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First, don’t get me wrong- my intention of writing this blog is not to denigrate Theravada Buddhism in anyway. In fact, I respect and appreciate the wonderful teachings in the Pali canon because there are tonnes of practical wisdom to be applied in daily life. I always believe that the diversity of different Buddhist sects, […]
  1. Buddhist
  The Revelation of the Single Buddha Vehicle: Opening the Door to the Oneness of Mentor and Disciple #1 “Expedient Means” makes it absolutely clear that the true intent of the Buddha in teaching the three vehicles was to teach the one vehicle. This clarification is called ‘the replacement of the three vehicles with the […]
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    Words and Phrases, volume four, says, “The three lines of verse beginning with the line ‘in the midst of the bodhisattvas’ refer to p.42the moment when the true teaching is revealed. The five vehicles [or the teachings for achieving the realms of human beings, heavenly beings, voice-hearers, pratyekabuddhas, and bodhisattvas] are distorted teachings, […]
  1. Buddhist
Name ‘Lu’ [律] is transliterated in Chinese from the Sanskrit word Vinaya. It means the code of monastic discipline, which is one of Tripitaka. Lu-tsung [律宗] is actually Vinaya Sect. It is also known as Nan-shan-tsung [南山宗]. As the founder of Lu-tsung , Master Tao-husan [道宣] lived in Zhong-nan-shan [終南山], this sect is named after it. In Japan, this sect is called Ritsu […]


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