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If I Could...

Added by Kyle Bearden

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If I could...I'd take away all their aches and pains, And if I could...I'd cause it to rain on their deserted plains, soaking everything and eroding away their strain... And if I could...I'd give strength to the weak, I'd make the lame walk, and even the mute to speak... If I could...I'd reach out and heal 'em all, Just to magnify You, then we'd watch them fall and praise Your holy Name, Then surely they'd cry to heaven consumed by Your loves flame... If I could...I'd write a specific message for each and everyone, I'd reassure them, and encourage them with words from the Holy One, Remind them, their loved by His only Son, and He's so proud of how they run... If I could I'd be their cheering crowd, and when their pace began to slow I'd yell...,"Not now!"... If I could...I'd be anything, and everything they needed, I'd be their crutch...or just a shoulder for leaning, I'd be the ear to listen, or the hand to pull 'em through... I'd be the one to bridge the gap if You told me to... I'd let 'em walk across my back just to get to You... If I could...I'd do it all... But for now...I'll be the voice to Your call.