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Grace on tap

So often, real grace shocks us. It offended people in Jesus’ day and it offends people in our day. We may think, “That person, or that group, or th...

4 Responses to the Problem of Violence in the Bible

Does the Bible actually endorse violence on a dramatic scale?

Exclusive Interview with Eboo Patel on Interfaith Leadership & Pluralism for ...

Recently, Sahil Badruddin, an interview host for OnFaith, sat down with Dr. Eboo Patel –– Founder & Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core...

Easter reminds us that religious values can benefit society in more ways than...

Discussing the importance of religious values to secular society at the Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations Forum at Parliament House...

5 Things Evangelicals Get Wrong About Homosexuality

We evangelicals need to get beyond what we believe and pay attention to how we believe.

Reflection On Tauheed (Oneness)

Reflections on the Onesness of G-d, Creation and Humanity

Merry Christmastime Culture

How do we reconcile this secularized holiday season with the reality of what we’re really celebrating? How do we deal with the Jesus thing? (from w...

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