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The Requirements of Obedience

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The Requirements of Obedience Obedience can be defined as doing what God says, how he says, and when He says to do it. All three of these aspects are required, or it’s disobedience. To intentionally ignore what the Lord says and do what we desire in the way we want and according to our time schedule is outright rebellion. In essence we are telling Him that our way is better, and we want control of our lives. Now we might try to excuse our deliberate disobedience by claiming it was just a mistake, but in reality, we are rebelling against almighty God. Life at its best is only found in obedience to the Lord. He created us, loves us, and knows exactly how we should live and what we should do. Therefore to turn our backs on His plans for our lives is equivalent to rejecting the best He could possibly give us. The wisest thing we can do is to submit to the Lord and learn what is required to live in obedience to Him.

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1 Sarah R = "Sin is not just doing something that we shouldn't do. Sin is also NOT doing something that God has asked us to do. "
2 Sarah R = "When a father tells a child not to touch the stove, he knows that it is for the child's good. If the child were to touch the stove, he might get burned. As the father knows more than the child, he is able to give this warning, and the child who trusts his father will obey.Likewise, our heavenly Father knows so much more than we ever can. When He tells us to do or not to do something, it is because He knows what is for our own good. If we trust God, we will obey Him."
3 Sarah R = "Obedience is easy when we live in trust and faith. If we have trust in God, and believe that He knows what is best, then it is easy to follow Him at His word."