Lakshmi Puja , Bairiya Patna , Bihar


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1 srinivasa v = "All the divine qualities of humanity is named in Feminine formLove, pleasant, graceful, compassionate, mercy, kind, humble, Generous etc. These are the only Gunaas - qualities which saves humanity and can find in all creatures.Therefore one who is having even one or two of these good qualities are blessed and liked by God and His concert named as Lakshmi. By surrendering God unconditionally we can get the grace of God unconditionally and permanently. This concept is called Saranaagathi and very much preached and practiced by great Guru Sri Ramanujacharya Who's 1000th birth day is approaching in the year 2017.We trust in God. Let us worship our own and respect allServe all beings as service to GodTo know more about please visit www.chinnajeeyar.orgThanksSrinivasa Iyengar Venkatesan"