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Gutenberg to Google: How Tech Can Transform Faith

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Join OnFaith founders Jon Meacham, Sally Quinn, and Shawn Bose in Austin, Texas this March to discuss religion, technology and how the two have and can intersect. •• SXSW Event Details: Gutenberg to Google: How Tech Can Transform Faith March 17, 2017 JW Marriot, Salon H 110 East 2nd Street Austin, TX •• Description: People around the globe are increasingly going to their phones and laptops, not churches or synagogues, to search for meaning. How can technologists reach out to these communities? In this session Shawn Bose and Sally Quinn join moderator Jon Meacham to explain why it’s essential to address the online needs of people of faith, including those of some faith or none at all. Answering President Obama's call at last year’s SXSW for technologists to tackle global social issues, they’ll explore how tech can help people on their spiritual journeys. They’ll also discuss how technology can promote religious literacy and tolerance, creating a more informed civic society that will benefit us all.

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1 Sara Di Diego = "The Reformation was able to gain so much traction and spread so far because of the invention of the Gutenberg press.  Imagining what our new technologies could inspire and are capable of is equally interesting and horrifying."