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Speak the Truth but Beware

Spiritually it is a good thing to speak the truth.  So often we are afraid to speak the truth because of the negative impact it will have on us, the backlash we will feel from those who don’t want to hear or face the truth.  But if it is an important truth, it must be spoken for you to move past the pain the incident causes you.

But beware.  As with all things that come from the heart and are pure, speaking the truth can be commandeered by the ego-mind and turned into something which rather than releases your pain causes you suffering,  When the ego-mind grabs ahold of the truth, it can become an act of revenge or anger, it can become an act of self-righteousness, an act of I’m better than you.  If speaking the truth becomes tainted with those emotions or feelings, then the spiritual value of speaking the truth is lost and instead you will experience suffering.  It will become toxic.

For example, in my book, How to Find Inner Peace, I discuss the importance of speaking the truth in the section on freeing oneself from anger and other negative emotions.  Part of the instruction on speaking the truth was that it must be spoken free of emotion.

Because the ego-mind almost always takes charge of this desire to speak the truth, doing it free of passion is challenging, unless one has freed oneself from the control of the ego-mind and have been able to say “no” to its guidance with consistency.  You can be spiritually advanced in many ways, and yet regarding core issues be very much under the control of your ego-mind.

If you find you are only able to speak the truth with anger or other negative emotion, then it’s best not to speak.  Speaking the truth with anger accomplishes none of the positive goals of speaking the truth, not for you nor the person you are speaking to.  It will just make a bad situation worse.

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