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Grace on Tap

So often, real grace shocks us. It offended people in Jesus’ day and it offends people in our day. We may think, “That person, or that group, or th...

4 Responses to the Problem of Violence in the Bible

Does the Bible actually endorse violence on a dramatic scale?

8 Religious Charities to Donate to in 2017

Pre-vetted, pre-approved charities doing great work at home and abroad.

Enduring Faith in Veterans of America

“He aint heavy, he’s my brother” hummed my heart recently at the Arlington National Cemetery.

5 Things Evangelicals Get Wrong About Homosexuality

We evangelicals need to get beyond what we believe and pay attention to how we believe.

Some African Americans Feel the Need to be Christian First and Black Second

If the black church is to remain resilient and vibrant, and if African American believers are to feel secure in their faith and heritage simultaneo...

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