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Faith is not mere belief, so what is it? Definition is not in a dictionary on purpose I suppose

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Yes faith, that is a hard word to grasp, it seems self evident that our faith is important, but what is faith, a sort of watered down belief. not very convicting or is just assumptions that you can believe anything. when we thinking faith what the reason we are doing so, it is not a reason that can be given, it it not a knowledge that points to a fact that which faith can be said to over shadow one's mind but not be in it?, but maybe its a path way up to and through the knowledge of certain facts but a living faith can be lived and experience. so here is what i gathered that concludes what faith is not. faith is not belief, faith is not confidence, faith is not words, faith is not a process like science or religion for that matter. even a scientist needs faith, and of course a religionists who is genuine needs to have faith. I by the way have poor penmanship because of the lack of discipline in writing, but it has nothing to do with my faith in finishing this sentence only its a reflection on my poor grammar and writing skills.