Kingdom Paradox... Not Really - Matthew 19:16-26

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1 Cary W = "He is truly not of this world or its ways, and so everything He taught and commanded is a paradox and contrary to how the world works, thinks and behaves.  Only someone born again into Christ as His Identity can even understand His Kingdom and its principals.  To deny oneself and sell all we have is to obtain everything, because all you have left then is God Himself.  If God being generous giving His only Son for us, will He not also give us all things?"
2 Cary W = "I think Jesus wanted to know the extent of this man's faith in God and His Son, to see if he KNEW who Jesus really is.  That is why He said only God is good, man cannot be, but Jesus is the goodness of God.  Can you see Me as I really am?"
3 Cary W = "There is a huge difference between good deeds and good people.  They don't always exist together in the same instant.  All of our good deeds from good people are tainted with even one evil, so therefore only God is good.  As we look to Him for our goodness, He transforms our unseemly parts into good character and performs the needed good as He best sees fit.  Even our own idea of goodness does not always reflect His idea of goodness."