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International Imam Organization is a platform for muslims who are involved in the preachings of Quran. International Imam Organization is a charitable, religious, social, cultural, and educational, not-for-profit organization, which was formed keeping in mind that muslims are the children of Mohammad and they should unite together for each other. International Imam Organization is a pioneering Islamic organization, an Islamic revival, and reform movement that uplifts the individual, family, and society. Major concerns of the organization are to remove Racial and Religious Divide as they seem to be the root cause for violence and disharmony in the world today and to thereby promote social cohesion. We are a part of religious and inter-religious communities that have taken peace activism as one of our missions. International Imam Organization also strives to create understanding between different cultures of the world be it Western or Eastern in order to avoid Incidents of Racial, Ethnic, or Religious Bias. International Imam Organization preaches peace with the view to eliminate extremism and terrorism. The word "islam" is cognate with the word "salam," which means peace. International Imam Organization (IIO) is formed with the following objectives: Serve as a Common platform for Imam's across the globe can interact with each other A database of Imam's Organize Conferences Release research reports - Organize field visit of Imams to different countries for assisting other imam's in problem ridden places Organize meetings of Imam's with other religious leaders Organize closed door events Mobilize humanitarian, diplomatic and political responses Contribute policy input on issues of religious matter Work towards strengthening the foundations of civil society Raise awareness among religious leaders of current issues, in order for them to unite and fight them Develop ideas Take immediate actions Release monthly e-newsletter and printed newsletter about activities, containing articles, policy making and new members details. Major concerns of the organization are: Remove the Racial and Religious Divide Create understanding between civilization to avoid a clash Preach peace to eliminate extremism and terrorism Alleviate problems that underminethe foundations of civil society Assess policies and issues concerning religious matters Generate awareness among religious leaders of problematic issues worldwide, in order to arrive at peaceful solutions

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