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"Holy Highway" There's a highway that cuts through a deserted Land, And it's being built by God through the hands of man, This road meets opposition time and again, Though, continues on father and deeper into this Land, And on both sides of this highway resides those Imprisoned and destined to die, Locked tight in cages like hounds that howl and Cry and reaching through fence links their Desperate as deeper they sink into waters of Death which will force them to drink, The water is brown and murky it swirls and rages, Its liquid death lurking, Consuming those quick like pages of turning Desiring to breathe but dying while yearning Slipping below to death and their burning... Through the land of the dead this highway rolls on which leads out of this desert when traveled upon And further on down some cages are empty, Those whom here now wander 'round desert led By their tempting, God calls to all in this land and He does it by lips And hands of the men who lay brick and stone Each day as they can, Who work to tend road that cross this expanse Whom as they work do with rhythm and dance They sing songs to Almighty through chants for Their chance, Construction on road has started to roll His Highway of Holy to glory behold , "Which travel by cages soon you will know... Unless you choose to travel My Road."