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The animals held a meeting and No-koos-see (Nokosi), the Bear, presided. The question was, how to divide day and night. Some desired the day to last all the time; others wished it all night. After much talk, Chew-thlock-chew (Tciloktco), the ground squirrel, said: "I see that Woot-Kew (Wotko), the Coon, has rings on his tail divided equally, first a dark color then a light color. I think day and night ought to be divided like the rings on Woot-Kew's tail." The animals were surprised at the wisdom of Chew-thlock-chew. The adopted his plan and divided day and night like the rings on Woot-Kew's tail, succeeding each other in regular order. No-koos-see from envy scratched the back of Chew-thlock-chew and thus caused the stripes on the back of all his descendants, the ground squirrels.

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Squirrels are often seen as practical because of their tendency to forage nuts during winter.  "
2 Sara Di Diego = "Raccoons represent dexterity and resourcefulness.  Which makes sense of the balance Wotko's tail lends to the myth."