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  Beginning with this chapter, the Lotus Sutra becomes much easier. The Buddha’s teaching so far has been theoretical and philosophical, but here, with the introduction of a parable, there is an abrupt change to a style readily understood by ordinary people. The second chapter of the sutra closed with Shakyamuni’s statement that all would […]
  1. Buddhist
“It’s a way of improving almost everything, by doing almost nothing.” These words have stuck with me since my fist encounter with Lou Carcasole. This phrase seemed so inspiring, yet so questionable.  It almost made everything seem too easy.  Now, several months later, I am at a better point in my life.  I can appreciate […]
  1. Buddhist
  It All Begins with Prayers Infused with Absolute Conviction This letter can be said to be a crystallization of the mentor-disciple spirit as it was written when both Nichiren Daishonin and his disciples were in the midst of a tumultuous period when harsh persecutions befell both mentor and disciples. Nichiren Daishonin wrote this letter […]
  1. Buddhist
  Sutra: “Shariputra, in a future age, after limitless and boundless, inconceivable eons…” Outline: F4. Shariputra is given a prediction. G1. Prose. H1. Time. Commentary: Shariputra, in a future age, after limitless and boundless, inconceivable eons. I am now conferring a prediction upon you to the effect that, after a number of eons which is […]


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