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Christians believe that God created the universe, the earth and all that lives on it.  Planet Earth is unique, statistically improbable and very different to the rest of the known universe.  It is a planet very specifically designed for life.  Six hundred or more years before Jesus, the prophet and poet Isaiah wrote:  ‘[God] did not create it to be empty, but formed it to be inhabited.’ Science can take our understanding only so far, as scientists themselves make clear.  Science tells us what exists and how, but not why it exists or what it all means.  Paul Davies, professor of physics at Arizona University, writes: ‘We now know that the secret of life lies not with the chemical ingredients as such, but with the logical structure and organisational arrangement of the molecules  …  Like a supercomputer, life is an information processing system …  It is the software of the living cell that is the real mystery, not the hardware.  How did stupid atoms spontaneously write their own software? … Nobody knows.’ It is known that nothing in the universe exists as an isolated or independent entity.  The universe is a continuum of matter and energy in space and time, but it has not always existed.  It had a start, but the cause of the start is unknown.  Scientists know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, but can not identify the action that caused the existence of the universe. Christians identify God as that cause.  But God is more than an impersonal force creating a universe.  God created human beings in order for them to share in his own existence.  Human beings and all of creation, exist to show God’s glory. The Bible describes human beings as singled out for special status.  It describes humans as made ‘in the image of God’.  It is not in any sense a physical likeness, but a capacity to engage in life mentally, morally, creatively, socially and spiritually.  Among the unforgettable images in the Bible is God breathing his own life into the prototype human, Adam.  The ‘image of God’ distinguishes humans from the remainder of the animal, mineral and vegetable world and enables them to enter an active relationship with their maker. The whole Bible tells the story of God’s relationship of love with his creation.  Jesus Christ spoke of the overwhelming significance of love when he was asked to say which was the most important of God’s commandments.  He selected two – to love God and to love other people.  Everything that gives life meaning follows from those.  The reason for and the fulfilment of our existence is love.

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2 Ahmed M = "Planet Earth was designed by God for Life; rest of the planets are different."
3 Ahmed M = "Nothing in the universe is isolated or independent; everything is interconnected. "
4 Ahmed M = "Science does not tell us why earth was built."