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Sura LXXIv Muddaththir, Or One Wrapped Up In The Holy Quran

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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934] In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful 1. O thou wrapped up (In a mantle)! 2. Arise and deliver thy warning! 3. And thy Lord Do thou magnify! 4. And thy garments Keep free from stain! 5. And all abomination shun! 6. Nor expect, in giving, Any increase (for thyself)! 7. But, for thy Lord's (Cause), Be patient and constant! 8. Finally, when the trumpet Is sounded, 9. That will be—that Day— A Day of Distress,— 10. Far from easy For those without Faith. 11. Leave Me alone, (to deal) With the (creature) whom I created (bare and) alone!— 12. To whom I granted Resources in abundance, 13. And sons to be By his side!— 14. To whom I made (Life) smooth and comfortable! 15. Yet is he greedy— That I should add (Yet more);— 16. By no means! For to Our Signs He has been refractory! 17. Soon will I visit him With a mount of calamities! 18. For he thought And he plotted;— 19. And woe to him! How he plotted!— 20. Yea, woe to him: How he plotted!— 21. Then he looked round; 22. Then he frowned And he scowled; 23. Then he turned back And was haughty; 24. Then said he: "This is nothing but magic, Derived from of old; 25. "This is nothing but The word of a mortal!" 26. Soon will I Cast him into Hell-Fire! 27. And what will explain To thee what Hell-Fire is? 28. Naught doth it permit To endure, and naught Doth it leave alone!— 29. Darkening and changing The colour of man! 30. Over it are Nineteen. 31. And We have set none But angels as guardians Of the Fire; and We Have fixed their number Only as a trial For Unbelievers,—in order That the People of the Book May arrive at certainty, And the Believers may increase In Faith,—and that no doubts May be left for the People Of the Book and the Believers, And that those in whose hearts Is a disease and the Unbelievers May say, "What symbol Doth God intend by this? Thus doth God leave to stray Whom He pleaseth, and guide Whom He pleaseth: and none Can know the forces Of thy Lord, except He. And this is no other than A warning to mankind. 32. Nay, verily: By the Moon, 33. And by the Night As it retreateth, 34. And by the Dawn As it shineth forth,— 35. This is but one Of the mighty (portents), 36. A warning to mankind,— 37. To any of you that Chooses to press forward, Or to follow behind;— 38. Every soul will be (held) In pledge for its deeds. 39. Except the Companions Of the Right Hand. 40. (They will be) in Gardens (Of Delight): they will Question each other, 41. And (ask) of the Sinners: 42. "What led you Into Hell-Fire?" 43. They will say: "We were not of those Who prayed; 44. "Nor were we of those Who fed the indigent; 45. "But we used to talk Vanities with vain talkers; 46. "And we used to deny The Day of Judgment, 47. "Until there came to us (The Hour) that is certain." 48. Then will no intercession Of (any) intercessors Profit them. 49. When what is The matter with them That they turn away From admonition? 50. As if they were Affrighted asses, 51. Fleeing from a lion! 52. Forsooth, each one of them Wants to be given Scrolls (of revelation) spread out! 53. By no means! But They fear not the Hereafter. 54. Nay, this surely Is an admonition: 55. Let any who will, Keep it in remembrance! 56. But none will keep it In remembrance except As God wills: He Is the Lord of Righteousness, And the Lord of Forgiveness.

Table of Contents

Sra I. Ftia, Or The Opening Chapter
Sra Ii. Baqara, Or The Heifer
Sra Iii. L-I-Imrn, Or The Family Of Imrn
Sra Iv. Nisa, Or The Women
Sra V. Mda, Or The Table Spread.
Sra Vi. Anm, Or Cattle
Sra Vii. Arf, Or The Heights
Sra Viii. Anfl, Or The Spoils Of War
Sra Ix. Tauba (Repentance) Or Barat (Immunity)
Sra X. Ynus, Or Jonah
Sra Xi. Hd (The Prophet Hd)
Sra Xii. Ysuf, Or Joseph
Sra Xiii. Rad Or Thunder
Sra Xiv. Ibrhm, Or Abraham
Sra Xv. Al-Hijr. Or The Rocky Tract
Sra Xvi. Nal Or The Bee
Sra Xvii. Ban Isr-L, Or The Children Of Israel.
Sra Xviii. Kahf, Or The Cave
Sra Xix. Maryam, Or Mary.
Sra Xx. -H (Mystic Letters, . H.)
Sra Xxi. Anbiya, Or The Prophets
Sra Xxii. Ajj, Or The Pilgrimage
Sra Xxiii. M-Minn
Sra Xxiv. Nr, Or Light
Sra Xxv. Furqn, Or The Criterion
Sra Xxvi. Shuara, Or The Poets
Sra Xxvii. Naml, Or The Ants
Sra Xxviii. Qaa, Or The Narration
Sra Xxix. Ankabt, Or The Spider
Sra Xxx. Rm, Or The Roman Empire.
Sra Xxxi. Luqmn (The Wise).
Sra Xxxii. Sajda, Or Adoration
Sra Xxxiii. Azb, Or The Confederates.
Sra Xxxiv. Sab, Or The City Of Sab
Sra Xxxv. Fir, Or The Originator Of Creation; Or Malka, Or The Angels
Sra Xxxvi. Y-Sn (Being Abbreviated Letters).
Sra Xxxvii. Fft, Or Those Ranged In Ranks.
Sra Xxxviii. D (Being One Of The Abbreviated Letters)
Sra Xxxix.: Zumar, Or The Crowds.
Sra Xl. M-Min, Or The Believer
Sra Xli. H-Mm (Abbreviated Letters), Or -Mm Sajda, Or Fuilat
Sra Xlii. Shr, Or Consultation
Sra Xliii.: Zukhruf, Or Gold Adornments.
Sra Xliv.: Dukhn, Or Smoke (Or Mist).
Sra Xlv. Jathiya, Or Bowing The Knee.
Sra Xlvi.: Aqf, Or Winding Sand-Tracts.
Sra Xlvii. Muammad (The Prophet).
Sra Xlviii. Fat- Or Victory.
Sra Xlix. Ujurt, Or The Inner Apartments.
Sra L. Qf.
Sra Li. Zriyt, Or The Winds That Scatter.
Sra Lii. R, Or The Mount.
Sra Liii. Najm, Or The Star.
Sra Liv. Qamar, Or The Moon.
Sra Lv. Ramn, Or (God) Most Gracious.
Sra Lvi. Wqia, Or The Inevitable Event.
Sra Lvii. Add, Or Iron.
Sra Lviii. Mujdila, Or The Woman Who Pleads.
Sra Lix. Ashr, Or The Gathering
Sra Lx. Mumtaana, Or The Woman To Be Examined.
Sra Lxi. Aff, Or Battle Array.
Sra Lxii. Jumua, Or The Assembly (Friday) Prayer
Sra Lxiii. Munfiqn, Or The Hypocrites.
Sra Lxiv. Tagbun, Or Mutual Loss And Gain.
Sra Lxv. Alq, Or Divorce.
Sra Lxvi. Tarm, Or Holding (Something) To Be Forbidden.
Sra Lxvii. Mulk, Or Dominion.
Sra Lxviii. Qalam, Or The Pen, Or Nn
Sra Lxix. Qqa, Or The Sure Reality.
Sra Lxx. Marij, Or The Ways Of Ascent.
Sra Lxxi. N, Or Noah.
Sra Lxxii. Jinn, Or The Spirits.
Sra Lxxiii. Muzzammil, Or Folded In Garments.
Sra Lxxiv. Muddaththir, Or One Wrapped Up.
Sra Lxxv. Qiymat, Or The Resurrection.
Sra Lxxvi. Dahr, Or Time, Or Insn, Or Man.
Sra Lxxvii. Mursalt, Or Those Sent Forth
Sra Lxxviii. Nabaa, Or The (Great) News
Sra Lxxix. Nzit, Or Those Who Tear Out.
Sra Lxxx. Abasa. Or He Frowned.
Sra Lxxxi. Takwr, Or The Folding Up.
Sra Lxxxii. Infir, Or The Cleaving Asunder.
Sra Lxxxiii. Taff, Or Dealing In Fraud.
Sra Lxxxiv. Inshiqq, Or The Rending Asunder.
Sra Lxxxv. Burj, Or The Zodiacal Signs
Sra Lxxxvi. Riq, Or The Night-Visitant
Sra Lxxxvii. Al, Or The Most High.
Sra Lxxxviii. Gshiya, Or The Overwhelming Event.
Sra Lxxxix. Fajr, Or The Break Of Day.
Sra Xc. Balad, Or The City
Sra Xci. Shams, Or The Sun.
Sra Xcii. Lail, Or The Night.
Sra Xciii. Dhuh, Or The Glorious Morning Light.
Sra Xciv. Inshir, Or The Expansion.
Sra Xcv. Tn, Or The Fig
Sra Xcvi. Iqraa, Or Read! Or Proclaim! Or Alaq, Or The Clot Of Congealed Blood
Sra Xcvii. Qadr, Or The Night Of Power (Or Honour).
Sra Xcviii. Baiyina, Or The Clear Evidence.
Sra Xcix. Zilzl, Or The Convulsion.
Sra C. Adiyt, Or Those That Run.
Sra Ci. Al-Qria, Or The Day Of Noise And Clamour.
Sra Cii. Takathur Or Piling Up.
Sra Ciii. Ar, Or Time Through The Ages.
Sra Civ. Humaza, Or The Scandal-Monger.
Sra Cv. Fl, Or The Elephant.
Sra Cvi. The Quraish, (Custodians Of The Kaba).
Sra Cvii. Mn, Or Neighbourly Needs.
Sra Cviii. Kauthar, Or Abundance.
Sra Cix. Kfirn, Or Those Who Reject Faith.
Sra Cx. Nar, Or Help.
Sra Cxi. Lahab, Or (The Father Of) Flame.
Sra Cxii. Ikhl, Or Purity (Of Faith).
Sra Cxiii. Falaq, Or The Dawn.
Sra Cxiv. Ns, Or Mankind.

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1 Sahil Badruddin = "Recitation of Surah Muddaththir:"
2 Ahmed M = "Prophet Muhammad's work was a gift to the people of Mecca but they showed no gratitude for his services. Unfortunately, instead of accepting the message of truth, many people held him in contempt."
3 Ahmed M = "Great people on our planet may have a lot of money at their disposal; numerous supporters and a large family to assist them; Life on earth might be as sweet as honey; but are they not accountable to Allah?"
4 Ahmed M = "What happens to a sinner when Allah gives him gifts? He thinks that the gifts are his rights and he gets more and more greedy. He has decided to be deaf and dumb by ignoring the signs and laws of Allah."