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Religion in the News Week ending Sep. 20, 2015

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Priest Builds a Vatican Made Entirely of Legos to Commemorates Pope’s Visit Rev. Bob Simon spent 10 months building a model of the Vatican and everything about it is awesome. The structure is on display at The Franklin Institute. Nearly half-a-million Legos went into the model’s construction. Check out the Lego Vatican here. Three Actions We Can All Take to Fight Against Islamophobia With the recent arrest of 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks making news headlines, Islamophobia has become a rampant sentiment. Learn how to combat the stereotypes and misconceptions with these three tips. The Pope’s Dark Night of the Soul In anticipation of his stateside arrival, CNN published a rawly candid in-depth feature on Pope Francis. Read about the pope’s life before the papacy with this intimate, interactive story. Saudi Businessman Donates 10 Million to Create Islamic Law Center at Yale In hopes of creating the country’s top center for the study of Islamic law, Saudi businessman Abdallah S. Kamel has donated $10 million to Yale Law School for as seed money. While Kamel is optimistic about the center and its success, it remains to be see how seriously the faculty will take Islamic law. Read the full story on Huffington Post. Archbishop of Canterbury to Host Syrian Refugees at Official London Residence Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has offers up his cottage at Lambeth Palace for “a family or two” after a similar announcement of refuge from the Catholic church. The archbishop welcomed prospective refugees, saying “Jesus was a refugee”. Read the full story at The Guardian.