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A Concise Summary of the Bible - Part I: An Overview

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A Concise Summary of the Bible – Part I: An Overview By Rev. Brian A. Reed The Bible is a library of 66 books: 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament. “Testament” means “covenant” or “agreement”. The Old Testament tells about the Lord’s covenant with people which we broke (Jeremiah 11:7-8), leaving humanity under God’s curse because of our sins. The New Testament tells about the Lord’s provision of salvation through the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus. **God wrote the Bible over a period of about 1500 years, through at least 40 different human authors from different countries and using different languages, and still there is one central theme: _The holy Lord God is seeking a loving relationship with sinful humanity, that is only found through receiving Jesus as one’s Lord and Savior._** **__** A simple summary statement of the Old Testament is: _The Lord God created humanity to be in a covenant relationship with Him, but we rebelled._ A simple summary statement of the New Testament is: _Immanuel’s death and resurrection paid for the sins of all who will receive Him as Lord and Savior – pass it on!_ **__** A simple statement of the _relationship_ of the Old and New Testaments is: _The New Testament is founded upon and fulfills the Old Testament._ __ One third of the verses in the New Testament are either quotations of, or allusions to, verses in the Old Testament. Clearly the Lord wants us to read both the Old and the New!

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1 Sarah R = "Taken in part from "Here's Help for You to Study the Bible" unpublished Bilbe study, by Reverend Brian A. Reed. Used with permission by the author."
2 Sarah R = "See the other parts:Part II: The Old Testament: https://www.deily.org/text/a-concise-summary-of-the-bible-part-ii-the-old-testament Part III: The New Testament: https://www.deily.org/text/a-concise-summary-of-the-bible-part-iii-the-new-testament"
3 Sarah R = "This is an appropriate term for the two parts of the Bible as the Old Testament documents the old covenant that God established with His people, the Israelites, through the establishment of the law, and the New Testament documents the new covenant established when Jesus came and fulfilled the law as a sacrifice for sins."
4 Sarah Mangum = "Read more about the breaking of the covenant: https://www.deily.org/bible/kjv/jeremiah/11"
5 Sarah R = "See also Genesis 3."
6 Sarah R = "How amazing that one book could be written over so long with so many different authors and yet have one central message!! Only by the Holy Spirit's inspiration and guidance could this happen. The Bible is like a symphony, playing in harmony."
7 Sarah R = "Sometimes we as Christians fall into the trap of believing that we do not need to be familiar with the Old Testament because we are no longer under the law and it does not apply to us. However, without understanding the sacrificial system of the Old Testament we will not fully understand Jesus' sacrifice. Also, we see a lot of God's character and longing to interact with humanity in the Old Testament that is like looking into God's heart. The New Testament writers obviously thought it was important, considering how often they quoted the Old Testament."
8 angela h = "I believe that the Bible is the best commentary about the Bible. Over and over we see authors in the Bible offering explanations to other Bible author's work and, in many cases, their own previous work."