Reform Judaism

The Reform Jewish movement maintains that Judaism and Jewish traditions should be modernized and compatible with participation in the surrounding culture. Many branches of Reform Judaism hold that Jewish law should be interpreted as a set of general guidelines rather than as a list of restrictions whose literal observance is required of all Jews. Similar movements that are also occasionally called "Reform" include the Israeli Progressive Movem... View more

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The Nazi's Table

A mother leaves Prague in a cattle car; her son returns there as a Sabbath-observant, US ambassador.

On Yom Kippur: Criminal justice reform for a new year

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Israel Moment #26 The Jews are the Racists

Subtitles in English, with Spanish coming soon. Full transcript available at _____...

Hariu (Janowski): Beverley Chiat

Hariu - Psalm 100 (Max Janowski): Beverley Chiat (Soprano Vocal Trio: Thesele Kemane, Beverley Chiat, Katherine Moon, Leanne Jacobson & Albert Comb...

Jewish Meditation - Episode I (Part 2 of 4)

Jewish chanting and song recorded at Meditation Retreats in Sonoma County Calif. with scholar-in-residence Rabbi Ethan Franzel of Main Line Reform ...

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