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A Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis

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To the Jewish People, to all Communities of Spirit, and to the World: A Rabbinic Letter on the Climate Crisis We come as Jews and rabbis with great respect for what scientists teach us – for as we understand their teaching, it is about the unfolding mystery of God’s Presence in the unfolding universe, and especially in the history and future of our planet. Although we accept scientific accounts of earth’s history, we continue to see it as God’s creation, and we celebrate the presence of the divine hand in every earthly creature. Yet in our generation, this wonder and this beauty have been desecrated -- not in one land alone but ‘round all the Earth. So in this crisis, even as we join all Earth in celebrating the Breath of Life that interweaves us all -- – \-- You sea-monsters and all deeps, Hallelu-Yah. Fire, hail, snow, and steam, Hallelu-Yah. 
Stormy wind to do God's word, Hallelu-Yah. Mountains high and tiny hills, Hallelu-Yah (Psalm 148) We know all Earth needs not only the joyful human voice but also the healing human hand. We are especially moved when the deepest, most ancient insights of Torah about healing the relationships of Earth and human earthlings, adamah and adam, are echoed in the findings of modern science. The texts of Torah that perhaps most directly address our present crisis ar Leviticus 25-26 and Deuteronomy 15. They call for one year of every seven to be Shabbat Shabbaton – a Sabbatical Year – and Shmittah – a Year of restful Release for the Earth and its workers from being made to work, and of Release for debtors from their debts. In Leviticus 26, the Torah warns us that if we refuse to let the Earth rest, it will “rest” anyway, despite us and upon us – through drought and famine and exile that turn an entire people into refugees. This ancient warning heard by one indigenous people in one slender land has now become a crisis of our planet as a whole and of the entire human species. Human behavior that overworks the Earth – especially the overburning of fossil fuels --- crests in a systemic planetary response that endangers human communities and many other life-forms as well. Already we see unprecedented floods, droughts, ice-melts, snowstorms, heat waves, typhoons, sea-level rises, and the expansion of disease-bearing insects from “tropical” zones into what used to be “temperate” regions. Leviticus 26 embodied. Scientific projections of the future make clear that even worse will happen if we continue with carbon-burning business as usual. As Jews, we ask the question whether the sources of traditional Jewish wisdom can offer guidance to our political efforts to prevent disaster and heal our relationship with the Earth. Our first and most basic wisdom is expressed in the Sh’ma and is underlined in the teaching that through Shekhinah the Divine presence dwells within as well as beyond the world. The Unity of all means not only that all life is interwoven, but also that an aspect of God’s Self partakes in the interwovenness. We acknowledge that for centuries, the attention of our people – driven into exile not only from our original land but made refugees from most lands thereafter so that they were bereft of physical or political connection and without any specific land – has turned away from this sense of interconnection of adam and adamah, toward the repair of social injustice. Because of this history, we were so much pre-occupied with our own survival that we could not turn attention to the deeper crisis of which our tradition had always been aware. But justice and earthiness cannot be disentangled. This is taught by our ancient texts – teaching that every seventh year be a Year of Release, Shmittah, Shabbat Shabbaton, in which there would be not only one year’s release of Earth from overwork, but also one year’s sharing by all in society of the Earth’s freely growing abundance, and one year’s release of debtors from their debts. Indeed, we are especially aware that this very year is, according to the ancient count, the Shmita Year. The unity of justice and Earth-healing is also taught by our experience today: The worsening inequality of wealth, income, and political power has two direct impacts on the climate crisis. On the one hand, great Carbon Corporations not only make their enormous profits from wounding the Earth, but then use these profits to purchase elections and to fund fake science to prevent the public from acting to heal the wounds. On the other hand, the poor in America and around the globe are the first and the worst to suffer from the typhoons, floods, droughts, and diseases brought on by climate chaos. So we call for a new sense of eco-social justice – a tikkun olam that includes tikkun tevel, the healing of our planet. We urge those who have been focusing on social justice to address the climate crisis, and those who have been focusing on the climate crisis to address social justice. Though as rabbis we are drawing on the specific practices by which our Torah makes eco-social justice possible, we recognize that in all cultures and all spiritual traditions there are teachings about the need for setting time and space aside for celebration, restfulness, reflection. Yet in modern history, we realize that for about 200 years, the most powerful institutions and cultures of the human species have refused to let the Earth or human earthlings have time or space for rest. By overburning carbon dioxide and methane into our planet's air, we have disturbed the sacred balance in which we breathe in what the trees breathe out, and the trees breathe in what we breathe out. The upshot: global scorching, climate crisis. The crisis is worsened by the spread of extreme extraction of fossil fuels that not only heats the planet as a whole but damages the regions directly affected. § Fracking shale rock for oil and “unnatural gas” poisons regional water supplies and induces the shipment of volatile explosive “bomb trains” around the country. § Coal burning not only imposes asthma on coal-plant neighborhoods – often the poorest and Blackest – but destroys the lovely mountains of West Virginia. § Extracting and pipe-lining Tar Sands threatens Native First nation communities in Canada and the USA, and endangers farmers and cowboys through whose lands the KXL Pipeline is intended to traverse.. § Drilling for oil deep into the Gulf and the Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound off the Pacific have already brought death to workers and to sea life and financial disasters upon nearby communities. Proposed oil drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic threaten worse. All of this is overworking Earth -- precisely what our Torah teaches we must not do. So now we must let our planet rest from overwork. For Biblical Israel, this was a central question in our relationship to the Holy One. And for us and for our children and their children, this is once again the central question of our lives and of our God. HOW? -- is the question we must answer. So here we turn from inherited wisdom to action in our present and our future. One way of addressing our own responsibility would be for households, congregations, denominations, federations, political action --- to Move Our Money from spending that helps these modern pharaohs burn our planet to spending that helps to heal it. For example, these actions might be both practical and effective: § Purchasing wind-born rather than coal-fired electricity to light our homes and synagogues and community centers; § Organizing our great Federations to offer grants and loans to every Jewish organization in their regions to solarize their buildings; § Shifting our bank accounts from banks that invest in deadly carbon-burning to community banks and credit unions that invest in local neighborhoods, especially those of poor, Black, and Hispanic communities; § Moving our endowment funds from supporting deadly Carbon to supporting stable, profitable, life-giving enterprises; § Insisting that our tax money go no longer to subsidizing enormously profitable Big Oil but instead to subsidizing the swift deployment of renewable energy -- as quickly in this emergency as our government moved in the emergency of the early 1940s to shift from manufacturing cars to making tanks. § Convincing our legislators to institute a system of carbon fees and public dividends that rewards our society for moving beyond the Carbon economy. These examples are simply that, and in the days and years to come, we may think of other approaches to accomplish these ecological ends. America is one of the most intense contributors to the climate crisis, and must therefore take special responsibility to act. Though we in America are already vulnerable to climate chaos, other countries are even more so –-- and Jewish caring must take that truth seriously. Israeli scientists, for example, report that if the world keeps doing carbon business as usual, the Negev desert will come to swallow up half the state of Israel, and sea-level rises will put much of Tel Aviv under water. Israel itself is too small to calm the wide world’s worsening heat. Israel’s innovative ingenuity for solar and wind power could help much of the world, but it will take American and other funding to help poor nations use the new-tech renewable energy created by Israeli and American innovators. We believe that there is both danger and hope in American society today, a danger and a hope that the American Jewish community, in concert with our sisters and brothers in other communities of Spirit, must address. The danger is that America is the largest contributor to the scorching of our planet. The hope is that over and over in our history, when our country faced the need for profound change, it has been our communities of moral commitment, religious covenant, and spiritual search that have arisen to meet the need. So it was fifty years ago during the Civil Rights movement, and so it must be today. As we live through this Shmittah Year, we are especially aware that Torah calls for Hak’heyl -- assembling the whole community of the People Israel during the Sukkot after the Shmittah year, to hear and recommit ourselves to the Torah’s central teachings. So we encourage Jews in all our communities to gather on the Sunday of Sukkot this year, October 4, 2015, to explore together our responsibilities toward the Earth and all humankind, in this generation. Our ancient earthy wisdom taught that social justice, sustainable abundance, a healthy Earth, and spiritual fulfillment are inseparable. Today we must hear that teaching in a world-wide context, drawing upon our unaccustomed ability to help shape public policy in a great nation. We call upon the Jewish people to meet God’s challenge once again. Signed: [Please note; at the end of the alphabetcal list there are a number of recent signers whom we have not yet had time to integrate into the alphabetical list. If you are looking for someone who is not on the alpha list, be sure to check the additional list.] Rabbi Jonathan AaronTemple Emanuel of Beverly HillsBeverly HillsCA Rabbi Susan AbramsonTemple Shalom EmethBurlingtonMA Rabbi Ruth AdarLehrhaus JudaicaSan LeandroCA Rabbi Howard Avruhm AddisonCong Melrose B'nai Israel Emanu ElPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi David AdelsonEast End TempleNew YorkNY Rabbi Alison AdlerTemple B'nai AbrahamBeverlyMA Rabbi Rachel AdlerHebrew Union CollegeLos AngelesCA Rabbi Aaron AlexanderIKARLos AngelesCA Rabbi Mona AlfiCongregation B'nai IsraelSacramentoCA Rabbi Katy AllenMa'yan Tikvah - A Wellspring of HopWaylandMA Rabbi Adam AllenbergHebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionSanta MonicaCA Rabbi Doug AlpertCongregation Kol Ami-Kansas CityKansas CityMO Rabbi Neil AmswychTemple Beth ShalomSanta FeNM Rabbi Aryeh AzrielTemple IsraelOmahaNE Rabbi Elan BabchuckTemple Emanu-ElProvidenceRI Rabbi Richard BackerOhalahNewtonMA Rabbi Chava BahleOr TzafonSuttons BayMI Rabbi Ethan BairTemple SinaiRenoNV Rabbi Lewis M BarthHebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of ReligionEncinoCA Rabbi Sarah BassinTemple Emanuel of Beverly HillsBeverly HillsCA Rabbi David Dunn BauerCongregation Beit Simchat TorahNew YorkNY Rabbi Birdie BeckerTemple Emanuel, PuebloCentennialCO Rabbi Lisa BellowsCongregation Beth AmBuffalo GroveIL Rabbi Gabriel Ben-OrGulfport Congregation Beth SholomwebsterFL Rabbi Karen BenderJewish Home of Los AngelesTarzanaCA Rabbi Allen BennettTemple Israel of Alameda, Rabbi EmeritusSan FranciscoCA Rabbi Tiferet BerenbaumCongregation Shir HadashMilwaukeeWI Rabbi Marc BerksonCongregation Emanu-El B'ne JeshurunMilwaukeeWI Rabbi Marjorie BermanReconstructionist Rabbinical CollegeClarks SummitPA Rabbi Phyllis BermanPnai Or-Philadelphia, Germantown Jewish Centre, Mishkan ShalomPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Ellen BernsteinShomrei AdamahHolyokeMA Rabbi Jonathan BiatchTemple Beth El, Madison, WisconsinMadisonWI Rabbi Brad BloomHilton HeadSC Rabbi Marc S BlumenthalReform JudaismLong BeachCA Rabbi Neil BlumofeCongregation Agudas AchimAustinTX Rabbi Elizabeth BoltonOr Haneshamah: Ottawa's Reconstructionist CommunityOttawaCanada Rabbi Jill BorodinCongregation Beth ShalomSeattleWA Rabbi Neal BorovitzRabbi Emeritus Temple Avodat Shalom River Edge NJNew York NYNY Rabbi Joshua BreindelTemple Anshe AmunimPittsfieldMA Rabbi Anne BrenerAcademy for Jewish ReligionLos AngelesCA Rabbi Cari Bricklin-SmallTemple Shir TikvahWInchesterMA Rabbi Caryn BroitmanMartha's Vineyard Hebrew CenterWest TisburyMA Rabbi Bruce Bromberg SeltzerAmherst College/Western New England UniversityNorthamptonMA Rabbi Deborah BronsteinCongregation Har HaShemBoulderCO Rabbi Lester BronsteinReconstructionist/ReformWhite PlainsNY Rabbi Sharon BrousIKARLos AngelesCA Rabbi Rachel BrownCongregation B'nai JacobPhoenixvillePA Rabbi Simcha Daniel BurstynCenter for Creative Ecology, Kibbutz LotanKibbutz LotanIsrael Rabbi Meredith CahnCommunity School for Jewish LearningPetalumaCA Rabbi NIna Beth CardinConservative MovementBaltimoreMD Rabbi Kenneth CarrCongregation Or AmiLafayette HillPA Rabbi Ken ChasenLeo Baeck TempleLos AngelesCA Rabbi Jordana Chernow-ReaderReformVenturaCA Rabbi Steven ChesterTemple Sinai, Oakland, Ca.OaklandCA Rabbi Paul CitrinTaos Jewish CenterAlbuquerqueNM Rabbi Aryeh CohenAmerican Jewish UniversityLos AngelesCA Rabbi Ayelet S. Cohen New YorkNY Rabbi Howard CohenBurning Bush AdventuresBenningtonVT Rabbi Malcolm CohenTemple Sinai, LasVeLas VegasNV Rabbi Michael M. CohenIsrael CongregationManchester CenterVT Rabbi Norman J. CohenHUC-JIRBriarcliff ManorNY Rabbi Sandra CohenRodef ShalomDenverCO Rabbi Andrea Cohen KienerAm Kolel SanctuaryBeallsvilleMD Rabbi Ayelet S. CohrnJCC ManhattanNew YorkNY Rabbi Mike CominsTorahTrekLos AngelesCA Rabbi David J. CooperKehilla Community Synagogue, Piedmont, CABerkeleyCA Rabbi Mychal CopelandInterfaithFamilyMountain ViewCA Rabbi Meryl CreanMishkan ShalomUpper GwyneddPA Rabbi Rogerio CukiermanYakarSao PauloBrazil Rabbi Robin DamskyWSTHZMelrose ParkIL Rabbi Julie DananCongregation Beth IsraelChicCA Rabbi Stanley DavidsTemple Emanu-El of Greater AtlantaSanta MonicaCA Rabbi Shoshanah DevorahCongregation Kol HaEmekUkiahCA Rabbi Elliot DorffAmerican Jewish University, rectorBeverly HillsCA Rabbi Doris DyenMakom HaLev minyanPittsburghPA Rabbi Laurence EdwardsCongregation Or Chadash (Emeritus)ChicagoIL Rabbi Lisa EdwardsBeth Chayim Chadashim (BCC)Los AngelesCA Rabbi Amy EilbergJay Phillips Center for Interfaith LearningMendota HeightsMN Rabbi Colin EimerSha'arei Tsedek North London Reform SynagogueLondonLON Rabbi Stephen EinsteinCongregation B'nai TzedekFountain ValleyCA Rabbi Efraim EisenPioneer Valley Jewish RenewalAmherstMA Rabbi Diane ElliotALEPHEl SobranteCA Rabbi Sue Levi ElwellSpiritual DirectorPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Cindy EngerCongregation Or ChadashChicagoIL Rabbi Lewis EronLions Gate CCRCCherry HillNJ Rabbi Ted FalconPaths to AwakeningSeattleWA Rabbi Josh FeigelsonHillel InternationalSkokieIL Rabbi Michael FeinbergGreater New York Labor-Religion CoalitionNew YorkNY Rabbi Sam FeinsmithOrot: Center for New Jewish LearningEvanstonIL Rabbi Fern FeldmanHavurat Ee ShalomSanta CruzCA Rabbi Michael FesslerRRCPoughkeepsieNY Rabbi Brian FieldJudaism Your WayDenverCO Rabbi Brian FinkJCC ManhattanBrooklynNY Rabbi Ari Lev FornariBoston-Area Jewish Education ProgramBostonMA Rabbi Jeff FoustSpiritual Life Center Bentley UniversityNewtonMA Rabbi Joshua FranklinTemple Beth Elohim, Wellesley, MAWellesleyMA Rabbi Jonathan FreirichTemple Beth ElCharlotteNC Rabbi Dayle FriedmanReform/ReconstructionistPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi John FriedmanJudea Reform CongregationDurhamNC Rabbi Shoshana Meira FriedmanJCDS of BostonJamaica PlainMA Rabbi Pamela FrydmanRenewalDaly CityCA Rabbi Stephen FuchsCongregation Beth IsraelWest HartfordCT Rabbi Roy FurmanDePaul UniversityChicagoIL Rabbi Laura GellerTempleEmanuel of Beverly HillsBeverly HIllsCA Rabbi Everett GendlerEmeritus, Temple Emanuel, Lowell, MAGreat Barrington, MA 01230MA Rabbi Bernard GersonCongregation Rodef ShalomDenverCO Rabbi Gary GersonOak Park Temple B'nai Abraham ZionRiver ForestIL Rabbi Gordon Gladstone, D.D.Emeritus, Temple Beth Am of Bayonne NJSpringfieldNJ Rabbi Bob GluckUniversity at AlbanyAlbanyNY Rabbi Laura GoldJewish Theological SeminaryNew YorkNY Rabbi Mark GoldfarbTemple Beth Ohr, URJLa MiradaCA Rabbi Megan GoldmanColumbia/Barnard HillelNew YorkNY Rabbi Jerrold GoldsteinSandra Caplan Community Bet DinSherman OaksCA Rabbi Seth GoldsteinTemple Beth HatfilohOlympiaWA Rabbi Marvin GoodmanNo. CA Board of RabbisFoster CityCA Rabbi Maralee GordonMcHenry County Jewish CongregationWoodstockIL Rabbi Samuel GordonCongregation Sukkat ShalomWilmetteIL Rabbi mel GottliebAcademy for Jewish Religion, Ca.los angelesCA Rabbi Andrea GouzeTemple Shaare TefilahProvidenceRI Rabbi Roberto GraetzTemple IsaiahWalnut CreekCA Rabbi Arthur GreenHebrew College rabbinical school, rectorNewtonMA Rabbi Irving Yitz GreenbergFounding President,Jewish LifeNetwork/Steinhardt Foundation (retired)BronxNY Rabbi Julie GreenbergCongregation Leyv Ha-Ir~Heart of the CityPhila.PA Rabbi Hillel GreeneGann AcademyJamaica PlainMA Rabbi Suzanne GriffelLomdim chavurahChicagoIL Rabbi Arthur Gross-SchaeferCommunity Shul of Montecito and Santa Barbara/Loyola Marymount UniversitySanta BarbaraCA Rabbi Bonny GroszThe Community Rabbi FoundationHerndonVA Rabbi Jill HammerAcademy for Jewish ReligionNew YorkNY Rabbi Richard HammermanRabbi Emeritus, Congregation B'nai Israel, Toms River, NJCaldwellNJ Rabbi Lev Herrnsonwww.RabbiLevH.comEast RockawayNY Rabbi Cecilia Herzfeld-SternSpiritual DirectorCarlsbadCA Rabbi Cynthia HoffmanAleph Alliance for Jewish RenewalFremontCA Rabbi Linda HoltzmanTikkun Olam ChavurahPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Heidi HooverTemple Beth Emeth v'Ohr Progressive Shaari ZedekBrooklynNY Rabbi David HorowitzTemple Israel, Akron, OH - rabbi emeritusAkronOH Rabbi Carla HowardJewish Healing Center Los AngelesLos AngelesCA Rabbi Jocee HudsonTemple Israel of HollywoodLos AngelesCA Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-HankinTemple Beth IsraelEugeneOR Rabbi Naomi HymanOHALAH: The Association for Jewish Renewal RabbisEastonMD Rabbi T'mimah IckovitsHolistic JewSanta MonicaCA Rabbi David IngberRomemu, NYCNew YorkNY Rabbi Shaya IsenbergAlephGainesvilleFL Rabbi Debbie IsraelCongregation EmethWatsonvilleCA Rabbi Daria Jacobs-VeldeZMANIMsebastopolCA Rabbi Joshua Jacobs-VeldeZMANIMSebastopolCA Rabbi Devorah JacobsonJewish Geriatric ServicesAmherstMA Rabbi Beth JanusJFCSPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Rachel JosephCongregation Beth IsraelPortlandOR Rabbi Raachel JurovicsYavneh: A Jewish Renewal CommunityRaleighNC Rabbi Bruce KaddenTemple Beth ElTacomaWA Rabbi David KaimanCongregation Bnai Israel Gainesville FloridaGainesvilleFL Rabbi Molly KarpTemple Beth El, Oneonta NYNew CityNY Rabbi Peter Kasdantemple Emanuel-El of West EssexLongboat KeyFL Rabbi Peg KershenbaumCongregation B'nai Harim of the PoconosPocono PinesPA Rabbi Stanley KesslerBethEl Temple/Emeritus/ W.Htfd CTw.htfdCT Rabbi Emma Kippley-OgmanBeth Jacob CongregationMendota HeightsMN Rabbi Daniel KirzaneBeth Haverim Shir ShalomBronxNY Rabbi Jonathan KleinCLUE: Clergy and Laity United for Economic JusticeLos AngelesCA Rabbi Lori KleinChadeish YameinuCapitolaCA Rabbi Malkah Binah KleinPennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light (PA IPL)PhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Richard KleinTemple Emanu-ElSarasotaFL Rabbi Sharon KleinbaumCongregation Beit Simchat TorahNYCNY Rabbi Jonathan KliglerLev Shalem Institute of the Woodstock Jewish CongregationWoodstockNY Rabbi David L KlineCongregation Beth Elohim, BrooklynBrooklynNY Rabbi Tracy KlirsTemple Israel, Charlotte, NCCharlotteNC Rabbi Myriam KlotzHUC-JIR/NYBala CynwydPA Rabbi Peter KnobelCentral Conference of American Rabbis, former presidentEvanstonIL Rabbi Debra KolodnyNehirimPortlandOR Rabbi Riqi KosovskeBeit Ahavah - Reform Synagogue of Greater NorthamptonFlorenceMA Rabbi Michael L. KramerReformHockessinDE Rabbi Joshua KullockWest End SynagogueNashvilleTN Rabbi Alan LachtmanTemple Beth DavidPasadenaCA Rabbi Howard LaibsonCongregation Shir Chadash, Lakewood, CASeal BeachCA Rabbi Michael Adam LatzShir Tikvah CongregationMinneapolisMN Rabbi Marty LawsonTemple Emanu-El, San Diego, CASan DiegoCA Rabbi Anson LaytnerSeattle UniversitySeattleWA Rabbi Darby LeighKerem ShalomConcordMA Rabbi Shoshana LeisCongregation Har ShalomFt CollinsCO Rabbi Michael LernerTikkun: A Jewish and Interfaith Critique of Politics, Culture and SocietyBerkeleyCA Rabbi Joshua Lesser5 Krog St NEAtlantaGA Rabbi Navah LevineTemple Beth AbrahamCantonMA Rabbi Robert LevineCongregation Rodeph SholomNew YorkNY Rabbi Eyal LevinsonNot affiliatedKfar VeradimIsrael Rabbi Jerry LevyCongregation Etz ChaimPompano BeachFL Rabbi Richard LevyHebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionEncinoCA Rabbi Stan LevyB'nai Horin-Children of FreedomLos AngelesCA Rabbi Sue E. LevyretiredHoustonTX Rabbi Yael LevyMishkan ShalomPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Sheldon LewisCongregation Kol EmethPalo AltoCA Rabbi Mordechai LieblingReconstructionist Rabbinical CollegeWyncotePA Rabbi Rebecca Lillian√ñresundslimmudMalm√∂Sweden Rabbi John LinderTemple SolelPhoenixAZ Rabbi Ellen LippmannKolot Chayeinu/Voices of Our LivesBrooklyn, NY 11215NY Rabbi Navah-tehila LivingstoneLiberal Jewish community UtrechtUtrechtNetherlands Rabbi Neal Joseph LoevingerConservativePoughkeepsieNY Rabbi Michael LotkerJewish Federation of Ventura CountyCamarilloCA Rabbi Brian LurieNIFrossCA Rabbi Jack LuxemburgTemple Beth Ami, Rockville, MDNorth PotomacMD Rabbi Devorah LynnCCARWashington, DCDC Rabbi Jonathan MalinoBeth David SynagogueGreensboroNC Rabbi Nina MandelCongregation Beth El-SunburySelinsgrovePA Rabbi Natan MargalitOrganic TorahNewtonvilleMA Rabbi Shana MargolinBeth Jacob Synagogue (member)MontpelierVT Rabbi Marc MargoliusWest End SynagogueNew YorkNY Rabbi Jessica MarshallTemple Beth OrEverettWA Rabbi Nathan MartinRRCPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Emily MathisTemple Beth ShalomWest NewtonMA Rabbi Michele MedwinTemple SholomBinghamtonNY Rabbi Sara MeirowitzGann AcademyWalthamMA Rabbi Scott MeltzerOhr Shalom SynagogueSan DiegoCA Rabbi Richard MessingRetired- emeritus Temple Kol Tikvah, Sharon, MAStoughtonMA Rabbi Abby MichaleskiTemple Beth El of HammontonSicklervilleNJ Rabbi Laurence MilderCongregation Beth EmekPleasantonCA Rabbi Joshua MinkinTemple Emanu-El of CanarsieBrooklynNY Rabbi Michelle MissaghiehTemple Israel of HollywoodLos AngelesCA Rabbi Malka MittelmanSkirball Hospice and B'nei MishkanLa CrescentaCA Rabbi Dan MoskovitzTemple SholomVancouverCanada Rabbi Robin NafshiTemple Beth JacobConcordNH Rabbi Fred NatkinMateh Chaim; Palm Bay FLBoynton BeachFL Rabbi Yonatan NerilInterfaith Center for Sustainable DevelopmentJerusalemIsrael Rabbi Jeffrey NewmanFinchley Reform SynagogueLondonLON Rabbi michael oppenheimerSuburban Temple- Kol Ami, Emanuel Jacob CongregationauroraOH Rabbi Robert OrkandTemple Israel, Westport, CTNatickMA Rabbi Jordan OttensteinBeth-El CongregationFort WorthTX Rabbi Laura OwensB'nai Horin, Children of FreedomLos AngelesCA Rabbi Barbara PenznerTemple Hillel B'nai TorahBostonMA Rabbi Nina PerlmutterHeichal Baoranim (Temple in the Pines)Chino ValleyAZ Rabbi Anne PersinTemple Beth-El, Dubuque, IowaHighland ParkIL Rabbi Marcia PlumbCongregation Mishkan TefilaNeedhamMA Rabbi Linda PotemkenCongregation Beth Israel of MediaWynnewoodPA Rabbi Janise PotichaTemple SinaiNew YorkNY Rabbi Marcia PragerALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal; P'nai Or Congregation of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Sally PriesandMonmouth Reform TempleOcean TownshipNJ Rabbi Irit PrintzA World Without BullyingTorontoCanada Rabbi Arnold RachlisUniversity SynagogueIrvineCA Rabbi TZiPi RadonskyWatering the Tree Outside the Fence Foundation, Society of the VavBeaufortSC Rabbi Perry RankMidway Jewish CenterSyossetNY Rabbi Larry RaphaelCongregation Sherith IsraelSan FranciscoCA Rabbi Rayzel RaphaelTemple Israel of LeightonMelrose ParkPA Rabbi Joshua RatnerJCRC of New HavenNew HavenCT Rabbi Frederick ReevesKAM Isaiah IsraelChicagoIL Rabbi Victor ReinsteinNehar Shalom Community SynagogueJamaica PlainMA Rabbi Shayna RhodesHebrew College Rabbinical SchoolNewtonMA Rabbi Dorothy Richman AlbanyCA Rabbi Moti RieberKansas Interfaith Power & LightOverland ParkKS Rabbi Stephen M RobbinsAcademy for Jewish Religion/California, Congregation, N'vay ShalomLos AngelesCA Rabbi Rochelle RobinsThe Academy for Jewish Religion, CaliforniaLos AngelesCA Rabbi Norman RomanTemple Kol AmiWest BloomfieldMI Rabbi Joshua RoseCongregation Shaarie TorahPortlandOR Rabbi Brant RosenJewish Voice for PeaceEvanstonIL Rabbi Stanley M. RosenbaumSons of Jacob SynagogueWaterlooIA Rabbi Jason RosenbergCongregation Beth AmTampaFL Rabbi Harry RosenfeldCongregation AlbertAlbuquerqueNM Rabbi John RosoveTemple Israel of Hollywood, Los AngelesSherman OaksCA Rabbi Roger RossThe new Synagogue (NYC)ElmsfordNY Rabbi Sarah RubinReconstructionistSeattleWA Rabbi Samantha SafranEvelyn Rubenstein JCC of HoustonHoustonTX Rabbi Jared SaksCongregation Bet Ha'amPortlandME Rabbi Fred Scherlinder DobbAdat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation; COEJLWashingtonDC Rabbi Howie SchneiderChadeish YameinuAptosCA Rabbi Randy SchochCong. Sha'are Shalom (Reform)Oxon Hill, MD 20745MD Rabbi Gary SchoenbergGesher‚ÄîA Bridge HomePortlandOR Rabbi Avi SchulmanTemple Beth TorahFremontCA Rabbi Fred SchwalbHebrew Congregation of Somers, NYCroton On Hudson,NY Rabbi Arthur SchwartzRetiredHuntingtonNY Rabbi Jeremy SchwartzTemple Bnai IsraelWillimanticCT Rabbi Sid SchwarzClal: The National Jewish Center for Learning and LeadershipRockvilleMD Rabbi Allen SecherRetiredWhitefishMT Rabbi Arthur SegalJewish Spiritual Renewal of the LowcountryHilton HeadSC Rabbi David Mevorach Seidenbergneohasid.orgNorthamptonMA Rabbi Gerald SerottaShirat HaNefeshChevy ChaseMD Rabbi Isaac SerottaLakeside CongregationHighland ParkIL Rabbi Drorah SetelKehillahBUFFALONY Rabbi Mark ShapiroSinai TempleLongmeadowMA Rabbi Bonnie SharfmanCongregation KehillahScottsdaleAZ Rabbi Randy SheinbergTemple TikvahNew Hyde ParkNY Rabbi Aaron ShermanBeth Israel Congregation, Florence, SCCharlestonSC Rabbi David ShneyerRenewalRockvilleMD Rabbi Linda Shriner-CahnCongregation TehillahBronxNY Rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner(as of July 1) Temple Beth Tikvah(as of July 1) RoswellGA Rabbi Judith SiegalTemple JudeaCoral GablesFL Rabbi Hanna Tiferet SiegelB'nai Or of BostonNeedhamMA Rabbi Suzanne SingerRiverside Temple Beth ElRiversideCA Rabbi Jonathan SlaterInstitute for Jewish SpiritualityHastings on HudsonNY Rabbi Mark SobelTemple Beth EmetWest HillsCA Rabbi Ruth SohnHUC-JIR, Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual DirectionLos AngelesCA Rabbi Scott SokolTemple Emanuel of MarlboroughMarlboroughMA Rabbi Eric SolomonBeth Meyer SynagogueRaleighNC Rabbi Robin SparrTemple EmanuelNatickMA Rabbi Wendy SpearsCongregation Or Ami / RabbiWendy.comLos AngelesCA Rabbi Toba SpitzerCongregation Dorshei TzedekWalthamMA Rabbi ed StafmanOHALAH PresidentBozemanMT Rabbi Cy Stanway44 Lambert Johnson DriveOceanNJ Rabbi Howard SteinTemple Hadar IsraelPittsburghPA Rabbi Margot SteinRRCBala CynwydPA Rabbi Naomi SteinbergTemple Beth ElCarlottaCA Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-CaudillOhr ShekinahRichmondCA Rabbi Ron SternStephen Wise TempleLos AngelesCA Rabbi Kaya Stern-KaufmanAlephHousatonicMA Rabbi Michael StrassfeldSociety for the Advancement of JudaismNYNY Rabbi Joshua StromTemple Shaaray TefilaNew YorkNY Rabbi Alana SuskinAmericans for Peace NowRockvilleMD Rabbi Brooks SusmanCongregation Kol Am of FreeholdFreeholdNJ Rabbi Louis SutkerOr ShalomVancouverCanada Rabbi Daniel SwartzTemple HesedClarks SummitPA Rabbi Larry TabickShir Hayim/Hampstead Reform Jewish CommunityLondonLON Rabbi Susan TalveCentral Reform Congregation, St. LouisSt. LouisMO Rabbi David TeutschReconstructionist Rabbinical CollegePhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Barbara Shulamit ThiedeTemple Or OlamConcordNC Rabbi Karen ThomashowIsaac M. Wise TempleCincinnatiOH Rabbi Rachel TimonerLeo Baeck TempleLos AngelesCA Rabbi Daniel TreiserTemple B'nai IsraelClearwaterFL Rabbi Lawrence TrosterShomrei BreishitTeaneckNJ Rabbi Moshe Waldoksindependent congregation Temple Beth ZionNewtonMA Rabbi Brian WaltTikkun v'Or, Ithaca, New YorkWest TisburyMA Rabbi Susan WarshawTemple Bat YamAlexandriaVA Rabbi Arthur WaskowThe Shalom CenterPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Julia Watts Belsern/aArlingtonVA Rabbi Seth WaxCongregation Mount SinaiNew YorkNY Rabbi Deborah WaxmanpReconstructionist Rabbinical College, PresidentWyncotePA Rabbi Donald WeberTemple Rodeph TorahMorganvilleNJ Rabbi Ezra WeinbergYM&YWHA; of Washington HeightsNew YorkNY Rabbi Sheila WeinbergInstitute for Jewish SpiritualityPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Cheryl WeinerCommunity Rabbi/ChaplainHollywoodFL Rabbi Daniel WeinerTemple De Hirsch SinaiSeattleWA Rabbi Samuel WeintraubKane Street SyngogueBrooklynNY Rabbi Stephen WeismanTemple SolelBowieMD Rabbi Cory WeissTemple Har ZionThornhillCanada Rabbi Max WeissOak Park Temple B'nai Abraham ZionOak ParkIL Rabbi Rachel WeissCongregation Beit Simchat TorahBROOKLYNNY Rabbi Shifra Weiss-PenziasTemple Beth ElSanta CruzCA Rabbi Joseph WolfHavurah Shalom, Portland, OregonPortlandOR Rabbi Debbie Young-SomersMovement for Reform Judaism UKBOREHAMWOODHRT Rabbi Sara Zachariapost-denominationalBrooklynNY Rabbi Joel Zaimanrabbi emeritus Chizuk Amuno, BaltimoreBaltimoreMD Rabbi David ZaslowHavurah Shir Hadash, Jewish Renewal AshlandOR Rabbi Michael ZedekEmanuel CongregationChicagoIL Rabbi Tali ZelkowiczHebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of ReligionLos AngelesCA Rabbi Matthew ZerwekhTemple B'nai Israel, Kalamazoo MIParchmentMI Rabbi Shawn ZevitMishkan ShalomPhiladelphiaPA Rabbi Marcia ZimmermanTemple IsraelMinneapolisMN Rabbi Rain ZohavInterfaith Family Project of Washington, DCRockvilleMD