always It was there, is and will be. Is the Divine, the infinite void. Therefore the information that our conscious mind works can be taken from two sources. One is the subconscious, as we have already said before, it is full of memories and experiences that keep us think, react and act truly original way, and another possible source is the superconscious or spiritual mind, which is directly linked with the Godhead or Source. When we operate from the spiritual or super-conscious mind, we are making a creative leap, a quantum leap, then when we are not governed by memories, but by inspiration. THE MEANING OF TRUTH In the name of truth, the human race has committed its worst crimes. Men and women were burned. The culture of whole civilizations was destroyed. Those seeking different paths were marginalized. One of them, in the name of "truth", ended crucified. But before he died, he left the great definition of truth. The truth: It not is giving certainties. It is what gives us depth. It is what makes us better than others. It is what keeps us in the prison of the damages. The truth is what gives us freedom. "You will know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" Jesus said. HO'OPONOPONO. LOVE YOURSELF The lack of love for ourselves prevents us from loving others. Many times we love, but in a very possessive form. We create relationships in which endure tremendous jealousy, often our children do not allow them to be themselves our control and rigidity, etc. These are old beliefs stored in the subconscious, which re-emerge in our minds. We see people as they are, but we see through our memories and beliefs. Ho'oponopono, it uses four powerful tools, which can be used in several ways. These are the words: I'm sorry, sorry, I love you, thank you. When someone tells us something we consider unfair, when we say something that bothers us, instead of answering and try to convince our point of view and that we are right, we can repeat the four phrases; sorry, sorry, I love you and thank a few times, from the heart chakra. The repetition of these words, so much energy, causing surprising results. Both of us as the person who is in front we. We must not forget that things change in our perception of things, situations and people. Our mind is our own projector. If you do not like the movie, you stop the projector and put a new, plain and simple. The difficulties we face in life, and we presented earlier, but were not properly solved, for that reason, the situation returns, so we can react different. People appear in our lives to mobilize and show the part of us that need to change. "I do not know why I'm living it, but if I have a problem common with this person, I would fix it." With this idea, we can choose not to react. We can turn the other cheek. I love cheek. This frail vessel the empty again and again and you return to consistently fill with new life. This small reed flute has led the valleys and mountains and have blown her melodies eternally new. Pick your infinite gifts with my hands, so small. The centuries and you keep pouring, and there is still room for more. Rabindranath Tagore MEANING OF LIFE Ho'oponopono updated, part of the problem that we are not allowed to proceed is in our subconscious, where all our memories and experiences. Subconscious that we have to clean, so that the space they leave the memories and experiences will be occupied by the vacuum, the Divine Energy. This way, little by little, we can go running, not from repetitive patterns of the subconscious, but by the inspiration of Supra. Conscious not to rescue ideas morass that is the subconscious. We never operate with original ideas as we are always poking in the dump of the subconscious. The subconscious is "pu" which in Hawaiian means "garbage." While conscious not establish connection with the Void illuminator, always act in this way. Which we do not perform the connection to the superconscious, predisposes us to live forever memories and memories, therefore; prevents us from thinking and acting creatively, is the source of illnesses and conditions that we often they are difficult to explain; In addition, the subconscious is the source that happens to us on the outside. We are creators of our reality. Everything exists as thoughts in our minds. There is nothing outside of us. Everything is within us. If we are creators of reality, it seems clear that we can not create out of what we know. Our conscious is a witness who runs our senses and actions, but does not have the power to create. Conscious, manages, organizes but does not create. What then is the source of our creation? The source of our creation is in the superconscious. Usually we do not create, but are subject to something deep and powerful in us: our subconscious. The subconscious acts on the immaterial or quantum level, of pure energy and manifests attracting people and events. Thus, fears and rages true. While not awaken to spiritual work, we will certainly be imprisoned for the subconscious conscious, and so will our "Creations" and so will our reality (our lives). Until we clean up the garbage that is in our subconscious, we can not create something new. For this we need to connect to Divine energy. If we are capable of doing in our lives and not the chaotic will of our subconscious will manifest, but the energy will manifest Divine Void. Here is the meaning of life, clean the subconscious to make way for the super-conscious, which is closely linked to the Divine, the Source. If governed by the subconscious we feel bad and attract undesirable circumstances, if we are ruled by the super-conscious, we feel very well and will attract the circumstances that are in tune with it. The question we ask now is how or what we do in order to clear the subconscious and thus governed by the supraconscious live? "Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom. Our thoughts, our words and our deeds are the wireless network we We wrap ourselves ". Swami Vivekananda The subconscious mind The subconscious mind is like a hard drive, in which the direct experiences we have lived throughout all of our lives are stored. Most are recorded stimulus-response behavior. The stimuli that trigger these behaviors can be signs that the nervous system senses the outside world or signals from the body, such as emotions; pleasure or pain. When a stimulus is perceived, automatically it triggers a response that was learned when that stimulus is first detected. It is why when we realize the automatic nature of some of our reactions, we say that it is as if "had touched a spring". Decisions are made without us being consciously aware. This is because there are millions of unconscious memories in our minds subconscious and those memories are those that make the decisions for us. The subconscious is the most powerful processor known information, examines the world around us and the internal signals; perceives environmental conditions and reacts immediately by selecting the previously learned behavior and all this without the help of conscious mind. When we develop a preprogrammed behavior, conscious can intervene stopping the reaction and creating a new answer. Thus the conscious gives us free will. Thus we are no longer victims of our subconscious programming. But to do so, we must be very careful, because otherwise the subconscious takes over quickly. When the conscious is daydreaming, creating future plans or reliving past experiences, the subconscious is in control, effectively managing the behaviors required at that moment, without the supervision of consciousness. The conscious is the voice of our thoughts. You can have great visions or plans for future full of love, prosperity and happiness. But while we occupy our minds with these happy thoughts, Who is responsible for directing the show? The subconscious. And as you do? Just as you have been taught to do. It is possible that subconscious behaviors that we perform are the result of accumulated experiences over time. And it is possible that subconscious behaviors are not in accordance with the goals set by the conscious. The biggest obstacle for success in what we dream are the limitations programmed into the subconscious. These limitations not only influence our behavior, but also play an important role in our health and our physiology paper. Positive thoughts have a great effect on the behavior and hereditary factors (genes), but only when we are in harmony with the our subconscious programming. The subconscious has a capacity to process infinitely superior to the conscious. Pretender consciously scrutinize our huge hole black from our subconscious is like looking for a needle in a haystack. While memories are asleep, arranged in the bottom of the subconscious, they do not cause us any problems. People that are put in life, visits to certain places or situations in life make those memories and memories awaken. Thus, thoughts and become manifest. It is therefore very important to be aware that people appear in our reality to give us another chance. The opportunity 100% take responsibility for what happens to us in life. And to say "I'm sorry", "forgiveness", "I love you", "thank you", so that in me, that I have created. If the issue was not within us, we could not perceive. The problems are simply a repetition of our memories. This is where comes into play Ho'oponopono updated. Ho'oponopono is based on three pillars: Take responsibility 100% of everything It happens to us in our lives. Global responsibility. We must learn to say "Sorry, sorry, I love, thanks, for that which is in me and created this. " To take responsibility, we forgive us ourselves. As we have memories and memories in common, it is sufficient that one take responsibility to carry out the process so that those memories are erased. Zero Point. Do not use the intellect in the process. The intellect knows the essence of reality and there is a our side who knows what is right and besides, how to do it. If we allow that party to guide us, it will take for the perfect way for us. The healing process can not be done through a conscious act or a mental act. As Eckhart says Tolle in his book The Power of Now: The mind never You can find the solution because it is itself part intrinsic problem ". The intellect does not have the ability to assimilate and assess information It presented in relation to any problems. Be willing to let go. To turn the other cheek. Not to be right. At that things are not as one He wants them to be. In this process stops ego exist. For the other, it's you. "Like two golden birds perched in one tree, close friends, ego and I inhabit the same body. The first eats the sweet and sour fruits tree of life, while the second notes with detachment " The Mundaka Upanishad Heal yourself Updated Ho'oponopono tells us that we can not pretend to know everything that exists in our subconscious. No matter what is in it. If we go to consciously look, it is that the experiences that emerge from there go to the conscious one by one, but as there are so many, it would be impossible and absurd task wasting time on such therapy. For updated Ho'oponopono important thing is to realize that the cause of the things that happen to us in life is found in the experiences stored in the subconscious. The process is done through repentance, forgiveness and transmutation. So let's say an unpleasant fact in our life comes. What do we do? First recognize that our subconscious has attracted, we realize; second, it produces remorse and make an apology to ourselves, for having failed to take responsibility before and have allowed the pollution of the subconscious, and third we made the transmutation through love and gratitude. Because the subconscious is not a landfill where we deposited our experiences unprocessed. The subconscious is pure, empty space. To Ho'oponopono, the subconscious is a child, while that is where waste is deposited. It is as if our child lived in the garbage in our subconscious. And what does our child, which is our subconscious? For all children He wants to be happy, uncomplicated, easily and immediately. He does not like being in a landfill. We get dirty space therefore us it behooves the initiative to clean. As we are not aware of the memories stored in the subconscious, we need to talk with the Divine, Source, which is aware of them, because only the Divine can cancel. We are beings with different psychological levels and each level has a function. It is important to know these functions. The subconscious like the super-conscious, have in common their essential purity, nature is empty. The vacuum is being filled with subconscious memories that are blurring, while the superconscious always remains linked to the source. Therefore it is important to revitalize the relationship between these two entities. It is not for the conscious healing, since evils are in the subconscious. The subconscious, the child wants to be cleaned but do not know how. Conscious want to clean, but does not know how. The conscious and the subconscious have to make contact and work together to put their functions. The conscious triggers the act of conscious will. Through this event, we asked our Child-Subconscious, intending, please ask Divinity or Source, that his energy down through the super-conscious and conscious, flooded the subconscious with its wealth of pure information. The updated Ho'oponopono is considered that the subconscious is located about two fingers below the navel. That's where we set our sights Internal to make the request. As the subconscious yearning to be healed, will attend the request Aware that the move to the Godhead or Source. The more receptive we are, We assume more responsibility, more obvious and even impressive results will flow from the source to us. When practiced updated Ho'oponopono, divinity takes thought and purifies. Then it has a wonderful place, not just the negative energy is neutralized, it disappears. In its place it is empty. The last step is to enable the Godhead or Source in and fill the void with light. Magic Words: The four energies The words are more than sounds, they are codes that already have their tours morphogenetic fields that activate the particles that make up reality with thoughts and actions. They have the power of intention. Sorry: When we say sorry, we recognize something, no matter who, has entered our body / mind system and begin the process of take 100% responsibility for our lives. This powerful energy, we are telling us the same, because if we are experiencing any unpleasant situation in our life, it is because There is a memory in our subconscious You need to be released. Forgiveness is a request that we us same, having in our subconscious that thought, feeling or action, and created the reality right now is me playing live. It can be said; "Sorry for what is in me, which has created this " I love you: love is all that exists. When I I say to myself, I love you, I love you, I love you and I will repeating, but what is happening in my outside is unpleasant, sad, or if I'm feeling rage or anger, is magical what happens. Know yourself, love yourself and change your world. It is a key word for the process, because love is transformative. I love my memoirs, which They have expressed and which is embodied in my life through pain and suffering. It is not easy, but when we do, is a way to free ourselves from will tell you that we no longer need in our life and this is how the healing process is done, it is how clean those erroneous thoughts. When say, I love you, you love me and starting extends to all others, and then stop wanting to change what you do not like me, what I do not like of others and what I like about the circumstances around me. It is a magic word. Thanks: It is a word that invites transmutation. It is not easy to thank, especially when unpleasant events we are experiencing. But you have to think, not We are thanking the situation, we are the we giving our memories for demonstrating and giving us the opportunity to clean. HEAL CONFLICTS Updated Ho'oponopono is a wonderful tool for self-healing and balance. But its scope goes far beyond. Updated Ho'oponopono joins multiple practices is fully complementary, and makes great progress in the process of healing people. Updated Ho'opononpono base is the concept of responsibility. It is important to recognize that all that is manifested as an experience in our life has been attracted by our subconscious. These experiences affect our lives directly and disturbing. But in reality, the scope of what our subconscious emanates goes far beyond what we feel concerns us directly. How far you reached? It understands it all. All that in one way or another comes in our life has been attracted by the magnet subconscious yearning to be healed. We have several options: to work and ask about what felt like a more direct disruption; for example on our health; work and ask about what affects us even when we do not cause harm to human health; for example someone who hurt us with his words; or work and pray for the health and balance on a much larger scale; for example up to the world. Each of responsibility. We can work with all the steps in turn. In the second case, it is a difficult subject to understand. It is the case of a person who hurts us and we have to consider that he has appeared in our lives claimed by our own subconscious. The first is to assume that this is indeed so. We really have to assume that there is something in our subconscious that has attracted the demonstration. So we must take up our responsibility in the matter. We must see that the meaning of life is to provide the mirror in which our subconscious looks, so we go making the determination to heal it. If we accept this as the meaning of our existence on this plane, we can only thank all our experiences. Ho'oponopono teaches us that unless people get into the lives of others by giving advice and constantly judging. We have to ask ourselves this question: What is happening in me that I am experiencing this reality? Why do I see a person in my life, for instance, manipulative? Why our subconscious need to appear before us that person. In turn, that person's subconscious has claimed meet someone like us, who do you mirror and invite well, to express their ways. Where are the limits of the subconscious? Its location is empty, the quantum field of all possibilities, that's where everything is related. Therefore we can speak of the mass subconscious of humanity, the collective subconscious patterns beliefs, emotions and reactions we all share. The game of attraction and repulsion that takes place in this vast quantum field, leads the meetings we have. We consider that in this boundless sea of ​​subconscious, the subconscious of a person making a call to manifest something; and who responds to this call? Another subconscious that is akin to that call. There is a consent subconscious subconscious prior to any manifestation of both hope to heal something. So when you see before that person, you are taking on your nerves, you think that you have invited to appear in your reality and that he has agreed to it or vice versa. You are doing you a favor. And you, you are learning Updated Ho'oponopono, you have to take responsibility to clean these thoughts with the four energies to bring these Zero Point. You have to go as far as to consider that person is manipulative, because you You asked to be. Why did you order? Well, to match your concept of reality. Since your subconscious is imbued with the belief there are people who manipulate this world, you need this kind of people would rally to give you the reason. Since the mind never understand things as they are. The mind has a model of how things work. These models takes the subconscious of previous experiences. The mind, the intellect is wrong, because all that exists is really the Godhead or Source and light. So to clean all four energies, bringing the thoughts Zero Point. THE ONLY THING THAT THERE ARE PERFECT BEINGS OF LIGHT. That's what it is, was and will be. All other perceptions are fabrications of our subconscious, our beliefs. That manipulative person seems to be there, front  which is the true Creator, he entered his head to create people with this feature. Our evolution required that we were asleep a few millennia, processing information in the subconscious level, accumulating errors. Now we We are facing the moment of awakening to such understandings. What he says updated Ho'oponopono comes down to these four short sentences: Sorry: Why do you feel? Because detu mistake because that person is manipulative. If you believed that you had not manipulative people in this world, you can not manifest such people, and if neither conceive the collective consciousness of humanity, would not manifest to anyone, ever. When you say "sorry", you acknowledge that you have forgotten that this person is a perfect entity of light, and regret the error, which manifests due to handling that person. When you say forgiveness: you're not asking God to forgive you, but you are asking for help to forgive you because you had the wrong thinking and that person is that way. By saying "I love you" blocked energy (the problem), in fluid power to be re-unite Divinity is transmuted. By saying, "Thank you. I am grateful, "that is your expression of gratitude for having the opportunity to clean your subconscious. These phrases, energy must say from the heart chakra, not from the head, deeply feeling his power. By doing all this, do you actually do? What is clear is that you are healing you, to lead the thoughts Zero Point. You are not analyzing, synthesising you, and you limit yourself to clean, to  mistaken beliefs from your subconscious, in this case handling. When cleaning, you stop your subconscious like a magnet claim the presence of manipulative people in your life. I do not say you have to feel responsible for that person, but you must feel responsible for handling it, because only that will allow you to get rid of your boss. Only then it disappears manipulation in you. It disappears because you fail to conceive them to exist. This leads to the concept of total responsibility. When we say the Divine or Source: "Clean the cause that makes me see a certain way such a person", releasing the thought, there is a change in our inner world, and that change in return makes your world changes. And to change yourself, you change the world around you. Dr. Len says: "If you want to solve a problem, no matter what kind of problem is, working on yourself." HO'OPONOPONO UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY Updated Ho'oponopono is a healing practice that can incorporate as a wise way to go through life, in addition to a job autotransformer. Updated Ho'oponopono is in line to live the present, be attentive to what emerges in us. Moreover, added to this recommendation Ho'oponopono a practical methodology, in which all of life is a school, human relations are a blessing, and if they are conflicting, because they allow us to see the garbage and heal. Updated Ho'oponopono is a philosophy of life. For the self-identity is self-identity at all times using incessant Ho'oponopono is required. As memories, incessant Ho'oponopono can never go on vacation, you can not retire, can never sleep, never can stop, as memories replaying follow us closely. The memories live in the subconscious and we determine absolutely; We realize our concept of reality according to them. For this reason it is imperative to clean, like breathing, surely. It is important to practice Ho'oponopono as possible, even when it seems that nothing happens, or we have no problems. Why? Because the mind always plays the memories, beliefs and memories that are in the subconscious. The programs are repeated although we are not aware of it. We are fortunate that we can delete. In this way we give permission for it to be other opportunities in our reality. Often they come from people and places most unexpected. You need practice, practice. Throughout our existence we have practiced reacting and suffering. We got so into vein, which leaves us automatically. We are equal Thus addicts exist. At first cleaning, it may seem somewhat easy but then it goes incorporated in daily life such as breathing and is automatically used because We begin to find different and see results. You start to notice changes in your life as reality begins to change. We must not be expectations, it is essential to detach the result, drop, drop and drop. Incessant Ho'oponopono is its natural antidote. For it is the opposite of memory, which is the inspiration, which exudes endless source or Divinity, while waiting to do a vacuum on us to manifest. HOW TO ORDER The words we use generate vibration we emit. Our thoughts are made of words, so we need to know what suits ususe and what not to attract what we want. There are expressions that attract not what we want. We have many negative things stuck in our subconscious. So when we do the Ho'oponopono petition we have to be careful to do it properly. Our mind, consciously or unconsciously, automatically filters phrases like; "I do", "I am not" always "No" ahead. When we use our mind and energy devotes attention to what they do not want. it's a mistake. It is as if in an Internet search engine you put; "No football." The search result will be a lot of pages about the sport. Several ways to make the request with the Godhead or Source of Ho'oponopono: We tell our Nin @ that contact with the Divine or Source, to clean up the cause, memories ......., They do have "such problem" my life. We tell our Nin @ that contact with the Divine or Source, to clean up the cause, memories, which prevent it from "such a thing" in my life. Also, when we have something we do not see clearly what is best for us, we can make the request: We say to our Nin @ that contact with the Godhead or Source, to clean the case, the memories, this lack of clarity and light to us "as" problem. These forms of order are those used with the practice of healing Ho'oponopono. Since the practice of meditation, you can also make requests. Once we made contact with ourselves, we bring to our attention one or two intentions that we will be in our lives. Took them to the heart chakra, we have them there, flooding them with all our feeling of love. We keep a time, then, practicing the law of detachment we let the universe, as if the universe were to say what we want, with confidence, and later spend time in silent meditation. In this learn to ask, it is also true, "Light" for one thing in my life "Clarity" to that, but always remembering that all work is to ourselves. "If you want to solve a problem, no matter what kind of problem, work on yourself." Dr. Len Sometimes we practice with anxiety. We are asking that the causes of such effects exist in our life are cleaned, sent the four energies, but we forget an important part of the practice is to drop. "Being willing to let go". For our own anxiety we prevent healing power of. We must not be expectations. Is also very suitable, take a moment a day to give thanks, thanks. There is always a reason to be grateful to life, to the Divine, the Source. What to ask? Since the practice of Ho'oponopono we are working, that is true love ourselves, we have to do is look after us, to love, to live each day more from our nature. Knowing this and having it integrated the only request would be "healing" for us, love us every day, be ourselves, because we know that the more we want to ourselves, the more we want the other and everything will flow better. But like everyone else we are at a level of awareness and we are learning, we can ask what we're going to feel in the present moment. The more we use the practice of Ho'oponopono with yourself, asking that the causes of the effects we have in our life is clean, we will be giving more aware of our thoughts, our expressions, our attitudes, summary of our subconscious. Thus we go cleaning. When we started to ask the above format start moving healing energies, sometimes expressed in pain and seemingly negative movements in our lives. These are energies that we often jarring. But in this process of asking, which is actually a process of cleansing and purification of the origin of our problems, it is an indispensable part of the process. For as Morrnah, creator of Ho'oponopono Updated says: "We are here, in this life, only to bring peace to our lives. And if we bring peace to our own life, everything around us is its own place, its own rhythm and its own peace ". Cleaning up has nothing to do with expectations, we are not cleaning to save anyone's life. We are cleaning to happen peacefully what is perfect and right in our lives. The cleaning is done to get the perfect and right circumstances for us. Cleaning the subconscious with Ho'oponopono is deep, because we are working directly with the Divine, and the Divine is perfect in their work. The Ho'oponopono process requires only one person, "Peace begins with me and nobody else." We all want to be in tune with ourselves and only when we got it we meetour destiny. Keep in mind the phrase in every moment of the day, we keep a vibrant attitude of being and understanding in relation to any event that takes place in us. When leaving the house, we can ask: "Divine; Clean what is in me, that could be the cause of any conflict or problem of the way to work "; for example. During the day, to feel any discomfort or feeling that brings us some memories, not nice, we joined this feeling and say: "Divinity or clean fountain in my memories that are generating this feeling." And we say "Memoirs, I love you. I appreciate being able to release these memories in me. " WAY OF PLENTY Once, in a distant land, a young man went to the forest and told his spiritual guide: \- Want to have unlimited wealth, and that wealth I want to help and heal the world. Please, will you tell me the Secret to create that wealth? And the teacher said, \- There are two goddesses who inhabit the heart of being human, and all these things deeply love supreme. But there is a secret you have to know, and I will tell you. "Although you love both Goddesses, you must pay more attention to one of them. She is the goddess of knowledge, and It called Sarasvati. Pursue it, love it and render attention. The other, Lakshmi, is the Goddess of Abundance. Seeing that pay more attention to Sarasvati, Lakshmi very jealous and will be fixed in you. How much more chase the Goddess of Knowledge, the Abundance pursue you more like you. Will follow you Everywhere you go, and never forsake you. And you'll have to provided that wealth you want. Knowledge, desire and spirit are strong, and that force within each being is the key to creating abundance. OTHER TOOLS There are other tools that are used in different situations. They are phrases "shamanic" to delete the programs that repeat in our mind. They are used in place of the four energies: Sorry, sorry, I love you, thank you. One is "light switch". It is repeated mentally and quietly "light switch", "light switch" ...... .all the time. By repeating this phrase programming we have in our subconscious. At first it may seem very easy to be in front of a person who is talking to you, while you take care "key light". If someone tells us their problems, only it makes for giving us the opportunity to clean and erase the memories we share. Remember they are our screens. Then, before reacting, before giving advice or an opinion, think "light switch" "Light switch" ... ..there are many times when we should not say anything and so the person is simply better. Sometimes, she finds herself the solution to your problem. Light switch is a kind of password. When you're worried about any everyday topic, to prevent the mind begins with endless thoughts, mentally repeat this phrase: "Light switch", "key light", "light switch" Another is "Blue Ice" This phrase shamanic used for any kind of suffering. Both physical and emotional. For when you're feeling a little anxious, depressed and with physical pain. Disease and illness are also memories that can cleanse and heal. But, remember, we have to work the cause, not the effect. The third tool is "flypaper" This phrase is used to moments of rage or anger. When you are in a special time with someone, choose to be silent. Do not enter into any discussion as this will get you out of your center. Mentally repeat "flypaper" "flypaper" "flypaper" ......... You begin to realize how you're calming. Many people, when they hear about Ho'oponopono think it's too easy. But what Ho'oponopono it is constantly required to do it. There is difficulty, persevere in their practice. Whenever we have the opportunity to take 100% responsibility for something, we practice Ho'oponopono to erase our programming. But we do not do that. What we do is what is programmed in our subconscious, we react, we worry, we judge and we believe; in short we took our programming and do nothing more than waste time and energy. And we have a problem. We decided to react rather than drop, drop and drop, because always our "ego" wants to be right. Every time we use these tools, both the four energies, as shamanic phrases, means we are taking 100% responsibility and we are saying, sorry, sorry, I love you and thank you for bringing my thoughts Point Zero. Thus we create around us other energy, an energy lift. It is a way of transmuting the problems. The main purpose of updated Ho'oponopono is to discover the Divinity within us. Using this practice can have a relationship with the Divine and learn to ask at all times our thinking errors, word and action be cleansed. The end result is freedom, achieving the total liberation of the past. TO SEE YOU SEE my subconscious. Music of the Spirit has never failed to heal our souls. Moreover deeper than thought, she whispers it is apparent product of a distorted perception. You and I are the same. This ancient knowledge has been passed down through families, from grandparents to grandchildren, from teachers to pupils, so that this knowledge remains within we. You may not want to hear today, that's what freedom, but tomorrow or we have to recognize that it is. The truth is never imposed but understood or integrated into self voluntarily. As they say all the ancient philosophies, Ayurveda, Ho'oponopono .... They speak with the same deep voice that speaks the shamans, the Masters worldwide. What you see out there is not something different from your subconscious. Our past was crystallized as interpreted memories, ideas or thoughts, just managed by our particular point of view. The rest of the nuances of lived experience were buried in the great ocean of the subconscious and stopped belonging to our ego. The future is likely and although we are able to produce waves of influence with our desire or our choice, still belongs to that great and mysterious Mar. The past, the future, the minds of all beings that seem "other" shape our subconscious. Fear of the unknown, comes from the Unconscious, the primary pain remain separate, separate from the Truth. Aware of so little that we confuse the essential, which split between inside and outside, between you and me. When we are able to train the mind in the new perception that you are my subconscious, the victims and the perpetrators disappear, we reconcile with our Universe Kingdom, it is not the end of a road but the beginning of a new perception. We are able to see first authentically you and I are one.    PRAYER: "Divine creator, father, mother, son all in one ...... If I, my family, my relatives and ancestors offended, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds and actions since the beginning of our creation to the present, We apologize ......Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all memories, blocks, energies and negative vibrations And transmutes these energies to pure light ... ..And so it has. " Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona Creative Self-Identity Ho'oponopono

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1 Cary W = "We are either coming from memory or inspiration; one is a rose, the other is a thorn.  Inspiration alone is creative and liberating."
2 Cary W = "Through constant cleaning on every person, thought, experience, desire and goal, using I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you, we are making a clear inner mind that can be receptive to divine inspirations from our supra-consciousness, which then allows us to be in the flow of pure creative acts and expressions."
3 Cary W = "Our true state of mind reveals to us the true nature of all people, that each and everyone is a divine being of light, made in the image of the Godhead.  Open our eyes dear Lord that we may behold You in ourselves and each other."