“One God, one man, one religion." Read full issue here: http://www.mesora.org/jewishtimes478.pdf

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1 John Brumley = "Hello my friend, As a follower of Yeshua I know the Law was given at Saini and it is G-d’s reaching out to mankind who would never have reached up to Him. But you portray my belief system as merely something I follow simply because others do. Such may be the case for some but I see Christianity as taught in the early assemblies and in some current assemblies as a continuation and fulfillment to the Torah. The prophets spoke of a new covenant, and there can be no new without something being old and or incomplete. I believe Yeshua is the fulfillment of what the prophets spoke of not because of the amount of people following but because He is the only one who could fulfill the prophets. So one G-d, one man, one religion is true. You may not agree but to those like me you are our elder brother and we serve the same G-d according to the revelation we have been given."