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Sura LX Mumtahana, Or The Woman To Be Examined In The Holy Quran

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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most, Merciful. 1. O ye who believe! Take not My enemies And yours as friends (Or protectors),—offering them (Your) love, even though They have rejected the Truth That has come to you, And have (on the contrary) Driven out the Prophet And yourselves (from your homes), (Simply) because ye believe In God your Lord! If ye have come out To strive in My Way And to seek My Good Pleasure, (Take them not as friends), Holding secret converse Of love (and friendship) With them: for I know Full well all that ye Conceal and all that ye Reveal. And any of you That does this has strayed From the Straight Path. 2. If they were to get The better of you, They would behave to you As enemies, and stretch forth Their hands and their tongues Against you for evil; And they desire that ye Should reject the Truth. 3. Of no profit to you Will be your relatives And your children On the Day of Judgment: He will judge between you: For God sees well All that ye do. 4. There is for you An excellent example (to follow) In Abraham and those with him, When they said To their people: "We are clear of you And of whatever ye worship Besides God: we have rejected You, and there has arisen, Between us and you, enmity And hatred for ever,—unless Ye believe in God And Him alone": But not when Abraham Said to his father: "I will pray for forgiveness For thee, though I have No power (to get) aught On thy behalf from God." (They prayed): "Our Lord! In Thee do we trust, And to Thee do we turn In repentance: to Thee Is (our) final Goal. 5. "Our Lord! Make us not A (test and) trial For the Unbelievers, But forgive us, our Lord! For Thou art the Exalted In Might, the Wise." 6. There was indeed in them An excellent example for you To follow,—for those Whose hope is in God And in the Last Day. But if any turn away, Truly God is Free of all Wants, Worthy of all Praise. 7. It may be that God Will grant love (and friendship) Between you and those whom Ye (now) hold as enemies. For God has power (Over all things); And God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. 8. God forbids you not, With regard to those who Fight you not for (your) Faith Nor drive you out Of your homes, From dealing kindly and justly With them: For God loveth Those who are just. 9. God only forbids you, With regard to those who Fight you for (your) Faith, And drive you out Of your homes, and support (Others) in driving you out, From turning to them (For friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (In these circumstances), That do wrong. 10. O ye who believe! When there come to you Believing women refugees, Examine (and test) them: God knows best as to Their Faith: if ye ascertain That they are Believers, Then send them not back To the Unbelievers. They are not lawful (wives) For the Unbelievers, nor are The (Unbelievers) lawful (husbands) For them. But pay The Unbelievers what they Have spent (on their dower). And there will be no blame On you if ye marry them On payment of their dower To them. But hold not To the guardianship of Unbelieving women: ask For what ye have spent On their dowers, and let The (Unbelievers) ask for What they have spent (On the dowers of women Who come over to you). Such is the command Of God: He judges (With justice) between you. And God is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom. 11. And if any Of your wives deserts you To the Unbelievers, And ye have an accession (By the coming over of A woman from the other side), Then pay to those Whose wives have deserted The equivalent of what they Had spent (on their dower). And fear God, In Whom ye believe. 12. O Prophet! When believing women come To thee to take the oath Of fealty to thee, that they Will not associate in worship Any other thing whatever With God, that they Will not steal, that they Will not commit adultery (Or fornication), that they Will not kill their children, That they will not utter Slander, intentionally forging Falsehood, and that they Will not disobey thee In any just matter, Then do thou receive Their fealty, and pray to God For the forgiveness (of Their sins): for God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. 13. O ye who believe! Turn not (for friendship) To people on whom Is the Wrath of God. Of the Hereafter they are Already in despair, just as The Unbelievers are In despair about those (Buried) in graves.

Table of Contents

Sra I. Ftia, Or The Opening Chapter
Sra Ii. Baqara, Or The Heifer
Sra Iii. L-I-Imrn, Or The Family Of Imrn
Sra Iv. Nisa, Or The Women
Sra V. Mda, Or The Table Spread.
Sra Vi. Anm, Or Cattle
Sra Vii. Arf, Or The Heights
Sra Viii. Anfl, Or The Spoils Of War
Sra Ix. Tauba (Repentance) Or Barat (Immunity)
Sra X. Ynus, Or Jonah
Sra Xi. Hd (The Prophet Hd)
Sra Xii. Ysuf, Or Joseph
Sra Xiii. Rad Or Thunder
Sra Xiv. Ibrhm, Or Abraham
Sra Xv. Al-Hijr. Or The Rocky Tract
Sra Xvi. Nal Or The Bee
Sra Xvii. Ban Isr-L, Or The Children Of Israel.
Sra Xviii. Kahf, Or The Cave
Sra Xix. Maryam, Or Mary.
Sra Xx. -H (Mystic Letters, . H.)
Sra Xxi. Anbiya, Or The Prophets
Sra Xxii. Ajj, Or The Pilgrimage
Sra Xxiii. M-Minn
Sra Xxiv. Nr, Or Light
Sra Xxv. Furqn, Or The Criterion
Sra Xxvi. Shuara, Or The Poets
Sra Xxvii. Naml, Or The Ants
Sra Xxviii. Qaa, Or The Narration
Sra Xxix. Ankabt, Or The Spider
Sra Xxx. Rm, Or The Roman Empire.
Sra Xxxi. Luqmn (The Wise).
Sra Xxxii. Sajda, Or Adoration
Sra Xxxiii. Azb, Or The Confederates.
Sra Xxxiv. Sab, Or The City Of Sab
Sra Xxxv. Fir, Or The Originator Of Creation; Or Malka, Or The Angels
Sra Xxxvi. Y-Sn (Being Abbreviated Letters).
Sra Xxxvii. Fft, Or Those Ranged In Ranks.
Sra Xxxviii. D (Being One Of The Abbreviated Letters)
Sra Xxxix.: Zumar, Or The Crowds.
Sra Xl. M-Min, Or The Believer
Sra Xli. H-Mm (Abbreviated Letters), Or -Mm Sajda, Or Fuilat
Sra Xlii. Shr, Or Consultation
Sra Xliii.: Zukhruf, Or Gold Adornments.
Sra Xliv.: Dukhn, Or Smoke (Or Mist).
Sra Xlv. Jathiya, Or Bowing The Knee.
Sra Xlvi.: Aqf, Or Winding Sand-Tracts.
Sra Xlvii. Muammad (The Prophet).
Sra Xlviii. Fat- Or Victory.
Sra Xlix. Ujurt, Or The Inner Apartments.
Sra L. Qf.
Sra Li. Zriyt, Or The Winds That Scatter.
Sra Lii. R, Or The Mount.
Sra Liii. Najm, Or The Star.
Sra Liv. Qamar, Or The Moon.
Sra Lv. Ramn, Or (God) Most Gracious.
Sra Lvi. Wqia, Or The Inevitable Event.
Sra Lvii. Add, Or Iron.
Sra Lviii. Mujdila, Or The Woman Who Pleads.
Sra Lix. Ashr, Or The Gathering
Sra Lx. Mumtaana, Or The Woman To Be Examined.
Sra Lxi. Aff, Or Battle Array.
Sra Lxii. Jumua, Or The Assembly (Friday) Prayer
Sra Lxiii. Munfiqn, Or The Hypocrites.
Sra Lxiv. Tagbun, Or Mutual Loss And Gain.
Sra Lxv. Alq, Or Divorce.
Sra Lxvi. Tarm, Or Holding (Something) To Be Forbidden.
Sra Lxvii. Mulk, Or Dominion.
Sra Lxviii. Qalam, Or The Pen, Or Nn
Sra Lxix. Qqa, Or The Sure Reality.
Sra Lxx. Marij, Or The Ways Of Ascent.
Sra Lxxi. N, Or Noah.
Sra Lxxii. Jinn, Or The Spirits.
Sra Lxxiii. Muzzammil, Or Folded In Garments.
Sra Lxxiv. Muddaththir, Or One Wrapped Up.
Sra Lxxv. Qiymat, Or The Resurrection.
Sra Lxxvi. Dahr, Or Time, Or Insn, Or Man.
Sra Lxxvii. Mursalt, Or Those Sent Forth
Sra Lxxviii. Nabaa, Or The (Great) News
Sra Lxxix. Nzit, Or Those Who Tear Out.
Sra Lxxx. Abasa. Or He Frowned.
Sra Lxxxi. Takwr, Or The Folding Up.
Sra Lxxxii. Infir, Or The Cleaving Asunder.
Sra Lxxxiii. Taff, Or Dealing In Fraud.
Sra Lxxxiv. Inshiqq, Or The Rending Asunder.
Sra Lxxxv. Burj, Or The Zodiacal Signs
Sra Lxxxvi. Riq, Or The Night-Visitant
Sra Lxxxvii. Al, Or The Most High.
Sra Lxxxviii. Gshiya, Or The Overwhelming Event.
Sra Lxxxix. Fajr, Or The Break Of Day.
Sra Xc. Balad, Or The City
Sra Xci. Shams, Or The Sun.
Sra Xcii. Lail, Or The Night.
Sra Xciii. Dhuh, Or The Glorious Morning Light.
Sra Xciv. Inshir, Or The Expansion.
Sra Xcv. Tn, Or The Fig
Sra Xcvi. Iqraa, Or Read! Or Proclaim! Or Alaq, Or The Clot Of Congealed Blood
Sra Xcvii. Qadr, Or The Night Of Power (Or Honour).
Sra Xcviii. Baiyina, Or The Clear Evidence.
Sra Xcix. Zilzl, Or The Convulsion.
Sra C. Adiyt, Or Those That Run.
Sra Ci. Al-Qria, Or The Day Of Noise And Clamour.
Sra Cii. Takathur Or Piling Up.
Sra Ciii. Ar, Or Time Through The Ages.
Sra Civ. Humaza, Or The Scandal-Monger.
Sra Cv. Fl, Or The Elephant.
Sra Cvi. The Quraish, (Custodians Of The Kaba).
Sra Cvii. Mn, Or Neighbourly Needs.
Sra Cviii. Kauthar, Or Abundance.
Sra Cix. Kfirn, Or Those Who Reject Faith.
Sra Cx. Nar, Or Help.
Sra Cxi. Lahab, Or (The Father Of) Flame.
Sra Cxii. Ikhl, Or Purity (Of Faith).
Sra Cxiii. Falaq, Or The Dawn.
Sra Cxiv. Ns, Or Mankind.

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1 Sahil Badruddin = "Recitation of Surah Mumtahana:"
2 Ahmed M = "A secret letter was sent by a Hatib to the pagans of Mecca; he was seeking protection for his family left behind in Mecca. The letter was intercepted. Lesson: don't be friends with enemies of your faith."
3 Ahmed M = "Besides the problem of being loyal to your own people, even your own vested interests make it mandatory for you to beware of enemies. Once your enemies have used you, they will only bad mouth you as a "traitor.""
4 Ahmed M = "Allah makes it clear that relatives, children and parents will of no use on the day of judgment. Everyone will worrying about their own deeds on that day."