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  1. General Christian
April 2021 The InterVarsity Alumni Association is thrilled to recognize Kat Roffina as our first Alumni Hero! This honor will be bestowed on alumni who demonstrate exceptional commitment to accelerating InterVarsity’s mission on campus through their giving, advocacy, prayer, and service. First, Kat Roffina said yes to mentoring a student after she graduated from Rider University […]
  1. General Christian
Our Asian American ‘ohana (family) is hurting and needs your help and prayers! Though we are a diverse ‘ohana, including East Asians, Southeast Asians, and South Asians, our culture is often silent about our trauma. But we feel the pain of stereotypes, discrimination, mistreatment, and hate and racism. We feel the pain of not belonging, […]
  1. General Christian
I have a little different perspective on leadership. As an “outgoing introvert,” I find time with other folks encouraging but not really restful. I love meeting new people, connecting with others, and talking about Jesus, but it’s exhausting. I also worked with graduate students and faculty for 15 years. Many of them are very introverted […]


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