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Rig-Veda Book 1 Hymn CXVII. Avins., Rig Veda

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Rig Veda, tr. by Ralph T.H. Griffith, [1896] 1. AŚVINS, your ancient priest invites you hither to gladden you with draughts of meath of Soma. Our gift is on the grass, our song apportioned: with food and strength come hither, O Nāsatyas. 2 That car of yours, swifter than thought, O Aśvins, which drawn by brave steeds cometh to the people, Whereon ye seek the dwelling of the pious,—come ye thereon to our abode, O Heroes. 3 Ye freed sage Atri, whom the Five Tribes honoured, from the strait pit, ye Heroes with his people, Baffling the guiles of the malignant Dasyu, repelling them, ye Mighty in succession. 4 Rebha the sage, ye mighty Heroes, Aśvins! whom, like a horse, vile men had sunk in water,— Him, wounded, with your wondrous power ye rescued: your exploits of old time endure for ever. 5 Ye brought forth Vandana, ye Wonder-Workers, for triumph, like fair gold that hath been buried, Like one who slumbered in destruction's bosom, or like the Sun when dwelling in the darkness. 6 Kakṣīvān, Pajra's son, must laud that exploit of yours, Nāsatyas, Heroes, ye who wander! When from the hoof of your strong horse ye showered a hundred jars of honey for the people. 7 To Kṛṣṇa's son, to Viśvaka who praised you, O Heroes, ye restored his son Viṣṇāpū. To Ghoṣā, living in her father's dwelling, stricken in years, ye gave a husband, Aśvins. 8 Ruṣatī, of the mighty people, Aśvins, ye gave to Śyāva of the line of Kaṇva. This deed of yours, ye Strong Ones should be published, that ye gave glory to the son of Nṛṣad. 9 O Aśvins, wearing many forms at pleasure, on Pedu ye bestowed a fleet-foot courser, Strong, winner of a thousand spoils, resistless the serpent slayer, glorious, triumphant. 10 These glorious things are yours, ye Bounteous Givers; prayer, praise in both worlds are your habitation. O Aśvins, when the sons of Pajra call you, send strength with nourishment to him who knoweth. 11 Hymned with the reverence of a son, O Aśvins ye Swift Ones giving booty to the singer, Glorified by Agastya with devotion, established Viśpalā again, Nāsatyas. 12 Ye Sons of Heaven, ye Mighty, whither went ye, sought ye, for his fair praise the home of Kāvya. When, like a pitcher full of gold, O Aśvins, on the tenth day ye lifted up the buried? 13 Ye with the aid of your great powers, O Aśvins, restored to youth the ancient man Cyavāna. The Daughter of the Sun with all her glory, O ye Nāsatyas, chose your car to bear her. 14 Ye, ever-youthful Ones, again remembered Tugra, according to your ancient manner: With horses brown of hue that flew with swift wings ye brought back Bhujyu from the sea of billows. 15 The son of Tugra had invoked you, Aśvins; borne on he went uninjured through the ocean. Ye with your chariot swift as thought, well-harnessed, carried him off, O Mighty Ones, to safety. 16 The quail had invocated you, O Aśvins, when from the wolf's devouring jaws ye freed her. With conquering car ye cleft the mountain's ridges: the offspring of Viśvāc ye killed with poison. 17 He whom for furnishing a hundred wethers to the she-wolf, his wicked father blinded,— To him, Ṛjrāśva, gave ye eyes, O Aśvins; light to the blind ye sent for perfect vision. 18 To bring the blind man joy thus cried the she-wolf: O Aśvins, O ye Mighty Ones, O Heroes, For me Ṛjrāśva, like a youthful lover, hath. cut piecemeal one and a hundred wethers. 19 Great and weal-giving is your aid, O Aśvins, ye, objects of all thought, made whole the cripple. Purandhi also for this cause invoked you, and ye, O mighty, came to her with succours. 20 Ye, Wonder-Workers, filled with milk for Śayu the milkless cow, emaciated, barren; And by your powers the child of Purumitra ye brought to Vimada to be his consort. 21 Ploughing and sowing barley, O ye Aśvins, milking out food for men, ye Wonder-Workers, Blasting away the Dasyu with your trumpet, ye gave far-spreading light unto the Ārya. 22 Ye brought the horse's head, Aśvins, and gave it unto Dadhyac the offspring of Atharvan. True, he revealed to you, O Wonder-Workers, sweet Soma, Tvaṣṭar's secret, as your girdle. 23 O Sages, evermore I crave your favour: be gracious unto all my prayers, O Aśvins. Grant me, Nāsatyas, riches in abundance, wealth famous and accompanied with children. 24 With liberal bounty to the weakling's consorts ye, Heroes, gave a son Hiraṇyahasta; And Śyāva, cut into three several pieces, ye brought to life again, O bounteous Aśvins. 25 These your heroic exploits, O ye Aśvins, done in the days. of old, have men related. May we, addressing prayer to you, ye Mighty, speak with brave sons about us to the synod.

Table of Contents

Hymn I. Agni.
Hymn Ii. Vyu.
Hymn Iii. Avins
Hymn Iv. Indra
Hymn V. Indra.
Hymn Vi. Indra.
Hymn Vii. Indra.
Hymn Viii. Indra.
Hymn Ix. Indra.
Hymn X. Indra.
Hymn Xi. Indra.
Hymn Xii. Agni.
Hymn Xiii. Agni
Hymn Xiv. Vivedevas.
Hymn Xv. Tu.
Hymn Xvi. Indra.
Hymn Xvii. Indra-Varua
Hymn Xviii. Brahmaaspati.
Hymn Xix. Agni, Maruts.
Hymn Xx. Bhus.
Hymn Xxi. Indra-Agni.
Hymn Xxii. Avins And Others
Hymn Xxiii. Vyu And Others.
Hymn Xxiv. Varua And Others.
Hymn Xxv. Varua.
Hymn Xxvi. Agni.
Hymn Xxvii. Agni.
Hymn Xxviii. Indra, Etc.
Hymn Xxix. Indra.
Hymn Xxx. Indra.
Hymn Xxxi. Agni.
Hymn Xxxii. Indra.
Hymn Xxxiii. Indra.
Hymn Xxxiv. Avins.
Hymn Xxxv. Savitar.
Hymn Xxxvi. Agni.
Hymn Xxxvii. Maruts.
Hymn Xxxviii. Maruts.
Hymn Xxxix Maruts.
Hymn Xl. Brahmaaspati
Hymn Xli. Varua, Mitra, Aryaman.
Hymn Xlii. Pan.
Hymn Xliii. Rudra.
Hymn Xliv. Agni.
Hymn Xlv. Agni.
Hymn Xlvi. Avins.
Hymn Xlvii. Avins.
Hymn Xlviii. Dawn.
Hymn Xlix. Dawn.
Hymn L. Srya.
Hymn Li. Indra.
Hymn Lii. Indra.
Hymn Liii. Indra.
Hymn Liv. Indra.
Hymn Lv. Indra.
Hymn Lvi. Indra.
Hymn Lvii. Indra.
Hymn Lviii. Agni.
Hymn Lix. Agni.
Hymn Lx. Agni.
Hymn Lxi. Indra.
Hymn Lxii. Indra.
Hymn Lxiii. Indra.
Hymn Lxiv. Maruts.
Hymn Lxv. Agni.
Hymn Lxvi. Agni.
Hymn Lxvii. Agni.
Hymn Lxviii. Agni.
Hymn Lxix. Agni.
Hymn Lxx. Agni.
Hymn Lxxi. Agni.
Hymn Lxxii. Agni.
Hymn Lxxiii. Agni.
Hymn Lxxiv. Agni.
Hymn Lxxv. Agni.
Hymn Lxxvi. Agni.
Hymn Lxxvii. Agni.
Hymn Lxxviii. Agni.
Hymn Lxxix. Agni.
Hymn Lxxx. Indra.
Hymn Lxxxi. Indra.
Hymn Lxxxii. Indra.
Hymn Lxxxiii. Indra.
Hymn Lxxxiv. Indra.
Hymn Lxxxv. Maruts.
Hymn Lxxxvi. Maruts.
Hymn Lxxxvii. Maruts.
Hymn Lxxxviii. Maruts.
Hymn Lxxxix. Vivedevas.
Hymn Xc. Vivedevas.
Hymn Xci. Soma.
Hymn Xcii. Dawn.
Hymn Xciii. Agni-Soma.
Hymn Xciv. Agni
Hymn Xcv. Agni
Hymn Xcvi. Agni.
Hymn Xcvii. Agni.
Hymn Xcviii. Agni.
Hymn Xcix. Agni.
Hymn C. Indra.
Hymn Ci. Indra.
Hymn Cii. Indra.
Hymn Ciii. Indra.
Hymn Civ. Indra.
Hymn Cv. Vivedevas.
Hymn Cvi. Vivedevas.
Hymn Cvii. Vivedevas.
Hymn Cviii. Indra-Agni.
Hymn Cix. Indra-Agni.
Hymn Cx. Bhus.
Hymn Cxi. Bhus.
Hymn Cxii. Avins.
Hymn Cxiii. Dawn.
Hymn Cxiv. Rudra.
Hymn Cxv. Srya.
Hymn Cxvi. Avins.
Hymn Cxvii. Avins.
Hymn Cxviii. Avins.
Hymn Cxix. Avins.
Hymn Cxx. Avins.
Hymn Cxxi. Indra.
Hymn Cxxii Vivedevas.
Hymn Cxxiii. Dawn.
Hymn Cxxiv. Dawn.
Hymn Cxxv. Svanaya.
Hymn Cxxvi. Bhvayavya.
Hymn Cxxvii Agni.
Hymn Cxxviii. Agni.
Hymn Cxxix Indra.
Hymn Cxxx. Indra.
Hymn Cxxxi. Indra.
Hymn Cxxxii. Indra.
Hymn Cxxxiii. Indra.
Hymn Cxxxiv. Vyu.
Hymn Cxxxv. Vyu, Indra-Vyu.
Hymn Cxxxvi. Mitra-Varua.
Hymn Cxxxvii. Mitra-Varua.
Hymn Cxxxviii. Pan.
Hymn Cxxxix. Vivedevas.
Hymn Cxl. Agni.
Hymn Cxli. Agni.
Hymn Cxlii. Prs.
Hymn Cxliii. Agni.
Hymn Cxliv. Agni.
Hymn Cxlv. Agni.
Hymn Cxlvi. Agni.
Hymn Cxlvii. Agni.
Hymn Cxlviii. Agni.
Hymn Cxlix. Agni.
Hymn Cl. Agni.
Hymn Cli. Mitra And Varua
Hymn Clii. Mitra-Varua.
Hymn Cliii. Mitra-Varua.
Hymn Cliv. Viu
Hymn Clv. Viu-Indra.
Hymn Clvi. Viu
Hymn Clvii. Avins.
Hymn Clviii. Avins.
Hymn Clix. Heaven And Earth.
Hymn Clx. Heaven And Earth.
Hymn Clxi. Bhus.
Hymn Clxii. The Horse.
Hymn Clxiii. The Horse.
Hymn Clxiv. Vivedevas.
Hymn Clxv. Indra. Maruts.
Hymn Clxvi. Maruts.
Hymn Clxvii. Indra. Maruts.
Hymn Clxviii. Maruts.
Hymn Clxix. Indra.
Hymn Clxx. Indra. Maruts.
Hymn Clxxi. Maruts.
Hymn Clxxii. Maruts.
Hymn Clxxiii. Indra.
Hymn Clxxiv. Indra.
Hymn Clxxv. Indra.
Hymn Clxxvi. Indra.
Hymn Clxxvii. Indra.
Hymn Clxxviii. Indra.
Hymn Clxxix. Rati.
Hymn Clxxx. Avins.
Hymn Clxxxi. Avins
Hymn Clxxxii. Avins.
Hymn Clxxxiii. Avins.
Hymn Clxxxiv. Avins.
Hymn Clxxxv. Heaven And Earth.
Hymn Clxxxvi. Vivedevas.
Hymn Clxxxvii. Praise Of Food.
Hymn Clxxxviii. Prs.
Hymn Clxxxix. Agni.
Hymn Cxc. Bhaspati.
Hymn Cxci. Water. Grass. Sun.