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Anuttarāṣṭikā by Abhinavagupta In this highest state of supreme God consciousness [anuttara] there is no need of spiritual progress, no contemplation, no art of expression, no investigation, no meditation, no concentration, no recitation, exertion or practice. Tell me then, what is the supreme and well-ascertained truth? Listen indeed to this! Neither abandon nor accept anything, enjoy everything, remain as you are! In reality there is no such thing as birth and death, so how can the question arise of bondage for living beings? There never was any such bondage for the one who is entirely free, and therefore, to struggle for liberation is useless and nothing more than delusion–like a dark shadow mistaken for a demon, or a rope seen as a snake. It is all based on deceitful perception which has no substance. Neither abandon nor accept anything, remain as you are, well established in your own Self. In the oneness of that supreme state of anuttara what talk can there be, and what differentiated path of adorer, adored and adoration? To whom and by what means could a progression function; or what could constitute the succession of penetrating into the Self? Wonder of wonders! Though it appears differentiated this illusion is no other than consciousness–one without a second. Everything is nothing but the pure essence of your own Self-experience, so why worry in vain! One cannot compare the bliss of this state to the intoxication of wealth or wine, nor to the union with a beloved women. And the brilliant flow of light is unlike the collection of rays from a lamp, the sun or the moon. This excessive joy of the Self is comparable only to the weight of that blissful state which descends when one gets liberated from all differentiation. The flow of this supreme consciousness is the state of universal oneness, which is nothing other than your own treasure abode that you had temporarily forgotten. Attraction and repulsion, pleasure and pain, rising and setting, self-confidence and depression; all these states with which the universe is formed shine as mutually different but in reality they are not. Whenever you perceive the specificity of some thing, at that very moment you should perceive the essence of your own consciousness as one with it… why not take delight in the fullness of that awareness! In this world the totality of objects appear eternally in the present moment, i.e. the activity of universality has no previous or future existence. Differentiated action is an illusion based on the unlawful pervasion of an intermediate state which is unreal, transient, fraudulent, just like a heap of appearances in the illusion of a dream. Remain above these defects which have been wrongfully forged by the stigma of doubts, hence be awakened! For the insentient there is no outflow of objective things, for those are manifested only when experienced by thee. Though deprived of reality they share reality in one instant through ones erroneous perception. Thus the greatness of this universe arises from your own imagination–it does not take birth from anything else. Therefore, you alone shine in all these worlds, and though one, you become many by your own glory! Real or unreal, small or plentiful, eternal or momentary, what is colored by the illusion of differentiation and what is pure in one’s own Self, in reality, this universe, rising from your own consciousness and becoming one with your essence, appears glorified in the mirror of Consciousness. Having ascertained the sublimity of the universe and having understood the greatness of establishing ones own Self-experience, enjoy universal sovereignty. Courtesy of Universal Shaiva Fellowship and Lakshmanjoo Academy, Los Angeles.

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1 Shawn Bose = ""Abhinavagupta (fl. c. 975 - 1025) was one of India's great literary critics and philosophers. He was a master of the Kula school of Shaivism, but wrote commentaries elucidating various texts and schools of thought. His ability to clarify the meaning of ancient texts through the application of reason andlogic, and through his personal experience of religious practice, helped to popularize Kashmiri Shaivism." You can learn more about him here."
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "This rhetoric is similar to Advait Vedanta, where we understand that all is Maya, an illusion, and that all that seems real is untrue. The only Truth that exists is this: the Self (the Atman + Paramatman)."
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The mean­ing of Anut­tara is per­fect bal­ance, the incom­pa­ra­bly, com­pletely and fully awak­ened mind; it is the attribute of bud­dhas. Anut­tara Samyak Sam­bodhi is a San­skrit phrase mean­ing “per­fect uni­ver­sal samadhi.” Accord­ing to the Kwan Um School of Zenthis term refers to “the enlight­en­ment expe­ri­ence in which a per­son becomes a Bud­dha.” Anut­tara is the high­est aim we can focus on when we prac­tice spirituality.In Tao and in Tanta we want to awaken and bal­ance our Mas­cu­line (Yang, Shiva, Plus) Ener­gies and our Fem­i­nine (Yin, Shakti, Minus) Ener­gies in order heal, to be whole. When we are whole and thereby bal­anced we are ready to awaken the strong mid­dle Energy.  If we are bestowed with Grace can we sense Anut­tara from our high­est level of con­scious­ness, at the top of our head –the Crown Chakra. Anut­tara can be per­ceived  as the High­est Form of Consciousness.As we evolve we seek higher forms of con­scious­ness. These are the goal and mean­ing of Spir­i­tu­al­ity, and bestow the seeker a high degree of “Mean­ing of Life”."Source: http://anuttarawellness.com/the-meaning-of-anuttara-wellness-healing/"
4 Enakshi Ganguly = "Through the Advait lens, this may mean that the cause is manifest in everything. We believe that there are different and varied effects, and so there must be different causes as well. In truth, there is only one cause that manifests itself in everything, and creates an illusion of difference. To one person, a rope may be a snake, and to another person a snake may be a rope. But for both, when the light of knowledge is given and the darkness of ignorance is gone, they both see one thing, and that is the unmaterial, unpronouncable Brahman."