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The Biblical Ability To Choose

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Every moment of every day, we are privileged to be able to choose our thoughts, and thereby experience their subsequent actions. Because our minds generalize experiences and information in the capacity in which it does, it becomes habitual to think a certain way. These “old habits”, are said to “die slowly”, which is a commonly accepted view point. In fact, because this theory is so widely accepted, it is the experience of most people. Have you ever tried to break an old habit? For some, it was just “too difficult”, ending in relapse, while others seemed to experience an effortless liberation experience. The chemicals that are released in association with the activity in your mind that you experience while exercising this right to choose your thoughts are addictive. Because of the Human or red tendency to give in to the Freudian theory of the ID – which acts according to the pleasure principal; we subconsciously create situations and circumstances around us to induce these chemicals. We then develop a tolerance for the chemicals, therefore require larger and/or more frequent dosage. Every single Human being has this tendency coursing through their veins, however, not all fall or stay victim to it. Remember the “Fall of man”, when suddenly things that should not have mattered, suddenly took overwhelming precedence over the most important things in life? Many of you reading this are still victim to this today. The Good News, is that you don’t have to remain there. This is what Moses is trying to tell is with this story. Take a moment and think about how busy you are throughout your day, in comparison to how much you accomplished, and how you feel about your “position” in life. Most people, (even if they don’t want to admit it) would say that they feel like there is never enough time in the day to complete the work for that day, and never enough money coming in to live “comfortably”. If you are fortunate enough to get a total of two weeks to yourself in a year, you’ve spent 2,000 hours, that you can never get back, wasting energy doing something you don’t really enjoy, at a place that places a dollar amount most likely significantly less than your true value on your time and efforts. All to “enable” you to “enjoy” those 14 days to yourself. That’s not the way we were created to operate! This is the picture that Moses is drawing for us! Having been made in the likeness and in the image of God, we are Heavenly (Astral, Cosmic, Spiritual, etc.) beings in a physical “dust of the earth” body. The physical body presents perceived limitations. These perceptions are reinforced by the society that we live in. Our attention is systematically focused on external experiences. There is always something, somewhere to do; and if all else fails, you can pretend to be living an amazing life on Social Media. We forget that what we feed, grows and develops, and what we starve, eventually becomes dormant. By feeding whatever distraction you choose to participate in, your innate Spiritual consciousness lays dormant, hidden away in the recesses of your mind, anxiously awaiting you to reconnect with it. That pull that you feel; that restlessness that pervades your life, the desire for more, and the frustration of stagnation; all point to your Spiritual being awakening, and your beginning to put the pieces back together. The longer that you remain preoccupied with external stimuli, the more your appetite for it increases. You are feeding something, the question is – what? In Matthew 12:43, Jesus was teaching about the unclean spirit, who leaves out of a man, only to return to find the man “clean”, so the unclean spirit then leaves again, and returns with seven greater than he, in order to “overtake” the man. This “original” unclean spirit distracts the man with these other, “worse” unclean spirits, in a last-ditch effort to remain in authority. Why? The man had “cleansed” himself. When the unclean spirit went out from him, he expected to be able to return “home”. However, when the spirit returned, and found that this (intentionally nameless) individual had cleaned up his act, he was not a happy camper. So, why not go get seven huge distractions to totally throw this individual for a loop? This way, the person is so busy dealing with either feeding or starving these seven distractions, (whom undoubtedly would repeat the same process, bringing in seven additional distractions and so on) that the original issue can remain active, fed, alive, and left to it’s own devices. Sine this happens on a subconscious level, we are unaware that it is even happening. We simply exist in our creations, meandering through life for the most part, living within these confines that we have established for ourselves. However, we were created to be more, to do more, to experience life, by connecting with the Divine within us all. How do we do this? We exercise our right to choose. We make the conscious effort to establish a strong foundational understanding of ourselves as Spiritual beings confined to these physical bodies. We embrace the truth about ourselves, that we are all made in the likeness and in the image of God, and we focus our attention to the things inward, for that is where the Creator dwells. It is of no coincidence that both “Calvary” and “Golgotha” translate back to English as “Skull”. Jesus, (Salvation) was crucified, and cursed – hanging from a tree, the example for all people; whom as the story goes rose on the 3rd day, and ascended into the Heavens, or the higher levels of consciousness that is the mind. He was cursed, buried deep within the tomb, and rose again, this time present in the Astral body, for those who seek His counsel. What’s more, Jesus plainly stated, that the things that we witnessed in Him, we can do – and greater, if we could just harness the Truth. Our worlds begin, and end, in the mind. By tuning your focus inward, you open the lines of communication with the divine, and therefore tap into the limitless potential that you were born with. It is with turning your attention to the Divine within, that you begin to not just notice, but to feel or experience the divine interconnectivity with all living beings, and as such, you will begin to rediscover your position here in life. It is by turning your attention inward, and elevating your consciousness, that you realize that any limiting belief that you thought you held, is simply a figment of your imagination, and with persistence, and dedication, can be a distant memory, filed away in the archives of obstacles you’ve overcome along this journey.