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Letter from Rev. Warren Hall to Pope Francis

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Rev. Warren R. Hall 400 South Orange Avenue South Orange, NJ 07079 USA July 14, 2015 His Holiness, Pope Francis Vatican City State, Europe 00120 AIR MAIL Dear Holy Father, As I write this letter to you, it has been two months since I was removed from my position as Campus Minister at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey, U.S.A. I am still without a pastoral assignment and an income. I was encouraged to take a leave of absence, which I have not been inclined to do and so I write to you. The reason for my firing was that I posted a photo on my Facebook page supporting “NOH8,” an advocacy group that promotes equality and anti-bullying of LGBT people. The photo was taken at a gathering discussing the bullying and violence that is experienced by young LGBT people, something that I know has been experienced by the young people I have ministered to throughout my 26-year priesthood. In a letter to me, the Archbishop of Newark stated that the reason for my removal was that “the inaccurate messages on either Twitter or Facebook have raised serious questions in my mind about where you stand with reference to some important Church teachings.” I respectfully disagree with my Archbishop’s thoughts and actions and feel that I am being unduly punished. Holy Father, I realize that there are great expectations being placed upon you when you make your pastoral visit to the United States this September. I ask that among all of those, that you find time to listen to the challenges faced by LGBT people, especially those who are Catholic and wish to remain a part of the Church they have grown up in, which they love, and yet which it seems is alienating them more and more. Good teachers are being fired, pastoral and compassionate priests and religious women are being silenced and accept it out of fear of being disciplined by their superiors, and good, faith-filled people are leaving the Church as they witness all of this happening. As a gay priest, I am personally experiencing all of these things. Thank you, Holy Father, for the hope and the inspiration that you have been giving to the people of the world, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. I look forward to your visit to us as do millions of people who are eager for your words of challenge and compassion. Respectfully, in Christ, Rev. Warren R. Hall cc: Archbishop Carlo Vigano Apostolic Nuncio 3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008

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