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My banner and why i fly it.

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Some may wonder why I would use the "swastika" as a banner. Considering my view for love and peace for all forms of life. A symbol used as a banner for mutch hatred and vile deeds. For intact this is a Swastika, witch symbols piece and love. Of harmony or the sun and moon depending on it position. But due to vile deeds of man is tarnished by historic acts. Much like religion is vilified by atheist due to contradictions and ugliness in "scared texts". Much like mans meddling in religious text the Swastika is also tainted my mans actions. So i will fly it high in double symbolism of love and and mans defielment of god. Tbe one i fly reposents the sun if I'm not mistaken.

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1 Shawn Bose = "Indeed the Swastika predates its perverted use by Hitler and the Nazi party in the 20th century. It is dated to be extant as early as 12,000 years ago and was found in Ancient India and Eurasia/Greece.  It is indeed still in use today in much of the subcontinent as a religious symbol of great importance.  This is one of the main reasons religious literacy is indeed so important - something associated with harmony and love can so easily be misinterpreted by not knowing its true origins.  When I was young my father used to wear a gold one which was a family heirloom, however it is important to be sensitive to the cultural norms where one lives so instead it now remains in our family shrine in their house.  Below is an example of how this symbol is seen today alongside other religious symbols in India:"