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It's to you Babylon that that I speak, your borders stretched wide from sea to sea , Though you've been blessed, you remain far from your knees, your heart and your mouth disagree with each other, you refuse to put down the sword, and cause death to fathers, brothers, and sons, your battles are futile, and to mammon you run, Your leaders are blind and they lead the blind, open your eyes and find your eagle is sick, consorting with dark in false divination tricks, you shepherds made of lies will lie your last to My flock, you refuse My Truth and remain set in your walk, so I have set my face against you, you who lead to death, you oath by My strength and My Name, but seek Me not nor My rest ,your hope lay in vain, as I live says the Lord," because you have exhaulted yourself above Me, I will rip from you all you have and leave you nothing!"