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The Second Woe Woe to you who speak lies and deceive, Woe to you who take the life of My sheep, Woe unto you who cause the innocent to bleed, You've drawn a sword against My church and My bride, And claim in My service you abide, How dare you speak such things... As I live says the Lord Almighty I will no longer tarry, And to My remnant and flock carry on, this struggle is but a moment on the edge of eternity. The strike of My sword will be swift , and to all who stand against Me I will erase you like mist, and from the face of the earth I will wipe you away. I shall make you less than endangered, and your corrupted wombs are not worthy for less than a manger, and your children to birth shall forever be strangers. Inflated by pride... It was I.....not you who gave the sun it's light and My earth My life. My words will forever be faithful...by My Name you will die... REPENT NOW! or continue in lie!