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1 Sara Di Diego = "Away in a Manger was originally written by Martin Luther.  Pastor Tim Lucas references him as "the father of the great Reformation". Martin Luther was a monk and the first person to challenge the Roman Catholic Church's practices.  One of the biggest things Luther disagreed with was the idea of Communion.  Luther disagreed with the Roman Catholic Church's view that partaking the bread and wine made the items turn into Jesus' actual flesh and blood.  He believed that Jesus' flesh and blood were "in, with, and under" the bread and wine, but that the two items were not completely transformed into flesh and blood during the ceremony.Away in a Manger was the first Protestant hymn, and can show the differing ideologies of the two sects of Christianity at that time in history.  Note how this hymn was the first that viewed Jesus' body in a different light."
2 Sara Di Diego = "Pastor Tim Lucas' discussion on how different parts of the world view Jesus in a different form is reflected in the Bible.  Christians who are persecuted and captive must believe in a strong God or a Kurios Jesus in order to survive, such as ones in China or Russia.  The majority of Psalms were ones that took place during a time the author and/or Israel was under captivity or finally being freed.  They paint a picture of a strong, relentless God who crushes all enemies.But Pastor Lucas points to the overused idea in modern America in which Jesus is mainly described as a baby Jesus, one that cannot interfere much in regulating Christian lives.  This is similar to points in the Old Testament, especially Kings, when people in power believed that God was not strong to punish them for their repeated sins.  There is a cycle in the Old Testament in which the Israelites would turn to sexual immorality due to their disregard of the strength of their God."