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Excerpt from "The Great Calculation of the Doctrine Which Has the Signifigance of a Fourth Council

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Excerpt from The Buddha from Dolpo: "The Great Calculation of the Doctrine Which Has the Signifigance of a Fourth Council" Precisely that ground of emptiness is the Buddha-nature, the natural spirit races, the natural Buddha, the natural Dharma, and the natural Sangha, The natural spontaneous mandalas, natural deities, natural tantras and mantras, natural nirvana, natural radiant light, natural purity, primordial purity, pristine form up through omniscience, Form up through the phenomena of the buddhahood of the immutable fully established true nature, and so forth, The Ten noncomposite powers, and so forth, thusness with infinite qualities complete, the ground buddhahood, and the primal Buddha. It is the originally free Tathagata, initially liberated enlightened mind with the nature of space, Buddha even before all the buddhas. Therefore, the ultimate reality in all profound sutras and tantras which finely present thusness, and so forth, is empty of other, never empty of self-nature. It is absolute, never relative. It is the true nature, never the phenomena. It is the middle, never the extreme. It is nirvana, never samsara. It is gnosis, never consciousness. It is pure, never impure. It is sublime self, never a nothingness. It is great bliss, never suffering. It is permanent and stable, never impermanent. It is self-arisen, never arisen due to another. It is fully established, never the imagined. It is natural, never fabricated. It is primordial, never incidental. It is Buddha, never a sentient being. It is the essence, never the husk. It is definitive in meaning, never provisional in meaning. It is ultimate, never transient. It is the ground and result, never the Truth of the Path. It is the ground of purification, never the object of purification It is the mode of reality, never the mode of delusion It is the sublime other, never the outer and inner. It is true, never false. It is perfect, never perverse It is the ground of emptiness, never just empty It is the ground of separation, never just a separation. It is the ground of absence, never just an absence. It is an established phenomenon, never an absolute negation. It is virtue, never nonvirtue. It is authentic, never inauthentic. It is correct, never incorrect. It is immaculate, never stain. Therefore, they are the same as the the Great Madhyamaka. All the sublime sutras of the Third Dharma Wheel, and all the treatises of Maitreya are the same as the Great Madhyamaka. The pristine tantric scriptures are also likewise. ("The Buddha from Dolpo" Stearns; State University of New York Press, 1999, p. 149-150)