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Lord You are amazing... And the throne of flames You sit upon that's blazing is a sight astounding... Even the very flames bow at Your feet, Even the heat from each one yield in Submission to the Holy One... And the light that emits from Your Son...I can see it, and feel it, and I can even hear it... And it sounds like music, a heavenly Chorus that You pour on us from Heaven... I'm so amazed by all You've done. From the forming of earth and the preordained place of the sun... And all Your works through time and Space, and how everything is soaked in Your grace... Its never ending... And through any form of dimension Transcending... Your invisible presence is very physical and becomes visible through Your Church, And these are not the hands of men but Yours at work... And when we are hurt or struggling You Confirm Your faithful guiding hand Through tears bubbling up from Your Love... Your presence can be gentle and silent Like a dove, but at the same time heavy, and as it flutters in from above You lift The weight of all burden , and add Blessing. You are so amazing.