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The Good News for the day, May 15, 2018 Tuesday in the Seventh Week of Easter (298) Jesus looking up says "Father, the time has come. Show what Your Child Means—so that Your Child can show people what You mean; you have given Him authority in regard to all flesh—so Your Child can provide permanent life to everybody You have given Him. Now this is permanent life—that they should have a loving knowledge of You, the Only True God—and the One You have sent, Jesus-Messiah. I am one who has taught what You mean to the earth by doing the job You gave me to do. Now let people know my significance, Father, along with you, with what I have meant with you above and beyond this world. I have revealed Your Family Names to the people You have given me from this world. They were yours—You gave them to me, and they have absorbed your message. Now they realize that everything you have given me is from you, because the message you gave me I have given them; they accepted it—and really understood that I have come from you, and they believed that you sent me. I pray for them. I’m not praying for the world but for the ones You have given me, because they are Yours, and everything of mine is yours—everything of yours is mine--I made sense to them. I’m not going to be in the world much longer--they’re staying here—I’m coming to You, Father!" (John 17) The absence of a tangible, mortal Jesus bothered His followers—as well as you and me. Two thousand years we later do not feel their grief at that absence. It is too remote. The likable, interesting, and challenging friend died, and it meant something—but Jesus was trying to say that his life and death meant Something More than Grief and more even than Resurrection from the Dead What Jesus meant was to turn you towards God as our Father—towards the family of the Children of God, towards engagement and appreciation of the character of that Person. He is the quiet intimate partner in your aloneness, the invisible, but powerful force to manage your flesh, your time on earth. Jesus wants you to know the significance of his life and death—their meaning as signs pointing not to Himself, but “up” to our Father. Jesu was not egotistical; He lived for the “job” of telling people about the Goodness of God. A follower of Jesus, your “job” is to carry on His job—to continue it by what you do—your caring, forgiveness, patience, generosity, healing, and so-on. Your character is to become the character traits of Our Father—to carry the “DNA” of the one true God into the world of the flesh, to make his life live among dead souls, to be a meaningful living prayer that embodies the creative Love of our Creator. You are not to grieve over Jesus, but to be Him—to live his character traits (His Life) in the world around you.