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Rejoice and Be Happy – II

I related in my previous post of this title, how the video I watched of Sister Sharon led me to experience this wonderful powerful energy.   But although I connected with this energy frequently, I could not say it came from within me.   I thought of the phrase, and when I recalled the words, said them, I felt its energy.

In the meantime, I have watched other videos of spiritualists with strong positive energy, especially Valerie Love.   She explains that her power comes from being sustained by the love of God within her, which I noted in a previous post after I adopted that affirmation, changing God to Buddha.

More recently I watched one of her videos in which she explained that all of her feeling of abundance also comes from her being sustained by the love of God within her.   It’s not money, or things, or other people that give her the feeling of abundance and power.

When you watch her, if you are open, you cannot help but absorb some of her positive energy.   And as I have sat with that, she has helped me see the light of life.

And so this morning when I woke up, I said, “rejoice and be happy.”  It came deep from within.   Whatever problems I had been struggling with, projects I was attempting to get off the ground, they were all placed in a different perspective.   I knew as I have known before that I have everything inside myself to be at peace and happy.   But now, sustained by the love of my Buddha nature inside me, and aware of the abundance I experience because of that love, I was able to truly rejoice and be happy.

To say that it changed my day is an understatement. It is a blessing to be at peace, to not be plagued by the mind, to not have one’s buttons pushed, to accept and have faith.   But to be joyful and happy at the same time, that is a true gift.

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