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"The intellect cannot know for sure if a New Message from God is authentic. They [people] cannot know for sure if what they are hearing is absolutely the truth, the greater truth from the Creator of all life. They cannot know with the intellect if the Messenger is the real Messenger. But in their heart they will know. The resonance will be deeper. The recognition will emerge from a deeper awareness within you and within others. This is what has kept religion alive. It is this deeper resonance. It is not the power of belief, for belief is weak and fallible and is easily manipulated by others, by other powers and forces and so forth. But the resonance that keeps people responding to God’s Great Messages is happening at a deeper level within the individual—beyond their intellect, beyond their ideas and comprehension—and this is what gives it [God’s Great Messages] power and magnificence. But if you cannot respond at this deeper level, then it becomes a matter of ideology, of belief and of social and political adherence. It becomes a matter of conformity and the expectations of others. You are expected to believe, so you believe. You are expected to pray, so you pray. You are expected to follow the requirements that have been set down before, mostly by human beings of course. But God speaks to you at a deeper level. God speaks to the world through these Great Messages. They are beyond the immediate needs of the individual. They encompass the needs of humanity as a whole and are for the welfare and evolution of humanity as a whole. From this, you gain a sense of your place and purpose in life at this time—why you are here at this time, in this place, in your particular circumstances, in your nation. You must have this greater perspective. Otherwise, you will not understand the larger context in which your life exists, and you will not understand the movement of the world or the signs of the world. You will think it all a reference to the past—that in some way the present and the future are a fulfillment of the past. Ideas are associated with the past, but the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within you is for the present, the moment and for the future. So very different this is as an understanding. God is not concerned if you have religion or not. But God is calling to you at this deeper level through the great Message for the world that is now being given to the world and through the power and influence of Knowledge within yourself. And that happens every day, every moment, in every year, at every time and in every place. Even if you read the scriptures and they move you deeply, that is because of the resonance, not because of the ideas. The Power of God is not limited by human understanding or human ideas or the ideas of any race in the universe, of which there are so very many. God is speaking now to the world through the New Message from God and through the Messenger that has been sent to the world to prepare humanity to face a world in decline—a world whose resources are diminishing; a world where people will have to cooperate with one another and end their ceaseless conflicts; a world that is entering a dangerous period, more dangerous than any period you have ever known; a world that is facing contact with life in the universe; a world that is facing intervention from races from the universe who are here to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity. The human family as a whole has never had to face these two great challenges—living in a world in decline and facing competition from beyond the world for who will control the world and who will be pre-eminent here. The Great Messages that God has sent into the world [before] cannot prepare you for this. That is why there is a New Message from God. Never think that God has stopped communicating to the world. Never think that the final Message for all time has been given. This is human presumption. This is established to protect a belief and an ideology. But God watches over the world. And humanity is now facing its greatest challenges as a whole. How will it respond? How will it prepare? Will it be able to comprehend the great change that is coming? Will it fight and struggle with itself over the remaining resources? Will it unite to defend the world against foreign intervention? It is a time of great decision whether humanity will fail or whether humanity will unite for its preservation and to preserve its sovereignty in this world. You see right away here how far beyond your own personal preoccupations this is—beyond your daily concerns, beyond your ideas, beyond your beliefs, beyond your religious understanding, beyond your political views, beyond the need of the day. If you are only consumed with the needs of the day, how will you see the Great Waves of change that are coming that will alter the landscape? How will you read the signs of the world that speak of greater things beyond your own personal concerns? How will you know when something is about to change your life? Will you be standing on the shore when the Great Waves come, your back to the sea—not watching, not looking, not listening?" Listen or read the entire message here: https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-1/one-god/how-god-speaks-to-the-world

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1 Sahil Badruddin = ""The existence of the Imam is essential, according to the preeminent Shi‘ite theologian, Allamah Tabataba‘i, because human beings need the divine message to be elucidated for them—and not just elucidated, but preserved and renewed. Because human beings do not have the capacity to attain knowledge of God on their own, the Imam becomes a continuous necessity for all societies and in every era. So in addition to the “fixed” number of Imams who succeeded Muhammad’s earthly authority, there must also exist an “ever-present” or “pre-existent” Imam who, as the eternal guardian of the Revelation, functions as “the Proof of God on Earth.” Thus, the first Imam was neither Muhammad nor Ali but Adam. And while the functions of Imam and Prophet have occasionally existed in a single individual, the difference between the two positions is primarily one of consciousness. A prophet, claim the Shi‘ah, is someone who has, by the divine will, become conscious of God’s eternal message, which forever envelops creation like a numinous ether we cannot escape, while the Imam is someone who explicates that message for those who possess neither the prophetic consciousness necessary to recognize it nor the power of reason to understand it. Put another way, the prophet transmits the Message of God, while the Imam translates it for human beings."-No god but God, Reza Aslan "