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**BUJ NIRANJAN** **Pir Sadardeen** (as understood by Shiraz and Nasser) 1\. Let me tell you an awful riddle and this riddle, when solved, will make your road easy. 2\. When God was hidden how did He reveal Himself? Tell me what garb did He wear? 3\. His identity is known from nothing and it is not possible for me to tell you about it. 4\. It is like diving deep and banging your head against the floor of the ocean bed for even the Pirs and the Prophets have not reached that stage where they can understand Him. 5\. The ocean of God's secret is so vast and infinite that no one can understand it. 6\. The only way to understand it is to immerse yourself in its depth and lose yourself in its love. 7\. Without the love the dives would be fruitless and our avtar would be meaningless. A. O MY TRUE LORD, O MY LOVE... YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL, O CREATOR, THAT WORDS FAIL ME. IT IS LIKE A DUMB PERSON EXPERIENCING A BEAUTIFUL DREAM AND IS UNABLE TO EXPRESS IT VERBALLY. 1\. These secrets (about creation) are full of wonder and those who endeavour to unfold these secrets become part of it as they evolve spiritually. 2\. All the virtues should be assimilated and that is the way to reach salvation. 3\. He will show you His different facets and may even present to you in a different garbs. 4\. (The difference between you and Him) is that He is the Creator and beyond creation whereas you are part of the creation. 5\. (To close that gap between you and Him), isme-azam or bol should be present in your total being. 6\. Only when one humbles oneself to the dust then can one understand God. B. HE HAS NO COLOUR NOR ANY FORM: HE HAS NO NAME NOR AN ABODE: SO SECRET IS HE AND YET MILLIONS WORSHIP HIM. 1\. God has two forms, one Allah, and the other his manifest form. 2\. The name of Allah is exalted: all the other names are physical. 3\. The God who is present everywhere has adopted a physical name and manifested Himself. 4\. He that was there is now here after creating us all. 5\. Do not doubt this fact for He has manifested Himself. 6\. What has been planned so shall it be. 7\. All these secrets are holy and one cannot describe or reveal them. 8\. We cannot understand Him but we all (creation) need Him. C. HE HAS NEITHER A NAME NOR AN ABODE YET WITHOUT HIS NAME THERE CAN BE NO ABODE: HE HAS NO NAME YET HE ENCOMPASSES ALL NAMES (GOD, ALLAH, ISHWAR, PRABU...) 1\. He then created the world and only He knows why. 2\. Through different creations He has manifested and He shelters them. 3\. The soul initially experienced happiness and Jibrail helped (Prophet) to see Him. 4\. Those who do not concentrate in ibadat remain in eternal sleep. 5\. The third stage is alam-e-milas which is being holy and good. 6\. Those who have bol, which they do not utter with their mouths, achieve the ultimate. 7\. They also know Him in a loving form and realize His secret. 8\. If one really wishes to see Him one sees Him in himself. D. GOD HAS MANY FACETS (COLORS): ONE SEES HIM IN THE COLOR ONE WISHES TO: IF YOUR INTENTIONS ARE SINCERE YOU BECOME TOTALLY IMMERSED IN HIM. 1\. He first blesses you and then grants you His didar. 2\. One can lose oneself eternally in this (Noor). 3\. The fourth stage is Fanafillah; having achieved that one knows the good from the bad. 4\. In this stage the difference between I and You no longer exists and one realizes God and Prophet. 5\. The fifth stage is then reached whence Love is experienced. 6\. The one who immerses in His knowledge achieves knowledge. 7\. These stages teach us that one has to progress to that ultimate goal. 8\. And you should all know that without Imam this progress is impossible. E. A PEARL IS MADE FROM A DROP OF WATER BUT IT IS NOT CALLED WATER: A PEARL CAN BE PIERCED BUT CAN YOU PIERCE WATER? (This analogy implies that we have come from the ocean of Noor just as a pearl is manufactured from the ocean and unlike a pearl, we should not maintain our individuality). 1\. Listen to a story, my friend, about a spiritually elevated person who elevated even the sand around him. 2\. Those who do not see good in the things around them, how can they see the good within them? 3\. One may strive to do good deeds, yet not keep one's thoughts pure; that person finds that he does not advance. 4\. To immerse oneself in Divine Love, your thoughts and worldy fears have to disappear. 5\. Nabi Muhammad achieved peace by doing this. 6\. If my Imam (Murshid) showers His blessings on me, then all my sins would be forgiven and I would advance in bandagi. 7\. Verily, my Lord, the purpose of my soul is to meet You. 8\. You are present in this world as yougurt is in the milk. F. DIVINE LOVE IS ECSTATIC AND THE NIGHT PASSED IN THAT THOUGHT IS BEAUTIFUL. CREATE SUCH A DESIRE OR ELSE WHEN THE DAWN BREAKS YOU WILL BE SORRY TO HAVE LOST THAT MOMENT. 1\. How can you achieve your Lord's didar? Leave your attachments and be one with Him. 2\. Follow His Farmans to get His didar. 3\. Awaken your soul so that distracting thoughts will go away. 4\. And if you are fortunate, then you will be able to get up early and bow down before Him. 5\. Even if a moment of your life gets exalted then you have completed your mission in this world. 6\. You will become faultless and achieve the Eternal Bliss. 7\. The knowledge of Nabi will lead you to Him and you won't feel like attaching yourself to anything else. 8\. So don't let your mind wander around with unlasting attachments, otherwise you will not be able to accomplish your mission. G. THERE IS ONE NABI (MUHAMMAD) AND ONE ALLAH: YOU HAVE ONE WORD (ISME AZAM), SO BECOME ONE WITH HIM IN BANDAGI, WHICH WILL ENABLE TO TRANSCEND YOUR PHYSICAL FORM. 1\. If you consider yourself intelligent and righteous, then become thus before coming to Him. 2\. Your prayers and your vigil will be meaningless without the Right Guru. 3\. Without the Guru's blessing your prayers will be meaningless. 4\. Your search will be in vain without Guru as your guide. 5\. A million doctors will not relieve your pain without Guru's guidance. 6\. Your pain will vanish if the object of your concentration is your Guru. 7\. And the pain will turn into pleasure. H. IF YOU FIND THE GURU WHO TAKES AWAY YOUR PAIN THEN PAIN WILL NOT FIND YOUR HEART: WITHOUT GURU THE PAIN WON'T LEAVE YOU FOR DOESN'T PAIN ENGULF YOU? 1\. You've come to this world with your destiny. 2\. And the ones who meet Murshid (Mowla Ali) are like the people who have achieved salvation. 3\. Those who get Ali's didar and submit themselves to Him, 4\. ...are the ones who have come with the right desires and will achieve His mercy. 5\. Love Him who is beautiful and who can be recognized by your visual senses. 6\. (Love Him), the one who is beyond birth and death, and ask for His help. 7\. Nabi's Noor is none other than God's. 8\. And if you believe what I have said then try and attain that experience of knowing Him. I. THE ONE YOU CALL THE RIGHT GURU IS REALLY WITHIN YOU AND THAT PERSON WHO IS ENLIGHTENED BY THIS FACT, HIS WHOLE BEING DISSOLVES IN THE ABSOLUTE. 1\. The Prophet came to herald (Imamat) and was loved by everybody. 2\. He led those who were not on the Right Path by holding their hands. 3\. So serve Him and that will keep you away from disappointments. 4\. It's because of the Imam that the world is sustained so serve Him and realize His Reality. 5\. He is Omnipotent and All-Knowing and lovable; and the one who is immersed in His love says, "I am your slave". 6\. Release him, O Lord, and enlighten him. 7\. If I find Him...won't I be one with the Infinite Universes? 8\. Let me be one in His love just as the melody is one with the flute. J. GOD HAS MANIFESTED HIMSELF IN SEVEN HEAVENS AND NINE PLANETS (i.e. IN THIS UNIVERSE) AND WHEREVER I LOOK I SEE HIM AND HE IS PRESENT IN EVERYONE'S HEART. 1\. If I meet a guru like that and if God is merciful and comes to my help... 2\. ...then I would be immersed in His love till my last day. 3\. Guru first shows you the Shariat (the Law) and then the Tariqat (the Method). 4\. You then realize the Haqiqat and that leads to Marifat, which is oneness with God. 5\. A person who talks about Marifat gets enlightened and finds the right path. 6\. The darkness or unhappiness heaves that person and he sees his soul before his death. 7\. The person who opts for Tariqat cannot achieve the right path without the Guru. 8\. Even if you have to withstand all sorts of troubles to achieve oneness with God, be assured that the troubles will seem like a beautiful burden. K. THIS PATH IS DIFFICULT TO FOLLOW AND WITHOUT A GUIDE IT IS DIFFICULT TO TREAD THIS PATH: WITH THE GUIDE (IMAM) THE ROAD BECOMES SHORTER AND EASIER (IF YOU FOLLOW HIS FARMANS) 1\. The one who accepts this path suffers no unhappiness, 2\. ...and if you say the Kalima then you will be accepted in both worlds. 3\. But do not be engrossed in Shariat only; the one who knows Haqiqat (is the one who achieves salvation). 4\. The one who does not search for the truth about Nabi, how can he understand him (Nabi)? 5\. And if you turn away from Him then you will lose everything. 6\. If you eat your fill then sleep will engulf you and you won't be able to do Ibadat. 7\. Those who do not heed to Nabi's teaching are truly deaf. 8\. If you do not want to progress then you will not follow Hazir Imam's Farmans and you'll lose everything. L. THOSE WHO HAVE NOT LISTENED TO THIS TEACHING ARE UNREASONABLE (LIKE ANIMALS): THEIR NEXT WORLD WILL NOT BE PEACEFUL AND THEY WILL BE TREATED LIKE UNREASONABLE PEOPLE. 1\. When this veil is lifted the Truth reveals itself, 2\. And when one reaches the place of no return there he finds the road to salvation. 3\. Repentance is the road to take for Prophet Muhammad also says so. 4\. If you associate yourself with Him then you find yourself immersed in the sweetness of His love. 5\. And if you don't, then your life is wasted without a purpose. 6\. Those who 'belong' to the Lord (Imam) get onto the path of sufism. 7\. Those who keep themselves detached from materialism experience all stages in Ibadat. 8\. Those who lose themselves in Ibadat, are like the sugar that mixes with the milk to make it sweet. M. JUST AS A SUGAR-CANE STEM IS VALUED MORE THAN AN ORDINARY STEM OR STICK, SIMILARLY MAKE YOUR BODY MORE PRECIOUS BY INCORPORATING IN IT YOUR GURU'S FARMAN SO THAT IT STANDS OUT FROM AMONG OTHER BODIES. 1\. Whatever you earn (after toiling hard) half of it should be spent on your family. 2\. And the other half, spend it for Allah (in tauba) 3\. If you calculate so then you will have calculated the path to heaven. 4\. Money is an attachment and its sacrifice will show that you have love for Imam. 5\. People who transcend from being Shariati they endeavour to wake up in the morning. 6\. They do bandagi for one and quarter hours and then start their day. 7\. They curb their hunger and don't mind the abuses for they know that real wealth is Ibadat. 8\. Thus their night is Ibadat. N. IF YOU REMEMBER GOD YOU ACHIEVE HIM AND IF YOU ACHIEVE HIM, THEN YOU ACHIEVE EVERYTHING (PEACE). HE IS SO NEAR TO YOU, YET YOU IGNORE HIM. 1\. How can I describe His Beauty and His Virtue; He has come to my heart...I can't describe! 2\. I'll get you through Your love and when I do I'll sing only for you. 3\. When one is immersed in God's Love, then everything seems sweet. 4\. Nothing perturbs one when one loves Him. 5\. Backbiting interferes with this love so avoid it. 6\. The progress in bandagi will be hampered with. 7\. Even if you passively listen to ninda, that also harms you. 8\. For after all how can you judge others? O. DIVINE LOVE IS A SWEET SORROW FOR ONCE ACHIEVED THIS WORLD SEEMS MEANINGLESS (A BURDEN) AND ONE IS ANXIOUS TO OVERCOME THAT BURDEN FOR YOUR LOVED ONE AWAITS YOU THERE. 1\. Be like the warrior and destroy your spiritual enemy. 2\. When good and evil appear the same then you have achieved a stage higher (A person who is elevated spiritually is always away from evil and thus sees good only). 3\. When people blame you for things that you have not done, do not worry for your deeds will tell the truth. 4\. When you're not afraid of owning up to your wrongdoings then your Lord showers His favors on you. 5\. This will evoke His love in you and nothing else would compare to it. 6\. You'll lose yourself, your head, beard and soul. 7\. Ultimately you get His didar, which brings eternal bliss. P. TO ACHIEVE HIM, YOU'LL HAVE TO BE BOLD AND GIVE UP ALL THE ATTACHMENTS AND APPEARANCES. 1\. (When one is lost in Divine Love) the relatives and friends seem concerned and come to advise him. 2\. They do not know his real position and may even taunt him. 3\. Parents, wives and children and in-laws... 4\. ...seem all to gang up against him to taunt him. 5\. Parents say, "I have lost my child". 6\. Wife likewise may doubt his fidelity. 7\. However, Divine Love is so intense that all other loves may seem insignificant. Q. AN UNINSPIRED PERSON DOES NOT KNOW THAT THE DIVINE LOVE IS LIMITLESS AND WHEN ALI IS IN YOUR THOUGHTS THEN HOW CAN YOU REMEMBER ANYBODY ELSE? 1\. The person who detaches himself from other people tries not to get involved with them again. 2\. That person is 'holy' at heart (innocent) for he has no meetings or goodbyes. 3\. That person has also given up the worldly pleasure and taken up a difficult path for he has to detach himself even from his wife. 4\. O momins! Do you know where you are at; listen to my advice and advance. 5\. If you achieve my Beloved (Imam) then you will have no attachments. 6\. Momin may have pains of hunger but these pains (and other pains) do not remain forever. 7\. If you do not accept God-given trials (pains) then worldly prosperity is of no use. 8\. Do not waste your life for worldly happineess and without unhappiness you cannot appreciate Divine Happiness. R. IF THERE IS NO THOUGHT OF GOD IN YOUR HEART THEN YOUR HEART IS WORTH LESS THAN THE DUST: THE WORLDLY UNHAPPINESS DESTROYS YOU: THUS IGNITE DIVINE LOVE IN YOUR HEART (SO THAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE WORLDLY UNHAPPINESS) 1\. When your Lord takes you to the right path His first advice is that... 2\. ...in whatever you do remove the eye from it to achieve God. 3\. And when you advance then your thoughts remain constant with your Lord. 4\. Immerse yourself in your Lord (God) and do not think of anything else except that God is around you. 5\. Discard pride and selfish motives for they will hamper you. 6\. Your mind, which sometimes acts as Ali's enemy, bring it under control and remain constantly in your Lord's service. 7\. Attachments and worldy achievements should be discarded and the seed for Divine Love should be sowed in your heart. 8\. When you achieve all the above then you will be enlightened. S. IN YOUR HEART SOW A SEED OF DIVINE LOVE AND POUR THE WATER OF IBADAT ON IT SO THAT THE FRUIT THAT YOU ACHIEVE WILL BE HIS DIDAR. 1\. It is difficult for anybody to know what an enlightened person experiences. 2\. This person has not worried about what others would think of him and the things he experiences are above our conceptions. 3\. The advanced person may sometimes appear sensible and sometimes above senses yet everything goes according to the way he wishes it to go. 4\. He sometimes laughs and sometimes cries and sometimes goes to sleep in the Lord's arms. 5\. Advancement brings awareness of the Lord in every walk of life. 6\. Enlightened people are like the flowers with the scent; just as the scent cannot be separated from the flower nor can the enlightenment be distinguished from the person. 7\. The thoughts that distinguish you and I or good and evil no longer come to the enlightened person... 8\. ...for he has that peace where no pain reaches and he is eternally in Divine Love. T. WHO CAN I BE ANGRY WITH, WHO SHALL I MEET AND WHO SHALL I LOVE? FOR MY VISION IS BLURRED WITH YOUR DIDAR, O LORD AND EVERYTHING SEEMS ROSY AND PEACEFUL. 1\. One who wishes (for Divine Love) and comes to his murshid, he achieves it. 2\. At times he sees God in himself and at times he soars in Divine Happiness. 3\. It is difficult for us to understand these experiences nor can we conceptualize his explanations. 4\. When this enlightened person prays for His nearness he gets it instantly and he seems to want it again and again. 5\. When one 'understands' God, then one realizes that one's existance is temporary - relative. 6\. When the Isme-Azam and you become one then achieving His closeness becomes easier (through prayers). 7\. If you get self-knowledge then you have the knowledge of His creation (you have answers to all His actions). 8\. (Pir Sadardeen says) people who know what I am talking about appreciate it. My complaint is, O Lord, that make us understand and serve you. U. I WENT IN SEARCH OF MY LORD BUT FOUND HIM EVERYWHERE. AT TIMES HE WAS APPARENT AND AT TIMES I FELT HIS PRESENCE. HOW CAN WE ALL ACHIEVE HIM? (THINK ABOUT THAT, O MOMINS!) 1\. When Truth is realized then one's worthlessness (insignificance) is realized. 2\. Seeing God within oneself gives you the vision where you could be called to a person with Divine Insight. 3\. With God in your heart the 'I' submerges into Him. 4\. People may call you 'beimani' (without Iman) - like with Mansoor - and even label you as kafir. 5\. Why don't people understand this? It is because they are not looking within. 6\. The experience which Mansoor had is the experience to aspire for, for then your whole being will 'say' God. 7\. People's taunts and insults will not matter. V. WHEN YOU SEE YOURSELF IN EVERYTHING THEN YOU CAN SAY YOU ARE GOD OR YOU CAN SAY GOD IS YOU..., BUT SAVE THIS THOUGHT TILL YOU'RE ONE WITH HIM FOR HE IS INFINITE. 1\. The mullahs and the preachers try and find God through Shariat (without Marifat). 2\. They sometimes belittle (without understanding) the Marifati people... 3\. And even call a momin kafir... 4\. They may even take him to task and make his existence full of trials and tribulations. 5\. It is really these people who should be condemned for they are away from the Truth. 6\. They have forgotten the Truth and thus remain forgotten. 7\. A lover's talk is understood by a person in love and if you do not understand it then don't belittle him. 8\. Ask yourself where you are at but do not judge others like the mullahs (preachers) would. W. ONLY A DIVINELY INSPIRED PERSON KNOWS WHAT LOVE IS, NO ONE ELSE DOES: PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT INSPIRED (FOOLISH PEOPLE) CANNOT UNDERSTAND THIS FOR INDEED THERE IS NO EXISTENCE WITHOUT THAT LOVE. 1\. A person who is unaware of Divine Love (foolish) does not know what is the secret behind this peace. 2\. This person cannot sacrifice his head nor is he willing to listen to an inspired person. 3\. In the Divine Knowledge one cannot include one's parents for it is more personal than that. 4\. Again there are no parental attachments for his only attachment is God. 5\. He is mullah and he is qazi (judge) and he has knowledge of everything. 6\. People admire his deeds and wonder at his peace. 7\. His good deeds shine and he seems to advance spiritually - to which there is no end (i.e. eternal). 8\. Where is this Divine Soul...it can be seen in a king or a paup or a man or a woman - indeed everywhere. X. WHERE IS THIS DIVINE SOUL...IT CAN BE SEEN IN A KING OR A PAUP AND A MAN OR A WOMAN - INDEED IT CAN BE SEEN EVERYWHERE. 1\. We are the cause of our life and death and our sorrow. 2\. Our sins and our good deeds are our doing and they take us to heaven. 3\. If you make yourself your Lord then can you really recognize what's good or what's bad? i.e. If you let your ego rule your existence then the humility of submitting oneself to the Lord is lost. 4\. Do not make that mistake - lose your attachments and lose yourself in Him to recognize Him. 5\. O Lord save me from the pain that I have of being away from You. Where can I go and who can I talk to if You won't listen? 6\. You came smilingly to my heart and blessed me with your didar. 7\. You are such that I cannot conceive You with my mind and I cannot describe You with my words. I have seen you within me and I see you everywhere. 8\. You have manifested yourself - indeed you are my true leader. Y. STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHY THIS! WHY THAT! FOR WORRIES WILL ONLY MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR HAIR - THE THINGS THAT SEEM UNREASONABLE TO YOU HAVE A REASON SO DON'T LET THE SURPRISES RUIN YOUR IMAN. 1\. One who recognizes Him furthers his knowledge and it seems to increase everyday. 2\. He begins to preach and tries to guide others on the right path. 3\. When the person doing bandagi realizes his own stage of advancement then he tastes the qualities of the Creator. 4\. Sometimes an advanced person is not willing to talk about this. He is firm and disciplined and seems to obey the Shariat. 5\. When one understands the creation then the Creator blesses him with His good qualities. 6\. He then meets the Creator and submits services to Him and tries to take others with him. 7\. Thus self-knowledge leads to His knowledge. 8\. Leaving oneself to be one with Him leads to understand all the worlds (i.e. the Creation). Z. LOSING YOUR EGO WILL LEAD TO GETTING HIM FOR HE IS THE ONLY ONE WORTH KNOWING: IF ONLY YOU KNEW HIM YOU'D REALIZE HOW INSIGNIFICANT YOU ARE. 1\. The one who has achieved Him is the one whose life is Him. 2\. In other words his existence is Him and he is His slave. 3\. Such a person can remember everything and is fortunate to have Spiritual Bliss. 4\. His soul is elevated and he is detached despite being physically here. 5\. Since he sees himself in God he can sometimes do spiritual feats to impress others and guide them to the right path. 6\. Lose yourself in Him and you will find Him. 7\. Wash your heart with meditation so that it can shine to reflect His Noor. ZA. WHEN YOU CAME TO MY HEART THEN I FOUND MYSELF IMMERSED IN YOU: THE THING THAT SURPRISES ME, O LORD, IS THAT I, YOUR SLAVE, NOW FEEL THAT I AM YOU TOO. 1\. When you will become holy (elevated or sinless) then you will feel the brightness that can perhaps be equalled to lightening. 2\. When you realize your insignificance then you will have immersed in the Noorani Ocean. 3\. People may say that God is a separate entity but you will know that He is you and that you are His slave and you will have the true knowledge of God. 4\. It is indeed your deeds that enable you to understand Him and when deeds are not adequate then your knowledge of Him will be inadequate. 5\. The misconception of the world and religion are got rid of??? by the Noor. Hell, heaven, hurrah (angels of pleasure) and the rich abodes become meaningless. 6\. God has manifested Himself in everything. 7\. He is present in both the worlds and we call him God. 8\. God is much more near to you than your brain (nerves), so recognize Him. ZB. THE IMAGE OF LOVE IS IN MY WHOLE BEING AND THAT IS WHAT GOD IS LIKE; HE MANIFESTS HIMSELF IN THIS WORLD SO TRY TO FIND HIM AND RECOGNIZE HIM. 1\. A person who gets himself detached from worldly attachments does not get lured even by a million dollars. 2\. He is then a real meditee for his desires are ethereal. 3\. But remember ethereal desires should not foolishly restrict you from getting noorani didar (you should be desire-free). 4\. Most 'religious people' (viz. mulla, molve, ect.) are shariati and they sometimes unwittingly do not obey the Imam of the time. 5\. These people waste their time about heaven and earth but never talk about the Lord. 6\. (Let us) talk about the one who has created the heaven and the earth... 7\. He has shown us everything and sent the Prophet for us. ZC. WHY DO YOU WASTE YOUR TIME WITH MEANINGLESS ATTACHMENTS? AND WHY DO YOU LET YOUR THOUGHTS WANDER? CONCENTRATE AND ATTACH YOURSELF TO YOUR LORD SO THAT YOU FIND HIM AND SEE HIM EVERYWHERE. 1\. When your Lord takes you to Tariqat then you no longer think about your wealth and attachments. 2\. Your senses are immersed in His love and you literally become mad - just as Majnu and Laila. 3\. When such love takes hold of you then 'I' disappears and your heart becomes holy. 4\. You are constantly on guard against evil; your eyes never dry for the separation from your Lord becomes unbearable. 5\. It is like your heart is aflamed and burning and you go through the motions of existence. 6\. When your soul becomes an entity and flies away, then you can achieve didar. 7\. On such a Lord I submit my being and I'd like to embrace Him. (Make a necklace of Him and wear Him around my neck). ZD. IF ONLY I WERE A BIRD I WOULD FLY TO YOU MY LORD: FOR MY SOUL, O LORD, I CAN GIVE UP MILLIONS OF ATTACHMENTS AND GET YOU. 1\. O my Lord your love is like an arrow which has pierced my heart and the pain of separation is unbearable. 2\. The worldly attachments and my family don't mean much to me now, yet my Lord why don't you 'enquire' after me? 3\. Without you my Lord, my religion (purpose) is irreligious and I feel like crying day and night. 4\. I don't have to ask my mother and father for no one will know what I feel for you. 5\. Only those who are smitten by this love will know that they can no longer sleep (during bandagi time). 6\. Those who love Him purify their mind of worldly worries and their eyes are eternally searching for His didar. 7\. Sleep no longer is important and tears are their companion. 8\. O my Love, I can no longer stay without You; please have mercy on me. ZE. O MY FRIENDS, LOOK AT MY BODY HOW STRANGE IT SEEMS FOR SINCE I HAVE FOUND HIM THIS BODY DOES NOT SEEM MINE AND I CAN NO LONGER WITHSTAND THE PAIN OF SEPARATION. O HOW I WANT HIM CONSTANTLY! 1\. I am forever enslaved to my Lord but He seems not to care about me. 2\. My eyes seem to be searching Him (You); when will it be my turn? 3\. When will I see your didar so that all my sorrow can leave me? 4\. I know I'll experience eternal bliss if only You would come to me - come to me and complete my evolutionary cycle. 5\. O Dearest if I now get you I'll lock You in my heart and make You sleep on a bed in my heart. 6\. I will be one with your noor and I'll never care for anybody else. 7\. You can see, my Lord, my heart is in a turmoil, how can I bear this sorrow? 8\. Give me your didar so that all these doubts go away and there remains no difference between You and me. 9\. I will lock You in my heart and forever remain your slave. ZF. PLEASE GRANT ME YOUR DIDAR FOR YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL; MY MIND AND MY INTELLECT ARE NO LONGER MINE, O MY LOVE CALL ME AND DO LOOK AFTER ME. 1\. If you get rid of all your impurities and fast with all your senses... 2\. ...and then say the kalima with pure heart you will then experience that sweetness. 3\. Respect the four great Prophets and their teachings and the four books. 4\. Accept Hazrat Nabi (Muhammad) as true Nabi and your Iman will remain strong. 5\. Accept all your duties and the Shariats of your religion. 6\. Accept the day of judgment as truth and all the other teachings. 7\. The holy Qur'an should be understood for it is interpreted by the Nabi for you. 8\. If you will recognize the Nabi's Marifat (truth) then you will be able to recognize the Lord. ZG. THOSE WHO RECOGNIZE THE PATH TAUGHT BY PIR SADARDEEN KNOW THE SIRAT-UL- MUSTAQEEM (TRUE PATH) : PIR SADARDEEN IS LIKE A CROWN ON HAZRAT NABI'S HEAD AND NABI IS THE KING....SALWAT.