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1 James Oppenheimer = "Literalist - oriented analysis of scripture almost always gives the appearance of simple, total authority. It is a shame that it almost always risks getting stuff terribly wrong.  This entire sermon is terribly wrong-headed, and nothing will ever convince the true believers of this. Hell is not a place because hell doesn't exist, so far as that place of eternal torment for all those who miss the mark is concerned."
2 James Oppenheimer = "Verses 23, 24 and 25 of whom?"
3 James Oppenheimer = "If the pastor says that hell is locked from the inside, I doubt that such an idea is scriptural.  All references to hell see it as a place in which the person is trapped, not one in which they can leave if they wish."
4 James Oppenheimer = ""I'm quoting the words of Jesus. I'm quoting the Word <pause> of <pause> God."Well, no.  The pastor is quoting the gospel account of Jesus, written down decades after Jesus' execution. It is far more likely that the gospel account is an expression of the writer's opinion than anything more.The writer was obviously wise and at times probably even inspired. But if you read a bit further, you find the writer also says that it is the will of God that not one of the least of his children be lost.Hell, therefore. would be nothing less than utterly contrary to the will of God, who is always ready to pardon, always ready to forgive."
5 James Oppenheimer = ""You remember everything. Psychologists tell us we never forget anything."  Intriguing how psychologists are such an authority when it suits, and they know nothing when it suits. Just fascinating, how people just arrange things to suit their own purposes.The pastor preaching from Matt 25, seems oblivious to the statement there that we are saved by doing good deeds, condemned by not doing good deeds. Matt 25 is something the literalists ought to stay away from, since it defeats their contentions of how to be saved."
6 John Alan Shope = "As a Southern Baptist minister, I understand where Adrian Rodgers is coming from, God rest his soul. I believe he was sincere. I've used many of his phrases and stories. But I can no longer accept his theology. It focuses on certain parts of the Bible but ignore others. It fails to see that the Bible is both human and divine...a mixture of both truth and error, which the Holy Spirit must help us discern between.When I stand before God, I prefer God to say "You took my words about love, grace and mercy too far," than to say "You judged, excluded, condemned, and made Me out to be a wrathful monster, who created a world where most of My children will suffer forever. You replaced my Spirit with a book, to simplify and justify your self-centered and arrogant worldview." "
7 Cary W = "I have never understood why some preachers focus so much on sin and hell, when it was for those things Christ came to undo and destroy their sway and power.  The message should be one of responsibility for how we live and that we all, believers and unbelievers, shall reap what we sow.  The message of Christ is one of returning our focus on the one who not only is our righteousness but also our Redeemer."
8 angela h = "Christ, Himself preached more on hell than the kingdom of God. His aim was to keep people from going there. If we never talk about or understand what sin and hell are, we will never fully appreciate what Christ has done for us.This is the only thing that will get through to some lost souls. Jude 1:23 says: "And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh."Now this particular preacher, Adrian Rogers, is know as the "preacher to the preachers". Many, many of his sermons and teachings are about building one another up and discipleship. In each sermon, he offers the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the way out of hell and sin."