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Through the support of the sangha we have been able to purchase and re-model our new home at 445 Farrington St. We were able to move forward with the backing of Bremer Bank which provided the mortgage and financing for the remodeling. Now we must ground our practice in stable financial soil by reducing the mortgage debt and creating a reserve for emergencies. That is the purpose of Deepening Our Roots. The goal is to raise $350,000. Through the generosity of pledges crossing three years, we have received $320,000 toward our goal. Our hope is to raise the balance through donations made over the coming months. You can help. We have created a dedicated page on the GiveMN website for donations to Deepening Our Roots. https://givemn.org/project/deepening-our-roots-the-campaign-for-building-our-new-home5536a37e23a94