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The Good News for the day, May 14, 2018 Monday in the Seventh Week of Easter (297) His followers answered Jesus, "Now you are talking straight! Not using any figures of speech. Now we realize you know everything--that you don’t need to have anyone ask you questions. Because of all this, we believe that you have come from God. Jesus answered them this way, "Have you now come to believe? Look, the hour is coming—it has arrived—when each of you is going to be scattered and go back home and you will leave me all alone. I am not alone, though—because the Father is with me. I have told you this fact, so that you might have some peace about me. In the world you are going to have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world." (John 16) The awareness of a person’s own weakness may be exactly what is needed in the end. “Take Courage,” Jesus concludes his compassionate remark that they are going to abandon Him when He needs them the most. You and I are frail humans, and we mess up—doing bad things out of fear of strangers, out of habit and prejudice, out of thoughtlessness and hurry, out of impulse and showing off. It may not like an alcoholic whose one drink does great harm; it may not be a public thing at all, but something in our hearts and minds—where I realize I was too talkative, or too silent. That kind of thing. Take Courage! The Loving Father-Creator (and the Son of God) are always there—here! Maybe you can’t remedy your error—the little sin flies away into the world and does more damage. What you and I can do is accept our humanity, accept mistakes and even more serious –even devastating—blunders. And go back to loving people as best you can. Forgiving others as you hope to be forgiven. Drawing strength from knowing your limits, and admitting to yourself—and, if possible—to others the need for fixing things done badly. Take Courage. Be brave. Only the brave offer apologies authentically. Only the truly courageous show true repentance—and find the right way back. That is the way you ascend to heaven—with your courage to tell the truth, to your courage to grow in that self-discovery, and your courage in finding public ways to be a Child of God—someone who does not deceive your own soul. That is the Way to Peace, the way past troubles, and the way to—with Jesus—conquer the world.