First Principle of The Science of Getting Rich Meditation by Wallace Wattles

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the love of money is evil ..but not money in and by its self. How many people do you know who have a belief system that drives money away from them and dont even know it? around 90% of the people throughout the planet have little or no money after paying their bills from month to month, yet most seem fairly happy with the fact that they may never have any thing more than what is here before them. what provides people with feelings of happiness besides what everybody seems to be chasing, trying to get enough to where they can stop the race..... the times when i found my spiritual growth at its peak is when i had no money, no worry's to where and when i had to have a set amount of money. i wish to have money and peace of mind, without having to hurt others, or myself..... money can serve in great ways when it is in the right hands. or money can destroy when in the wrong hands. .....the art of creating with intentions of using it to serve mankind in ways that bless large numbers of people is a one secret to true happiness while standing waist deep in paper money... the universe is full of abundance and it wants to unfold to all who wish for the bettering of the planet and all its inhabitants rising to a more comfortable position in creation. bottom line is there is plenty for all, all we have to do is change our belief system about the idea of what money is all about. we need a form of exchange...... i wish for a life full of abundance for all...


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1 WHITE WOLF = "what has this got to do with religion? why do the worlds religions control so much wealth and how come the people have so little. is it a form of control used to keep the people from rising to a level where they have as much power as the church. i dont think i know it is. its all about keeping the average person at a point of always trying to get a little more so to get a head. huh.. to busy to question the authority of the leaders.  "
2 Cary W = "Thoughts are things of substance that act on this thing we are surrounded with, substance, which creates for us exactly what we think diligently upon.  Our perceptions and thoughts are continually creating the situations, experiences, and opportunities in our life."
3 Cary W = "This inspiration here is that if we don't like what we are experiencing in this moment, we can change the direction of our thought and attention, inspired that the thoughts we think right now are producing things from this Substance, and begin to think creatively to produce more desirable results."