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Study Philippians with Me

In a world filled with far too much complaining and negativity, how refreshing it is to receive a letter filled with encouragement! As believers, we need regular encouragement to refresh us in our souls, and to give us renewed motivation to press on in the fight of faith! Paul’s letter to the Philippians is filled with truth that will encourage you in your walk with Christ and challenge you to live a life of joy in Christ no matter what your circumstances may bring.

Last October our church began a weekly broadcast on Moody Radio Cleveland entitled Delight in the Word, on which we aim to exalt Jesus Christ by exulting in the Word of God. Our first series is through the book of Philippians. Please consider joining me in this study of one of the most encouraging letters in the New Testament, and growing together in Christ as we delight in the Word.

Delight in the Word is also available on many popular podcast platforms.

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