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My journey with God, as I understand Him, has been a long and humbling experience. At the tender, young age of 9, my youngest brother, then 3 and an identical twin, died. How could this great God of mine allow this to happen? He had not even begun to learn how to be bad yet! Everyday, I was both blessed and pained to see his surviving, identical twin. I lost my faith in God that summer. I would skip church and Sunday school, often spending my time on the playground on church grounds. I was raised Episcopalian, but I have yet to be confirmed. I refuse to take communion. My limited knowledge of God was that some people feared him and said we would all burn in hell and then the church I grew up in said our God was a loving and kind God. Personally, I think the Big Guy has a sick and twisted sense of humor. At least he has one and has given me the ability to see humor in most situations. Fast forward my life to age 30. Trying to climb out of a seemingly endless pit of despair, I cried out to God, "Please help me! I don't want to live like this anymore!" I begged, I prayed, I cried. My life began to slowly change. I did not join a church and I'm not sure which God I pray to...I only know that He exists. I'll tell you a story that will let you know why I have been proven, without a shadow of a doubt, that He exists. I'm not a good bowler. We're talking maybe a 60 if I'm lucky and using gutter bumps. I was desperately searching for answers in my spiritual life. I told God that if I could just bowl a strike, I would believe. I bowled a strike. I said, "nah, now that was just a coincidence! I want to bowl another strike. I bowled another strike. Now I've always said God had a funny sense of humor, so I asked for a spare. I bowled a spare and have never questioned the existence of God again.