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I have joined this site today after seeing an ad on Craigslist.  I have personally explored faith itself, and continue to do so, in recent years, and, as a writer and editor, I believe that I can begin to contribute to common understanding. I know that if there is anything people like to debate/bicker over it is religion and politics, and that is the reverse of what is needed.  While people can debate small points, overall, it is best to remember that the larger points are agreed on, which at times, I believe people either forget or temporarily believe the other party doesn't agree or doesn't understand.  In the greatest of arrogance, the person believes the other person doesn't have any understanding because it doesn't agree with their own, which is a great mistake, and one which I see many in America making in today's world. Having read some C.S. Lewis' religious discussions (which is something I continue to do off and on) as well as the Nag Hammadi apocryphal texts, in addition to many years of Bible reading through school, as well as brief sojourns into Buddhism and separate research into Hinduism for other projects, I believe that I can now offer up some thoughts without being totally ignorant.  I do not claim any mastery or specialty, but as I remember Lewis' position, it's okay for us "regular people" to share our knowledge and our perceptions of things. Thanks, and I will update this at unknown intervals, but hopefully no less than once a month.