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We Pray for All We pray for all who come here this evening. Although differences in thought and belief divide us, let the desire to serve you, the love of truth and the pursuit of holiness unite us. Strengthen the spirit of friendship among people of various faiths and increase mutual understanding between us. We look to a time when greater knowledge of you and your word shall bind all who serve you into one holy fellowship.

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1 Sarah R = "There's an interesting book by an agnostic about the differences between religions called, "God is Not One." The author argues that the key to peace across religious divides is not to try to make all religions one, but to admire what makes them distinct. You can read the introduction to this book here: God is Not One (excerpt) "
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "Reminds me of a poem by 10th century poet and saint, Devara Dasimayya, who said, "For what shall I wield a dagger, O Lord? What can I pluck it out of Or plunge it into? When You are all the World?""
3 Ben N = "On the surface this seems to indicate different religious beliefs. But in reality, we are divided by all kinds of beliefs and thought forms; politics, race, class, etc. At the deepest level, we are divided from each other by the fundamental belief in our own individuality, our ego/personality."
4 Sarah R = "In Stephen Prothero's book, "God is Not One," he calls this mutual understanding "religious literacy." An appropriate term, I think. We have long recognized that it is ignorance which leads to prejudice in terms of race, and we see this in terms of religion as well. While we may not agree with the beliefs of other religions, the more we understand them, the more we will be able to get along with others. Also, in terms of sharing our faith with others, an understanding of their beliefs helps us to frame ours in a way that will make sense within their worldview."
5 Sara Di Diego = "This reminds me of Unitarian Universalism, a religion where people from every belief come together to grow spiritually.  There are agnostics, theists, and atheists who attend services that do not focus on any specific deity.Read more: http://www.uua.org/"
6 Ben N = "When we truly realize what God is, we discover that His Spirit within us and within all living things, and we are truly one with Him and with each other; all members of the body of Christ."