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In Our Thoughts and Prayers

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\\+ Prayers for Susan Perschon’s mother, Kay Gansemer, who broke her ankle on the same foot that was heal- ing from a prior break. \\+ Prayers for a safe delivery for Andy & Jennifer Kellner, who are awaiting the birth of their 1st child. Making Mickey Kellner a grandmother for the 1st time. \\+ Prayers for Donna Hein’s daughter, Julie, who is hav- ing her 4th major surgery at Mayo on Sept. 2. Ongoing Prayers: Prayers for those who are grieving all forms of loss and readjustment; loved ones dealing with dementia and physical issues; blessed hospice care-givers; those who are incarcerated; those who need God’s forgiveness; those who are victims of abuse or crimes; people deal- ing with addictions and recovery; our Missionary Mark Behle; those in the Military and their families; those who are unable to attend worship.