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Not wanting to feel; life seemed unbearable at times. He continued through life, not knowing what was at stake. Has to hold things together, make believe life is fine; Not for his, but for those he referred to as his friend’s sake. Another beer, another shot it did not matter, Just pour another and keep on drinking. Everything sounded just like chatter. “I cannot drowned out this noise,” he was thinking The last one came, with a fearful awakening in a Hospital bed. Am I handcuffed? No! Phew, then others are not dead? Since age fourteen, a victim of this dreaded addiction; This middle aged man had received his third conviction. Three DUI’s later, It still had not gotten through; The message from above Of God’s great and merciful love. “Hard headed is this one,” Said the Spirit to his Creator, “How long will he grieve me?” Before I say, “see you later.” Get some money, spend it wisely, “I think I will buy a new car.” Where do you think his first stop was? But of course, his most frequented bar. He showed his acquaintances, Then he ordered another round. Celebrating with his buddies, Who now seemed to abound. Powerless over the bottle that enslaved him, He continued to drink like never before. It was after a fourth of July party That God again saved him, opening another door. God must have plans for him, with His patience running thin, “I will send him a tow truck driver,” He thought with a grin. Show him my grace and mercy my good and faithful child, We have to stop this heathen from running so wild. “Son, I know you have been drinking, It is apparent to me,” said the driver. “I also know that you need more help Than what this dreaded world has to offer.” The defeated drunk revealed his address, While admitting, “I have something to confess, I am a slave to this problem, which I cannot overcome; By the way I like this song, by who is it sung?” The driver spoke boldly and proceeded to proclaim, God’s great love, over the song “I Can Only Imagine “. There is no one else who can save you, cry out to Him, With utmost sincerity, that is where it will begin. Pour your heart out in confession He will shower you with His love; He is the one seated in Heaven, On His throne high above. At Four a.m. the man was on his knees, By the side of his bed; Praying for God, To help him, if He would, please! Thankful he was given, yet, another chance. God give him victory over his addictions, Then He told him there are a few restrictions. You must leave this dreadful life behind you; Doing what I teach you; this is what you must do. “You must walk in my ways, Putting me number one. You must also love others As I love you, my newly found son.” Three years later, this alcoholic Came to truly know Christ. With his life completely changing; So is his soon to be wife’s. His mother invited them to church one Saturday evening, They went, not knowing, God would be speaking to them. This time being sober, longer than ever before, The message of the Gospel he finally adored. All of God’s Ten Commandments He is guilty of transgressing. With deep conviction, after hearing the Good News, He humbled himself and stared in with confessing. Aware of his depravity, he knew he was lost; This future groom and bride to be Started their journey together you see. They were ready to follow Jesus at any cost. They accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, No longer doing time for their bad behavior. Guilty was their verdict, now they are set free, By the shed blood of Jesus, for He loves endlessly He got an education and tried several different careers, Not fitting in any, over all of these years. One day he has an urge to write; not knowing why. Once the realization set in, he started to cry. God wanted him to use his experiences To share God’s love and to reach out to others; Those lost souls who might one day Become his spiritual sisters and brothers. This might sound like a far-fetched story; But, it is the truth I am here to say. Because, I am the man, behind the scene Writing this poem, all for God’s wondrous Glory.