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Sura LXIx Haqqa, Or The Sure Reality In The Holy Quran

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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 1. The Sure Reality! 2. What is the Sure Reality? 3. And what will make Thee realise what The Sure Reality is? 4. The Thamūd And the ‘Ād people (Branded) as false The Stunning Calamity! 5. But the Thamūd,— They were destroyed By a terrible Storm Of thunder and lightning! 6. And the ‘Ād,— They were destroyed By a furious Wind, Exceedingly violent; 7. He made it rage Against them seven nights And eight days in succession: So that thou couldst see The (whole) people lying Prostrate in its (path), As if they had been Roots of hollow palm-trees Tumbled down! 8. Then seest thou any Of them left surviving? 9. And Pharaoh, And those before him, And the Cities Overthrown, Committed habitual Sin, 10. And disobeyed (each) The apostle of their Lord; So He punished them With an abundant Penalty. 11. We, when the water (Of Noah's Flood) overflowed Beyond its limits, Carried you (mankind), In the floating (Ark), 12. That We might Make it a Message Unto you, and that ears (That should hear the tale And) retain its memory Should bear its (lessons) In remembrance. 13. Then, when one Blast is sounded On the Trumpet, 14. And the earth is moved, And its mountains, And they are crushed to powder At one stroke,— 15. On that Day Shall the (Great) Event Come to pass, 16. And the sky will be Rent asunder, for it will That Day be flimsy, 17. And the angels will be On its sides, And eight will, that Day, Bear the Throne Of thy Lord above them. 18. That Day shall ye be Brought to Judgment: Not an act of yours That ye hide will be hidden. 19. Then he that will be Given his Record In his right hand Will say: "Ah here! Read ye my Record! 20. "I did really understand That my Account would (One Day) reach me!" 21. And he will be In a life of Bliss, 22. In a Garden on high, 23. The Fruits whereof (Will hang in bunches) Low and near. 24. "Eat ye and drink ye, With full satisfaction; Because of the (good) That ye sent before you, In the days that are gone!" 25. And he that will Be given his Record In his left hand, Will say: "Ah! would That my record had not Been given to me! 26. "And that I had never Realised how My account (stood)! 27. "Ah! would that (Death) Had made an end of me! 28. "Of no profit to me Has been my wealth! 29. "My power has Perished from me!"… 30. (The stern command will say): "Seize ye him, And bind ye him, 31. "And burn ye him In the Blazing Fire. 32. "Further, make him march In a chain, whereof The length is seventy cubits! 33. "This was he that Would not believe In God Most High, 34. "And would not encourage The feeding of the indigent! 35. "So no friend hath he Here this Day. 36. "Nor hath he any food Except the corruption From the washing of wounds, 37. "Which none do eat But those in sin." 38. So I do Call to witness What ye see 39. And what ye see not, 40. That this is Verily the word Of an honoured apostle; 41. It is not the word Of a poet: Little it is Ye believe! 42. Nor is it the word Of a soothsayer: Little admonition it is Ye receive. 43. (This is) a Message Sent down from the Lord Of the Worlds. 44. And if the apostle Were to invent Any sayings in Our name, 45. We should certainly seize him By his right hand, 46. And We should certainly Then cut off the artery Of his heart: 47. Nor could any of you Withhold him (From Our wrath). 48. But verily this Is a Message for The God-fearing. 49. And We certainly know That there are amongst you Those that reject (it). 50. But truly (Revelation) Is a cause of sorrow For the Unbelievers. 51. But verily it is Truth Of assured certainty. 52. So glorify the name Of thy Lord Most High.

Table of Contents

Sra I. Ftia, Or The Opening Chapter
Sra Ii. Baqara, Or The Heifer
Sra Iii. L-I-Imrn, Or The Family Of Imrn
Sra Iv. Nisa, Or The Women
Sra V. Mda, Or The Table Spread.
Sra Vi. Anm, Or Cattle
Sra Vii. Arf, Or The Heights
Sra Viii. Anfl, Or The Spoils Of War
Sra Ix. Tauba (Repentance) Or Barat (Immunity)
Sra X. Ynus, Or Jonah
Sra Xi. Hd (The Prophet Hd)
Sra Xii. Ysuf, Or Joseph
Sra Xiii. Rad Or Thunder
Sra Xiv. Ibrhm, Or Abraham
Sra Xv. Al-Hijr. Or The Rocky Tract
Sra Xvi. Nal Or The Bee
Sra Xvii. Ban Isr-L, Or The Children Of Israel.
Sra Xviii. Kahf, Or The Cave
Sra Xix. Maryam, Or Mary.
Sra Xx. -H (Mystic Letters, . H.)
Sra Xxi. Anbiya, Or The Prophets
Sra Xxii. Ajj, Or The Pilgrimage
Sra Xxiii. M-Minn
Sra Xxiv. Nr, Or Light
Sra Xxv. Furqn, Or The Criterion
Sra Xxvi. Shuara, Or The Poets
Sra Xxvii. Naml, Or The Ants
Sra Xxviii. Qaa, Or The Narration
Sra Xxix. Ankabt, Or The Spider
Sra Xxx. Rm, Or The Roman Empire.
Sra Xxxi. Luqmn (The Wise).
Sra Xxxii. Sajda, Or Adoration
Sra Xxxiii. Azb, Or The Confederates.
Sra Xxxiv. Sab, Or The City Of Sab
Sra Xxxv. Fir, Or The Originator Of Creation; Or Malka, Or The Angels
Sra Xxxvi. Y-Sn (Being Abbreviated Letters).
Sra Xxxvii. Fft, Or Those Ranged In Ranks.
Sra Xxxviii. D (Being One Of The Abbreviated Letters)
Sra Xxxix.: Zumar, Or The Crowds.
Sra Xl. M-Min, Or The Believer
Sra Xli. H-Mm (Abbreviated Letters), Or -Mm Sajda, Or Fuilat
Sra Xlii. Shr, Or Consultation
Sra Xliii.: Zukhruf, Or Gold Adornments.
Sra Xliv.: Dukhn, Or Smoke (Or Mist).
Sra Xlv. Jathiya, Or Bowing The Knee.
Sra Xlvi.: Aqf, Or Winding Sand-Tracts.
Sra Xlvii. Muammad (The Prophet).
Sra Xlviii. Fat- Or Victory.
Sra Xlix. Ujurt, Or The Inner Apartments.
Sra L. Qf.
Sra Li. Zriyt, Or The Winds That Scatter.
Sra Lii. R, Or The Mount.
Sra Liii. Najm, Or The Star.
Sra Liv. Qamar, Or The Moon.
Sra Lv. Ramn, Or (God) Most Gracious.
Sra Lvi. Wqia, Or The Inevitable Event.
Sra Lvii. Add, Or Iron.
Sra Lviii. Mujdila, Or The Woman Who Pleads.
Sra Lix. Ashr, Or The Gathering
Sra Lx. Mumtaana, Or The Woman To Be Examined.
Sra Lxi. Aff, Or Battle Array.
Sra Lxii. Jumua, Or The Assembly (Friday) Prayer
Sra Lxiii. Munfiqn, Or The Hypocrites.
Sra Lxiv. Tagbun, Or Mutual Loss And Gain.
Sra Lxv. Alq, Or Divorce.
Sra Lxvi. Tarm, Or Holding (Something) To Be Forbidden.
Sra Lxvii. Mulk, Or Dominion.
Sra Lxviii. Qalam, Or The Pen, Or Nn
Sra Lxix. Qqa, Or The Sure Reality.
Sra Lxx. Marij, Or The Ways Of Ascent.
Sra Lxxi. N, Or Noah.
Sra Lxxii. Jinn, Or The Spirits.
Sra Lxxiii. Muzzammil, Or Folded In Garments.
Sra Lxxiv. Muddaththir, Or One Wrapped Up.
Sra Lxxv. Qiymat, Or The Resurrection.
Sra Lxxvi. Dahr, Or Time, Or Insn, Or Man.
Sra Lxxvii. Mursalt, Or Those Sent Forth
Sra Lxxviii. Nabaa, Or The (Great) News
Sra Lxxix. Nzit, Or Those Who Tear Out.
Sra Lxxx. Abasa. Or He Frowned.
Sra Lxxxi. Takwr, Or The Folding Up.
Sra Lxxxii. Infir, Or The Cleaving Asunder.
Sra Lxxxiii. Taff, Or Dealing In Fraud.
Sra Lxxxiv. Inshiqq, Or The Rending Asunder.
Sra Lxxxv. Burj, Or The Zodiacal Signs
Sra Lxxxvi. Riq, Or The Night-Visitant
Sra Lxxxvii. Al, Or The Most High.
Sra Lxxxviii. Gshiya, Or The Overwhelming Event.
Sra Lxxxix. Fajr, Or The Break Of Day.
Sra Xc. Balad, Or The City
Sra Xci. Shams, Or The Sun.
Sra Xcii. Lail, Or The Night.
Sra Xciii. Dhuh, Or The Glorious Morning Light.
Sra Xciv. Inshir, Or The Expansion.
Sra Xcv. Tn, Or The Fig
Sra Xcvi. Iqraa, Or Read! Or Proclaim! Or Alaq, Or The Clot Of Congealed Blood
Sra Xcvii. Qadr, Or The Night Of Power (Or Honour).
Sra Xcviii. Baiyina, Or The Clear Evidence.
Sra Xcix. Zilzl, Or The Convulsion.
Sra C. Adiyt, Or Those That Run.
Sra Ci. Al-Qria, Or The Day Of Noise And Clamour.
Sra Cii. Takathur Or Piling Up.
Sra Ciii. Ar, Or Time Through The Ages.
Sra Civ. Humaza, Or The Scandal-Monger.
Sra Cv. Fl, Or The Elephant.
Sra Cvi. The Quraish, (Custodians Of The Kaba).
Sra Cvii. Mn, Or Neighbourly Needs.
Sra Cviii. Kauthar, Or Abundance.
Sra Cix. Kfirn, Or Those Who Reject Faith.
Sra Cx. Nar, Or Help.
Sra Cxi. Lahab, Or (The Father Of) Flame.
Sra Cxii. Ikhl, Or Purity (Of Faith).
Sra Cxiii. Falaq, Or The Dawn.
Sra Cxiv. Ns, Or Mankind.

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1 Sahil Badruddin = "Recitation of Surah Haqqa:"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""the name of an ancient civilization in Hejaz who were known from the 1st millennium BC to near the time of Muhammad. The Thamud civilization was located in Saudi Arabia. Although they are thought to have originated in Southern Arabia, Arabic tradition has them moving north to settle on the slopes of Mount Athlab near Mada'in Saleh."Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thamud"
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The 'Adid are mentioned in the Qur'an as being the people to whom the Islamic prophet Hud (هود) was sent by Allah to guide them back to the righteous path of faith. According to the story, the citizens did not heed his warnings and the town was destroyed by Allah in a great storm."Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%CA%BF%C4%80d"