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Genesis 2 - KJV: The creation of the Physical Being

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Now we see God, being referred to differently. We see Moses has prefaced ‘elohiym with the English word Lord; Hebraic word, Yehovah. (The “Y” is equivalent to our “J” sound.) Yehovah signifies The Creator, The Source, The Divine Oneness. Please take note that Moses is telling us that although he is talking about the First Cause, backing all that ever was, is and will be; this First Cause is one in the same with ‘elohiym. Same Spirit, same body. This is what Jesus was telling us when stating that He and the Father are One. Just as we are One with Him, and if we are one with Jesus, we are one with God. Christ-Consciousness. I will get into that in a later work though. So, Yehovah ‘elohyim, uses the dust of the earth, the very basic particles that make up this earth that we live in, to create (remember the definition from before) “man”. Scientifically speaking, the earth, and everything contained therein, is a vibrating mass of energy, with the same basic elements flowing throw everything. Realistically, there is no point in telling a group of slaves that, or even drawing that picture. So, why not use something that they can relate to, like dust, right? “Keep it simple, stupid.” Man – adam in Hebrew, which inferences mankind as a collective, and shares the root word for the color red. Considering that we are Spiritual beings, in physical bodies, our Spiritual cores have energy “gateways” if you will, called chakras. There are seven main chakras. When experiencing the Divinity within you, you will become sensitive to these gateways. The first chakra, or your root chakra carries the same frequency as the color red. Red relates to Self-awareness. Found at the base of your spine, it is the area for survival, stability, and your “place” here on Earth. (Again, Spiritual being from beyond, aka “Hebrew”, within a physical body, from the “dust” of the earth.) The color red provides the power from the Earth, and gives energy on all levels. The color red also connects our Spiritual bodies with our Physical bodies. It is our base. It is no coincidence that blood in the Bible is symbolic of life force. It is no coincidence that oxygenated blood is red. It is something common that we all share. This is at the base or the root of who we all are as people. Now, there are positive and negative aspects of red. The positive aspects of it are the tendency and tenacity to manifest behaviors that show security, courage, strength of will, and a pioneering personality. Great things to have. You also have the negative aspects; insecurity, self-pitying, aggressive, and fearful. These things run through at the base, and it is the base that energizes the rest. Any combination of these traits can manifest in any and every one who considers themselves by birth to be a part of mankind. It’s universal. It wasn’t until Yehovah ‘elohiym breathed the breath of life into this dusty vessel, that it became a “living soul”. This living soul now has a mind, and with this mind, capable of completing the agreed upon mission. What was Adams mission? Hang out in this beautiful paradise that he was placed into, be grateful, and enjoy his open relationship with God. There was only one rule, not to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or he will die. Simple enough, live your life, without that fruit, or , die. Can you imagine an older sibling telling a younger sibling not to touch their cell phone or laptop or else they’d “die”. Now, the younger sibling probably won’t really die, however, the consequences could be dire. Let’s say, for conversation sake, this too is the case. I will explain in the next few chapters. God then decreed that it was not good for man to be alone, and therefore, again from he dust of the earth, created more living things for Adam. Adam was given dominion over them, and named them, but none seemed to suite Adam for a partner. God then caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep, took a rib, some more dust, and made a woman. Notice, Adam called her, “Woman”, not Eve. We will touch on that later also. One thing about this particular portion of Scripture that I want to make sure you understand, is that while in the Garden of Eden, aka Paradise, which begins in the mind, “Woman” and Adam were naked, enjoying their relationship with God, communing freely with the Divine constantly, without a care in the world. Their being fully exposed, before God, and each other, transparent, open and honest did not bother them one bit (Genesis 2:25). Now the image of a serpent was a fixture in Hebraic literature, symbolic of someone who practices communing with the Spiritual realm for what was considered “darker purposes”. The “Hebrew” people, being a “reconditioned” people, adopted the belief systems of their oppressors. It was outside of their paradigm at that current time, that not all communications between Spiritual realms is negative. The polarity (positive or negative) of the situation is based entirely off of pre-conceived notions, aka paradigms. Their happened to be a negative association, therefore, why not use something they are familiar with? The serpent is said to be more cunning than the other beasts that the Divine created. Since Yehovah ‘elohiym created the serpent, this serpent has some red flowing through him, just like Adam, “Woman”, and every other living being. Which means, this serpent can choose to walk in the positive or negative polarities, as can any one of us. The serpent posed a question to “Woman” asking if Yehovah ‘elohiym told her (specifically) that she could not eat of the fruit. Perhaps in a temper tantrum of the ego within “Woman”, her red-blooded insecurities crept in, because she did not get the same direct communication from the Divine. To stroke her precious ego, she held her head high, and said confidently that not only could they not eat it, they could not touch it. The serpent was well aware of the principals of the Universal Mind that is God; and further knew that this unlimited, uninhibited communication with God was available to all who embrace it. Because “Woman’s” reaction sent out vibrational energy, the serpent sent out the same in an equal and opposite direction. The serpent challenged the knowledge that “Woman” was pretending to know. The serpent knew that touching and eating the fruit wouldn’t kill you, but would do something worse – distract you. He implied that right now, she was missing out on something, and that the day they ate of the fruit, her and Adam would be like gods, knowing good and evil. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing initially, but look at what happens next. “Woman” had god intentions. She wanted to be wise. The fruit was ripe and delicious looking. She declared it good, and made the decision to eat, and share. Surely her giving some to Adam after eating some and not dying was proof enough that it wouldn’t kill you. So they ate, and their eyes opened, and they realized they were naked, causing sudden shame. It had never mattered to either of them before that they were gallivanting in this paradise naked. Transparent with one another and with God. They ate the fruit, and suddenly felt ashamed. They then covered themselves, and hid from God. Humans have that tendency, especially once we have done something to cause us to feel as if we have disconnected from God. The truth is, God was right there, when they made the decision to disobey. God was right there when you made whatever decisions in life you made. God will always be there. However the undeniable shame that we experience separates us. It is a trick of the mind. Adam and his wife were so convicted that they told on themselves. Instantly one pointing the finger of blame to another. That is another trait that we are guilty of. It is easier to pass the blame, than to take accountability for our own actions. It is easier to say someone else pushed you to that point, or hurt you, or took something rom you, than it is to say that you should not have let them get to you, or you should have stayed home, or you shouldn’t have been carrying that with you in the first place. Now remember how God deals with “Hebrew” people – as a collective. Technically, in this portion of the Bible, they have not been “named” yet, but we all know that it is coming. Because of their perceived “disobedience”, which was actually just a choice they made, the consequences of that choice would be having to labor for what was freely abundantly given, and the dreaded menstrual cycle, and painful childbirth for women. We are all connected. The choices that we make today affect everything and everyone associated to us, regardless if we are aware, or ever acknowledge it or not.