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“An Atheist Pagan Creed” Life is our religion. The Universe is our deity. Science is our theology. The Earth is our temple. Nature is our scripture. Evolution is our creation story. All truth is our creed. A life of compassion and service is our offering.

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1 Shawn Bose = "This is wonderful.  I also love how much it reminds me that the search for truth, proper living and explaining the world around us - is within all all of us - and it does not rely upon the existence or need for God.It is often forgotten that there are many long held and wonderful traditions that developed without the need for a Deity at its center, Buddhism and Taoism being some great examples."
2 David Zuniga PhD MDIV MA = "Thanks for sharing Shawn. I always appreciate your posts. I do believe there can be a spirituality with or without religion. I also believe it's good to hold religion to a high standard and make sure it doesn't lose it's spirituality. I believe science and the natural world itself is miraculous. Thanks for sharing! Peace, Rev. Dr. David Zuniga (Psychologist and Deily Advisor)"