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Apostle Paul in Ancient Corinth

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LEN'S LINES -- A Little Religion On A Positive Note by Len Granger Apostle Paul In Ancient Corinth When I was in the Air Force stationed in Greece, my wife and I tried to visit all the Biblical places mentioned in the New Testament. We traveled 48 miles west of Athens to the location of the site of ancient Corinth. It was first inhabited around 3,000 BC and was a major Greek city until its partial destruction by the Romans in 148 BC. However, in 44 BC it was rebuilt on adjacent land as a Roman city by Julius Caesar. The Roman city prospered and had as many as 800,000 inhabitants by time Paul visited. It was mostly populated by freedmen and Jews. who were devoted to business and pleasure. The Apostle Paul a tentmaker visited Corinth in 51 AD and according to (Acts 18:11, " And he continued there a year and six months , teaching the word of God among them." Paul converted as many Jews and pagans as he could with the help of Aquila and Priscilla who became his fellow-workers. Paul wrote two letters to the Corinthians( 1 Cor 1:2 "Unto the church of God which in Corinth...." he reveals the problems, pressures, and struggles of a church in a pagan society. Beside the words of discipline he shares words of counsel to believers questions and assures them he is an Apostle Of the Lord, 1 Cor 11:1 " Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ," In the second letter, Paul sees the church filled with false teachers and he sends Titus to Corinth to deal with the difficulties . Upon hearing of the congregations change of heart, Paul rejoices and sends the letter expressing his thanksgiving for the repentant Christians in the church. Paul defends his conduct and love for our gracious and loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his calling to serve the Lord. We also visited the nearby canal through the isthmus of Corinth which was begun by Nero who shoveled the first dirt with a gold shovel in 67 AD; but it was not completed until 1893. The old town of Corinth was never rebuilt and the new town today has about 30,000 residents. It was a blessing to visit the area where an Apostle of the Lord started new churches to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Trust this Sunday we will be in the church of our choice worshiping and honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God Bless America